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 Teej: Degradation of Nepalese Women.

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Posted on 09-02-08 1:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I can't believe that women love to degrade themselves by celebrating this sadist ritual called Teej just to
please their pathetic God for conjugal and sexual bliss. I don't know of any so called festival where men fast and put on red underwears to please their Goddess for the same. This only shows that men will always be the dominating force even in this modern times in Nepalese society.But hopefully, with the New Nepal rising, the Feminst forces would abolish this sadist ritual for good. Untill then enjoy your misery and sorry state Nepalese women.


The postings in this thread span 5 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 09-05-08 1:34 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well that good bishal mate u dont like religion..Ya i m a aithest and the only thing i celebrate is This LIFE wich is wonderful ...



Posted on 09-05-08 1:58 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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let me first answer your question, why dont our festival like chasok tangnam and chandi, and bhoteys lohsar all all minorities festival dont get national recognition let alone, an official holidays. thats because we are not hindus. lets go back to the constitution.

1. NEPAL IS THE ONLY HINDU COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. F*** that. why?? Is united states the only christian country in the world?


3 NEPALI IS AN OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF NEPAL. dont agree. its a common language. USA's constitution dont say english is an official language of  the united states.

i cant understand why nepal is the only hindu country in the world if India have billions more hindu people than we do. how and why is cow our national animal. just because of these hindu culture.

and to those anti religion people,

why do u have problems with it? i simply cannot understand you all. the people who are doing all these dont have any problems whether aware or unaware why do u have problems. do u guys not believe right to freedom, religion and culture after being here for such a long time(i assume). if you dont then, go to russia, china and also nepal.

jay nepal

Posted on 09-05-08 2:18 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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teez is a festival for women. this is a time when women (mostly married) interact with one another. many of you would be surprised but most women enjoy teez because they get to dress up and party. just like christmas celebration starts way before 25th dec (in america christmas festive air begins when thanksgiving ends), celebration of teez begins way before. women go teez shoping. but chura, pote, red dresses, sweets, etc.women take turn in inviting each other to their houses for wholesome meals and dancing. they socialize, dress up, exchange gifts, and celebrate their womanhood. so teez is more than 1 day festival when women are forced to fast by thier sadistic husbands or in-laws.

in the festival it self, there is a lot of socializing between the women and dancing and singing. are some women forced to fast? probably yes, but overwhelming of them do it on their own. some refrain even from drinking fluid and water; whereas, others drink water and keep away from food till dusk. sick women do their best likewise.

if u visited temples this teez, u would have seen the crowd of women who were in a very festive mood. there were volunteers serving water and tending to those who got weak as the day went by.

here, in this thread, i see mostly guys and maybe only guys  discussing Teez. ask the married women who take part in the festival with their families. u can even ask girls if they don't like Teez and all the celebration during that time. Nepali feminism is different from western notion of feminism. u cannot take western standards and overlap them on our part of the world. not men but women would reject such ideas. stoping teez for women's right would be like banning that festival in spain where drunk bulls are let loose amongst the festive public in defense of human right. yes women should have the right to choose or reject. but guys who are estranged to cultures of their land demanding the end of teez or calling it sadistic ritual is nothing but another example of male chauvanism.

let their be teez every year. more importantly, let women decide for themselves. Let there be freedom to choose or reject.

Posted on 09-05-08 2:36 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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'Reform-oriented' persons like Nas should go to Nepal and create 'awareness' among those who are 'degrading' themselves, rather than expressing hatred for the 'red color' in an online forum which the subjects of this debate rarely care. Here's one more topic for you ..

Posted on 09-05-08 3:17 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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RIGHT to freedom, religion, culture, speech are all by born rights. so plz no more posting on this matter.
Posted on 09-05-08 7:17 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The question is not about trying to defend hindu religion. I beleive that when you are criticizing something, you must have proper logic and enough evidence to cut it off...you even didn't bother to address the issue "why did you honor our great reiligion as worst"

hope, this time u would show up with clear ideas...

