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 where is my husband???

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Posted on 10-31-07 5:22 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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this is the sad face of a wife pleading for her husbands whereabouts.......He is presumed killed by the maoists but his wife hasnt given up hope..........howmnay more wives and childrens and families have to go through such loss and grieve???? What is the price of these Maoists and Netas to give up this trade....can we buy them out???

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 10-31-07 8:05 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 10-31-07 8:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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what the hell did this person just write???????????/ some one Explain
Posted on 10-31-07 9:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is very sad and I wish someone brave come out and kill prachanda and all his pigs.   If the  Maoist killed Mr. Shah, let his wife know the truth, otherwise relese him RIGHT NOW.   Poor lady, is doing things all in her power tog et her husband back adn stupid jungli animal are not beign responsible for the kidnapping or...............  May God bless the Mrs. Shah and her kids!!!!

Mysansar is quiet becasue the guys who manage the site is also a chumcha of prachanda. 

Posted on 10-31-07 9:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I agree with nepali nepali and agree with Dalli Resham too.

Posted on 10-31-07 9:41 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Honestly how many of nepali cheli have to become widow because of this fu**** damn doctrine.They knows it won't work in this era and still they are pushing to the limit.If it would have worked why the other leftist largest party is not following there  so called hardcore ideology. They have openly declared they are not for it and why the hell this damn fu**er  are trying to push/implement their rotton and outdated ideology is bit concern.It is really saddening and bit pity when their so called think tank(2nd in command) himself with enough academic merit is trying to fool the people with this outdated model.If it would have work North korea wouldn't be the poorest nation, we have seen soviet union too after collasp of how the people used to live in dire situation.If they think they can counter my argument with china as their model then it was not mao who made the china prosperous infact it was Xeng Xiaoping of his liberal and free market policy.Mao just initiated the cultural revolution.

Lastly, i regret to say and request to people to never trust this group of hypocrite. They are not doing politics but they have open butcher shop in the name of party such that who ever speak against them they will butcher him/her. It is not a hidden fact of why they killed ganesh chilwal. Nepal is a zone of peace and we want more peace be it in the cost of development ..after all if there is always a constant fear of death and warrant then why the hell do we need development.I think shekar koirala was right to say about communist "
communists have a culture to capture power rather than through elections or people’s mandate." and finally i really suspect that may be who knows they might have stained hand of massacare of our beloved king birendra family because u never knows and u never can trust....they just have different face in public and in reality.

Posted on 11-05-07 12:55 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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now that the truth is out....the maoists are again playing dirty politics by Hiding the culprits.............They say that the responsible culprits for the journalists death are at large..DO YOU BUY THAT CRAP???? they have been hidden by the maoists because the order to shoot him came from the top.......and to avoid prosecution and the leakage of the information that led to the brutal murder of the journalist......they have hidden the responsible murdererers........................isnt it time for the people to Kill all the maoist leaders??????
Posted on 11-05-07 1:04 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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जनयुग्दको नाममा हजारौंको हत्या गर्‍यो, त्यसको लेखाजोखा गर्नै बाकी छ। जन आन्दोलन भाग २ पछि शान्ति प्रक्रियामा सामेल भएका, हत्याको राजनीति छोडेर  भोटको राजनीति गर्छु भन्ने माओबादीको यथार्थ स्वरुप हो, बिरेन्द्र साह र एक् जना कांग्रेसी कार्यकर्ता।
तिनै हत्याको रगतले मैलिएको हात संग आफुलाई बाम मसिहा भन्ने पार्टी ले हात मिलाउनु बिरेन्द्र साह् जस्तै सिङो नेपालको हत्या किन न मान्ने?

Posted on 11-05-07 1:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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So sad........This was not wat we expected........

 May his soul rest in peace and pray with lord this will be the end of murder of innnocent.

  No More!!

Posted on 11-05-07 1:24 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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मेरो नाम गिरिजा प्रशाद पनि हुन सक्थ्यो
मेरो नाम गिरिजा कुमारी पनि हुन सक्थ्यो
मेरो नाम का लागि गर्व मै एउटा विवाद थियो
जनमिए पुरुष भनेर झुक्किनु एउटा यथार्थ थियो
के थाहा म त एक नपुन्सक सिद्ध हुनेछु
एउटा निर्दोश हूललाई हाक्ने पुरुशत्तो गुमाएको नेता हुनेछु
के गर्नु कुर्सिको रोग लाग्यो
जुन सुकै मूल्यमा पनि पदलोलूप हुने भोक लाग्यो
मर्ने बेलामा पनि कुर्सी प्रेम्को यो कस्तो रोग लाग्यो
दिन दहाडै मान्छे मारेको सुन्छु
मान्छे लुटिएको सुन्छु,कुटिएको सुन्छु
र पनि तिनै हत्याका नाइके हरु सँग अंकमाल गरेर हिड्छु
झूट त मेरो आदत भयो
हिजो जेठ भने कि मंसिर आफुलाई नै सम्झना गाह्रो भयो
आफु नपुन्सक भएको त आज बिहान मेरी प्यारि प्रचन्डुले भन्दा पो थाहा भयो

Posted on 11-05-07 1:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Tyo din chhitai auchha, jun din nepali janata le PRACHANDA ko sarir bhari killa thokera marchha..............


