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 why did i fly to US ?
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Posted on 09-24-08 10:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Please guys guide me to find the proper answer:

1. I had very good career back in nepal - an engineer working in a leading company.

came to US, started working in a restaurant as a Dish Attended, & Floor Caretaker"

2. Never had  to go to kitchen and laundary.

came to US and started doing all those for making tuition fees

3. Always had at least 8 hours of good night sleep

came to US and never noticed sunset and sunrise

4. Had a very beautiful, dedicated girlfriend

came to US and picked 250 lb, nasty woman from night club to forget the girlfriend.

5. Had a very good health - physically, sexually, and mentally.

came to US, suffered from ulsher.  rarely get hard even after 30 minutes blowjob - only after getting drunk.

6. A nice kiss on girlfriend's lips was what I used to seek after having sex with her.

came to US, marlboro red became mandatory after having sex

7. Hanging out with friend sometime after work was always beautiful, hillarious

came to US, smoking a full pack, doing dishes, cooking, and masturbating became a regular habit

8. Bringing khasi ko masu from market in a black polythene bag every saturday was always exciting

came to US, bringing different scented condoms and energy drink every weekend became the only exciting moments

9. New road ko samosa, airport ko khasi ko sukuti, naxal ko everest momo, were not far at all.

came to US, started pretending myself saying lamb is very similat to khasi.

10. Had lot of friends, never had enough money to treat them all, take girlfriend to stay in a 5 star hotel

came to US, found a job, started making 5000 dollar a month....couldn't find those friends around to treat  them well

11. Talking to parents after dinner was always heavenly feelings

came to US, paid $5 for phone card thinking it will allow to talk for 45 minutes,,but gave me only 15 minutes.

Why did I fly to US?




Last edited: 24-Sep-08 10:38 PM

Posted on 09-24-08 10:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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used to hate dhotis..

need to say sir ji..bhai jaan to dhotis..

why did i fly to us?

Posted on 09-24-08 11:51 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Never cooked food,
Need to cook everyday ..

Why I moved to US ?

Never had Sex with GF..
Need to find 200 Pound Black Ass ..

Why I moved to US ??
Posted on 09-25-08 1:00 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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12. coz the bus wouldnt go?

Posted on 09-25-08 1:16 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 5000 dollars a month? of course anybody would fly to the us

Posted on 09-25-08 8:12 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I guess tickets to Nepal are on sale  and Dashain is coming!

Posted on 09-25-08 8:57 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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to f**k white bitches

Posted on 09-25-08 10:43 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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WOW Krishhh you’ve had some tough reflection on Life Huh? Feel sorry for you dude. But Im a strong believer of CHOICE and facing its consequences without complain but as a product of the choices I make. Like you many Nepalese face a similar Dilemma and a HUGE culture shock and the reality of American life abroad. I did too, just a teenager when I arrived here...... I had a huge Ego crash and lost my will to stay here but like everyone else I dealt with it and started to accept my situation and made choices that dictated my lifestyle here. In a Nepali party I saw Nepali lawyers, doctors, businessmen and a lot of happy people, and I said to my self, "what is that they have that I don’t have" and why cant I one day be like them, SO I CHOSE to change. As a student I made a CHOICE to work anywhere and any job that would pay my school fees and rent. I made that CHOICE because I told my self Its going to be temporary get through jobs. Its was tough as nails, and work was of all sorts you can imagine in a restaurant. Studied and worked without a day off for a couple of years avoiding bars, clubs, hookers, drugs, and bad company, although there were moments where I almost slipped stray, but controlled, Im only human but CHOICES I made to say no and stay focused to get out of the restaurant hell was my goal. Soon got my work permit I got my break, worked in a better place less hours more money, life felt good. Still lonely and young I was blessed with the love of my life and my wife of 8 years now. With her beside me a wave of new confidence to become successful and happy seemed the BEST CHOICE I promised myself. After that we both worked very hard two to three jobs. NOW me and my wife are both self employed and though still struggling through hardships of life..BUT......We Love our life and achievement together......WE CHOSE TO NEVER GIVE UP........and life goes on.....SKY IS THE LIMIT.......and For me 12 yrs later I reflect my CHOICES and compare your(Krishhh's) situation, Bro we went through similar trenches of despair, hard work and the illusion of America. Depression, anxiety, Ego crash, loneliness, home sickness and many similar feelings I am pretty sure all our Nepali brothers and sisters at one time in life go through. The only difference I see is you made CHOICES many which I think were very wrong CHOICES which made you hate to yourself and AMERICA. and I made CHOICES which makes me proud of myself to survive those trenches and learnt to love America as a COUNTRY OF OPPORTUNITIES and CHOICES. Bro time is just a number and things are never too late to change its just a matter of CHOICE and follow through with conviction and I believe if you start over, you will look at your self and feel that all those past was just a nightmare. Bro Im nobody I connected with your hard ship you had to go through in life so did I, we just made different Choices and I strongly believe That its never too late to start over and make the correct CHOICES from now on. FOR YOU AND FOR YOUR FAMILY. CHOOSE TO CHANGE. look around.........thousands of Nepalese have already made that CHOICE. you are in the land of opportunities, take full advantage. Good luck.


Last edited: 25-Sep-08 10:44 AM

Posted on 09-25-08 10:44 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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10. Used to smoke G on the hills of Kathmandu,

came to US, found G but expensive,and there are no hills around and this stupid drugs test for job. I miss my Kathmandu

Posted on 09-25-08 1:18 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Thulo bhag khana ako budi jhol ma dubera mari"
Posted on 09-25-08 1:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why did I fly to US?

because it's too far to walk.

Posted on 09-25-08 1:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 09-25-08 1:25 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hey GT ke chha?
Posted on 09-25-08 1:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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well i 'm glad i smoke much better stuff than what i smoke in nepal.....

Posted on 09-25-08 2:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't understand why you guys are complaining so much..!!! makes me sick to my stomach.....

May be few of you had good career before y'all came here otherwise most of us did not even start a career. Think about all the people who are working hard 12-14 hrs a day in Aribian countries...I have spoken to a few and they are happy to have a opportunity.

Krishh...sorry to say this but you made a bad decision..!!!

Rest of you guys, learn to be happy...!!!




Posted on 09-25-08 2:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree with Maddog!!!!!Good Luck to you Krishh bro.
Posted on 09-25-08 3:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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well said..!!!


Posted on 09-25-08 3:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why did I fly to US?


complete study goBack.

as for you you loose your head!!!


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