Posted on 09-05-08 7:19 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Don't try to criticize anything that you don't know about.....
Posted on 09-05-08 9:54 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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NAS you didnt fast right?? so whats  your problem... let ppl fast.. at least that day women can be happy that they lost a pound or so..
Posted on 09-05-08 12:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't know of any so called festival where men fast and put on red underwears to please their Goddess for the same.

Exactly, I want to do something similar so that I don't have to loose my gfs anymore. LOL

Nas, some dumbz are playing oversmart. Forget it.

Good weekend dude and post some work on monday.

Oh ya? happy belated TEEJ and PANCHAMI.

Posted on 09-05-08 1:07 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nas,"I am totally with you on the freedom of religion."

U r contradicting yourself. So let them practice their freedom of religion. As long as they don't impose their belief on me I don't care if you fast, go satii, eat beef, pork or humans(as long as its not me). Practice what you preach Nas. 

Posted on 09-05-08 2:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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kirant bro,

did not know limubus are called chituwas. i will emial my limbu friend right now. he would pound his chest now cause he never got into fistfights wihle the rest of the gang have some black and blue stories of their childhood.

if u ask any rais, they would know. by chiso i meant while we all tend to get emotional easily (that doesn't he is the toughest) he would act indifferent and we would tell him man, u are some cold being!!

but if u are a rai, ask around. some rai some where must know or have heard the term.

Posted on 09-05-08 2:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 05-Sep-08 02:31 PM

Posted on 09-05-08 2:55 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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NAS bro,

Nepal is known for its more then 50 festivals/year besides others such as land of the brave gurkhas, land of the birthplace of Lord Budhha, Land of the Mountains, Land of the one horn rhinos (should be inlcuded in the list - hopefully soon).

If we mock our festivals, we are mocking ourselves. I tottally understand ur point but at the same time we have to respect our heritage that among other things believes in merry making. But to developed nations, we are joke cause cause they say we are p[oor because we spend most of our time in festivals. But they don't know we waste our remaing time due to 42% unemployment opportunities.


Posted on 09-05-08 8:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Cool,what u say indicates what u think and what  i think is u have nothing that does thinking.As i think by your saying that u think ahead of time is u think real that is thought by other as nothing so go on thinking until u think u are right till we think u will change your way of thinking and start thinking as we think.So all this is an outcome of wrong thinking that is because of wrong hypothesis that assumes everything from negative side.There is no compulsion to anyone neither anyone forces to follow any ritual that is hard enough and dictated by hinduism.My understanding about hinduism is it is the best yup one and only one the best religion in the world which accepts existence of other religion as well and based on scientific explanations as well.I admit there are some traditional customs which are odd but for u ppl to know it is not dictated by hinduism but developed by the people following it and integrated it with religion for their sake.It needs a long discussion and understanding capability that i hope u have and hope knows well.

"suteko lai uthauna sakincha tara bahana gareko lai sakinna",you guys who r against TEEJ are barking for no reason.

We love our customs it is free for them not to follow who find it hard ,but who follow it desrves respect and any ignorant cowboy donot bear right to defame it!! Get it!!

Posted on 09-05-08 8:55 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The "blood" that is seen in the temples are the reason of centuries old "tantric" culture. Did gods demand blood or it is the people who like meat started the tradition? I have never come across any literature that demands blood for the gods rather there are mentions of it being done by people.
It is also a Nepali tradition to offer your oferings to gods before consumption, this might have started this ritual.

People who dislike this idea are replacing the animal with either Nariwal or some other fruit.
When you look at the oldest culture of the world you are bound to find some time tested, some not so popular and some very popular rituals. It does not mean that every thing can be labelled as "good" or "bad".

As far as TEEJ goes it is about love for your beloved, in this case it is the husband. Loving your husband and wishing for his long life (not to mention of happy married life which comes embedded if the husband lives, right?) Does this mean that men in Nepal do not care for their wife? Heck no.

Western world is a maternal society where as Nepal is a paternal society. It is again not about being either "good" or "bad" it is just the way it is. Comparing the two cultures will yield no results rather understanding one at a time will give a comprehenvise idea of both, I hope.
My 2 cents.

