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 paisa chorney kaam? kasto hoo

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Posted on 06-20-08 3:54 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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sajjan mitra haru maa aatmiya sambodhan,
huna ta america aaye dekhi nagareko kaam matrai gardaii aayerakheko chu , aba ta chori pani suru bha cha tara aaja aafaii maa glani huna lageko cha . maile bigat 3/ 4 mahina dekhi paisa chorna thaleko chu kaam maa hunna ta ma tyo kaam ( restaurant) kaam garna laako ni 3 barsa huna laa tara kahile paisa chorina ra pani  14/15 dollar per hour bhairathyo  tara k bhanney sanjog tyastaii pari raacha ma aajkal  paisa chorera ghanta ko 20 / 22 dollar banauchu  aakhir aawasyakta naii tyastaii paryo nepal na gako pani 4 barsa huna laayera. ra pheri college ko ta chadaii cha. k maile sahi gari raachu ? kunai din thaha payera malaii nikali diyo bhani pheri ma ghanta ko 8 dollar maa jharchu . tara pani ma nepal jaana laii yo risk liraachu . ma family miss gari rachu . this is just a confession . so please guys give me right advice.

Last edited: 20-Jun-08 03:55 AM

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 06-20-08 10:58 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ask yourself this: Does your owner cheat on taxes? If he does you are even. No need to feel guilty. He has his reasons n u have yours. :D

Posted on 06-20-08 11:10 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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nepal farkina ko lagi nai ho bhane ta theekai hola pani....

dollar chornu ra nepali rupaih chornu ma ali farak cha ni haina ra...

j hoss aru lai thulai samasya ma na parne ho bhane ali lai dollar ta chorna chhut hunu parchha kya

Posted on 06-20-08 11:45 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I disagree. Here's why:
It's our Nepali culture back home "Everybody else does it, why not me?" that has made our culture synonymous with corruption and bribes. Think about it. We have NO principles on those matters. The excuses why they do it are infinite but in the end is it really healthy for our society? It's not like you're dying, you already said you make 14-15 dollars. Just because some other "CHOOR running in their blood" Nepali did it, does that make you so weak to break your basic principle "We should NOT steal". Just think if they are so desperate to steal even after coimg to the US, what would they do had they been back in Nepal? Given a descent opportunity to make a living, these people are simply greedy. I personally believe you're a better person not  doing that and in fact seeding an example for the coming generation, esp your kids. Choor politicians have Choor sons/daughters and relatives in Nepali. It's what they have learnt from their blood and their influence. It is a never ending cycle of generations who think CHOORI is OK, it is the MOST neglected, avoided and least talked about issue in our culture which effects country dearly, in fact more than we realise. At the mean time, atleast you can sleep better knowing that you're NOT selling your soul. Think about it.
Again, it's just my 2 cents, many will disagree.

Posted on 06-20-08 12:42 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I second Rewire. One of the many primary reasons why Nepal as a country has not kept up with times is the default mentality of the people and especially the politicians which is synonymous with corruption, bribery and theft. In the USA, although it is very unethical, I do reluctantly support stealing for those who are in real need. But stealing, just for mere greed is very unpromising to say the least.  In fu(ktube’s case, considering that he already is earning some $14-15/hr, his need of going to Nepal could very well be met by what he already is getting (with some savings here and there). His action of yearning for that extra $7/hr is not only very unscrupulous but also comes with a big liability of getting caught. This is a big risk because once caught, he will be forfeiting both his reputation/trust and more importantly a decent pay rate he used to enjoy.

Fu(kTube, I have made my petty opinion clear and in a way, it is so good to see you questioning yourself.

Posted on 06-20-08 12:59 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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नेपालीमा ठुलो मान्छे भनेको सक्तिसाली , राजनैतीक , बौधिक्, साररिक अनी आर्थिक .

परा पूर्व काल देखी एस्को पूजा हुँदै आएको छ। सक्ती प्राप्तिको होडमा सबै लागेका छन । नेपाली समाजले एलाई जीबनको एक अङ्ग को रुपमा स्वीकारेको छ । सरकारी कामको होड तेसै लागेको होइन ।
पदको दुरुपायोग गरेर करोड पती हुनेको प्रसम्सा मात्रै सुनिन्छ , समाजिक बहिस्कार कही कतै हुँदैन , शायद हाम्रो सन्स्कार नै त्यस्तो होला।

यो गलत हो तर पनि एस्को जड् एती गडेको छ , न मेटाउन सकिन्छ , न् बहिस्कार नै । हिजोका हत्यारा हरु आज देश हाकी रहेका छन । एस्तै बिदम्बनाको नेपाल छोडेर आयौ , देश गुनाको भेस गर्न नबिर्सा । पराइ देशमा आएर उपद्रो नगर ।

Posted on 06-20-08 1:37 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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alikati paisa ko lov ma dherai tension kina leenee...?