Posted on 11-05-07 3:49 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 "The CPN-Maoist on Monday admitted that its cadres killed Bara-district journalist Birendra Kumar Sah"

This is so sickning. CPN-Maoist are the worst thing ever happened to Nepalese soil. They are admiting that killer were one of them but still trying to maintain that  "the entire party cannot be held responsible for the crime". There is an old saying "hagne lai bhanda dekhne lai laaj"

Maoist are totally out of control.

R.I.P Sah.

Posted on 11-05-07 4:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am in the US and we debate a lot about capital punishment in this country. I used to be against capital punishment and now I believe that we do need to have capital punishment as long as we have people like Prachanda.

My heart goes out to Mr. Shah's wife.

Posted on 11-05-07 4:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Somebody please burn these MothaFugging netas and their idiot followers to death, for the sake of all those innocent lives which are yet to be taken. It is very disheartening to see this type of heinous act taking place everyday. There is not a single day, I read the news of my beloved homeland and cherish for anything these fuggers have done for the country and its people. Mr. Shah’s death should not go unnoticed.


My condolence to the family of Mr. Shah. May his soul rest in peace.


Posted on 11-05-07 5:12 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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बिरेन्द्र शाहको हत्या जति निन्दा गरे पनि पुग्दैन । यी हत्याराहरु भारतबाट खुल्लेआम चुनौति दिदै छन, के नेपालको खुल्ला सिमाना यस्तै अपराधिहरुलाइ जोगाउनको लागि हो? के नेपालमा फाँसि नदिने ब्यबस्था यस्ता हत्याराहरुको रक्षा कवच बन्नलाइ नै हो ? यी हत्याराहरुलाइ फाँसि दिने ब्यवस्था नभएसम्म हामीकहाँ स-सानो निहुँमा ज्यान हरण गर्ने कार्य कदापि घट्दैन ।


यो एउटा जघन्य अपराध द्वारा माओबादीका दैत्य अनुहार छर्लंङ्गिएको भन्ने नसोचौं, यो त्यहि प्रवृत्ति थियो, जसले हिजो रमेश ढुङ्गेलको जीवन हरण गर्यो, आलोकलाइ बलि चढायो, काजोललाइ जिउदै जलायो, मुक्ति सरको आँखामा झीर रोप्यो, डेकेन्द्र थापाको हड्डी चकनाचुर पार्यो, काठ प्वालपार्ने आइकरले मानिसको घुँडा कोतर्यो, स्कुल र ग्रामीण भेगबाट जबर्जस्ती लगिएका अवोध किशोरहरुलाइ लडाइको अग्रीममोर्चामा मानव ढाल बनाउदै लाशको थुप्रो लगायो, युद्धमैदानमा घाइते भइ जीवनको भिक्षा माग्दै गरेका आफ्नै सहयोद्धाहरुलाइ उद्धार गर्नुको सट्टा जिवित पुर्ने, मान्छे चिनिने डरले टाउको छिनालेर लैजाने, सम्झौं त ती घटनाहरु कति क्रूर र दानवि कार्य थिए। उफ्फ राजनीतिको खोल ओढेर गरिएका यी अपराध अव त अति भो, तर पनि यिनिहरुद्वारा भविष्यमा अझै गरिने अपराधको सिलसिला रोकिने छ भन्ने आशा एकरत्ति छैन । किन कि यिनिहरुको यो प्रवृत्ति सुधारिने प्रवृत्ति नै होइन ।

Posted on 11-05-07 6:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND", they definately would not have honour of peaceful natural death. Time will definately come for these people to rot while they live.

May Mr. shah's Soul Rest in Peace.

Posted on 11-05-07 10:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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This has again shown that Maoist are not committed to peace.It has proved that their junglee way of governance.These kind of junglees are not progressive forces .They will take Nepal to stone age.
I still remember those people who were pro-mao and how they were telling stories they are going to change Nepal.One thing for sure they will change Nepal to another Sudan.

There is no hope for Nepal.CA is just a mirage.UML also has shown its true colors.Commie bastards will remain bastards!!!!

My condolences to Sah's family and friends.

Posted on 11-05-07 11:19 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am sure that Hisila Yami would remember this scene it if someday someone abducted Baburam and slit his throat off and leave him off to die..and so would a**hole puspakamal dahal's wife would whatever that biyatch's name is..I cannot believe that these a**holes could be so full of crap

Posted on 11-05-07 11:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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RIP Birendra Sah.
Posted on 11-05-07 11:43 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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yes never trust this commie pig. king trusted them and now see his pathetic condition..congress trusted them and see the result....seems like all leftist are becoming prachand's puchhar....infact the now so called big wig commie don't have their own ideology...thats why they are just opportunistic and never won the heart of general people ...and this fu*** pig leader in large will be punished for sure in near future for this insane act....

Posted on 11-06-07 12:56 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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moist are crapy....they are f**ed up/..they should be hanged..........until death.............maoist are the terroist ...prachanda is the leader of the terrorist......he should be burned with a heated iron rod on his as**hole then he gonna be ALL RIGHT...............fu** that bi*thas** ......pu**as** prachanda.....

one day Shah's son , when he grow up he should shot to Prachand and baburam...in front of SINGA DARBAR.....


may god give Ms. shah and her kids to overcome the grief and may god give Mr. shah a place in heaven to rest his soul in peace...

god bless Ms. shah.....N their kid



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