Posted on 09-07-08 5:02 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Seems to me the main reason why Nas is full of nasty ideas is because he obviously does not value the relationship between a husband and wife. That's why he proclaims that behind a successful man are two women i.e. wife and MISTRESS. Being a man who condones such relationships, can any one of us expect him to consider Teej as a auspicious cultural festival observed by faithful wives for the benefit of their equally faithful husbands? For men like Nas, a woman is just a woman.....and another woman.

You disappoint me, Nas!



Posted on 04-27-09 5:17 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Om Namah Siva Paruhang Mahadev Kirateswor!
Om Namah Siva Paruhang Mahadev Kirateswor!
Om Namah Siva Paruhang Mahadev Kirateswor!
ॐOM Shanti ॐOM Shanti ॐOM Shanti

I don't blame the hindu religion but some of the practices have been created to befit others
in thename of GOD.
If you have any chance folks you should read this book: "Tribal roots of Hinduism"
By Shiv Kumar Tiwari.
This book articulates the findings of the tribal practices before vedic-Hinduism.
Only from the post vedic-hinduism did lot of practices came to exist.

Therefore, Nas and some of you are right to say that degradation of Nepalese women can
be attributed or associated with the Hinduism.

Last edited: 27-Apr-09 05:17 PM

Posted on 04-27-09 6:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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pheri lalbujakkad le euta kitab padecha ra sansarlai sunaucha. tara murkhata ko namuna k bhane " culture" meaning tyo murkhale bujena cha. hey pathmurkha tan yedi  hindu hoinas bhane tyesko birodh garera wa tyeska savyatali tero lalbujakkad bani le sano banyera afulai fagat mahan murkha bhako kina pramnit garchas. sayad tan tera baje mao harule bhane jasto dwandatmak bhautik bad bhanthanlas sansarlai, tyeso ho bhane tyo kura  marx sangai bilai sakyo. Teej ko artha wa tyesma rakha kuraharu kasaiko nitanta aastha ko kura ho. yedi tyesma raheka kura haru samaya anusar chalenan bhane afain pariwartan bhayera jancha..tero buddhi ma kehi gudhi pasos!

Posted on 04-27-09 6:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Shantipriya it's not one "kitab". For your sake please do not open your mouth even before knowing
what it contents.
Your analogy of one "Kitab" is the lifetime research by the scholar Shiv Kumar Tiwari.
After extensive research, evidents and facts, surely you can't deny the scholar of his work.

Posted on 04-27-09 8:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hey kasaile tapain nabhane ni afain lai mapain bhanne atma kendrit " self obsessed" pakhandi jpeg, mainle na ta tyo kitab ko scholar ko kura garen na tyesko samarthan wa birodh nai. mainle ta khali j kura ma pani yeutai kura wa eutai kidab lai reference banayera afaulai lal bujjakad pramnit ganra khojne tyo chaite bidwanko prabiti mathi fagat ascharya matra prakat gareko hun.

dharma ra sanskriti ka sansthapit manyata 100% samay sapechya naholan tara "sanskrit -culture' lai bujdia nabuji afulai janebkar bhanera pramanit garna khonule timro khali agyanta lai matra pusti garcha. teej wa hindu dharmako manyata ko barema dherai le dherai bhanya hola k timile tyeslai unbiased bhayera adhyan gareka chau? timi non hindu hau bhanera ta timra agaila comment ma pramanit gari sake ka chau. tyesailie afno racial analysis afain ma rakha!

yo sajha ma sabai dherai padeka, janeka ra bujeka dherai chan, NASA ka scientist dekhi harvard, cornell, princton, berkeley ma phd gareka bidwan ko ni yehan satik kura sunna ma paincha. tiniharuma ra timi ma farak yeti matra cha ki uniharu ma harvard wa mit ma yeso garira ko kura khulaundainan ra afulai murkha sabit gardainan. timro education ra saili dubai le timro pakhandipan ko bayan garchan.

bidwan le arulai ni bidwan saraha socha bhane murkha le afu matra bidwan ra arulai murkha dekcha.


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