Posted on 06-20-08 2:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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no pain no gain dude...dont feel anything...keep on cheating...
Posted on 06-20-08 3:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i will stop it . thanks guys

Posted on 06-20-08 4:08 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Who does not cheat, tell me. Morals are consequences when you are found cheating. If you were never found your moral is safe. My point is almost everybody do something wrong to get benefit at some point. The key is how is the risk of getting caught. If no chances well congratulations, if there are chances of getting caught then I would suggest you to quit.

Posted on 06-20-08 6:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"लोभले  लाभ, लाभले बिलाप"  भन्ने सुन्नुभाको छ होला नि !

Money comes and goes but Guiltiness Haunts You Forever !

Please choose a simple and peaceful life for you and your loved ones!!!

Posted on 06-20-08 6:34 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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चोर्ने नै भए पैसा किन चोर्नु?

कसैको फुल जस्तो दिल चोर्नु नि। कि कसो?

Posted on 06-20-08 7:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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don't worry about getting caught. Ask your conscience. Ask your inner soul. If it permits you to steal go ahead and steal man.

If I was your friend, I would have strongly suggested you to stop doing this. If you had still done that then I would think probably you need better friends than me and would have immediately broken the friendship which would not have mattered to you anyways.

good luck brotther,

Posted on 06-20-08 7:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Chorne Kaam sarai Naramro--Ek Patak Sochnus ta--If you are caught as CHOR and Your parents know about it..

You are making 14-15$/hr--that's good money u r making as student(I believe u r student)..Have patience,get focussed to complet ur education..determined to your defined objectives, you will get everything what you want and deserve..

Beileve in yourself,you will achieve what you have aimed for and your success story will be inspiration to so many who wants to follow your path..

Posted on 06-20-08 7:56 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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well dude ...gas station bhakobhaye  chahi i think i would say ...go on cheating coz gas station bala haroo they cheat on taxes and stealing from them is worth it ...tara you work in restaurant and youa re earning 14-15 dollar per hours and thats really great dude..don't go on stealing and waste your nicer job ...maile kati nepali dekheko chu who are just working on 4-5 dollar per hour ..so that atleast thy cna earn some money to apy there appartment rent and there ...college fee many of tehm are just roaming around just searching for job so dude ...kaam pako chau just go on doing the job fairly ..coz bychance kei gari timi ali timro boss le pakdiyo abhne you will be fired and timro tyeti ramro 14-15$  paune job ni chutcha taht wil be a real heart attack so .dude stop staelinga nd workl your best baroo sakchau abhen timro boss sanga aliakti hour badhai de bhanera abhane and work a littl ebit mor ehours o you can earn some more money and get enough money to go abck to nepal but naah working in restaurant don'tsteal it ma naah don't do it it will be the best coz as you say you are earning 14-15 dollar per hour and that is really great comapre to my salary of 7 dollar per hour man ..so i think in my view you should stop it 
Posted on 06-20-08 8:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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solta le ta grad garisakepachi ko job jati kamaudo rahecha, keep doing it. Aba hami pani tetai aauna parcha jasto cha kun resturant ho tyo, testo ramilo hune..............
Posted on 06-20-08 11:45 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 21-Jun-08 02:16 PM
Last edited: 21-Jun-08 02:17 PM

Posted on 06-21-08 4:19 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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my appreciation. i am really feeling like i need to change my behavior. 3 years ago i used to work for 7 dollar per hour in Palestinians  restaurant.Then when i started working here my salary was raised by almost 100 % so i started feeling like flying in the air. then again i felt 15 dollar  as a clumsy  rate so i started stealing and made my hourly pay  to be somewhere around 20/22 dollars. now i just want to stop it. i don't want to be a robber. today i went to my restaurant and worked very sincerely ,tried to retain faith of my manager. i made 150 dollar as tips in 8 ghanta and in addition to that my salary is 9 dollar per hour. so i don't think there is any other job waiting for me to pay more than that until i graduate. what do you guys think?is it possible to get this kind of job. k mero chaak maa bosho lagekaii hoo?

Posted on 06-21-08 9:43 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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you know this, as well as, many of us that "Stealing" from work is not justified, even though some people may have their own justification. But, it is not a god thing and you will regret if you continue doing it. In your case, it is not at all a good thing--you're already getting paid high, so, pls don't be too greedy or you'll loose what you've.

Good Luck to you.

Posted on 06-21-08 5:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Quit it.

I assume u r 20,21 and making 15$/hr.That's good. You should be satisfied for now. You r just a student.

Stealing in itself is a bad deed. Yes,we all want more money,there is never a  limit to it.For that either u work hard and make more  money or look for another job but stealing is lowering yourself in your own eyes as well as others if u ever get caught(u might be....Paap dhuri bata karauchha). Honesty and hard work as well as self control will take you a long way in your life.Even if u see others doing it,u don't do  it. You know what ,in our life we need self control too.It helps us a lot.

Hope u'll stop doing it and choose a right  path .Ultimately,that's the only thing that will give you peace of mind and happiness in your life :-)

My two cents..........

Posted on 06-21-08 9:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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good job. you could be the future president of nepal.

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