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 How many states have you travelled so far?

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Posted on 04-09-15 8:14 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have travelled to many states like Texas, California, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Maryland, Iowa, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Delaware, Wyoming, Montana, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Nevada etc.
Last edited: 09-Apr-15 08:15 PM

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 04-10-15 7:35 PM     [Snapshot: 938]     Reply [Subscribe]
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guys yo dhak dhekauna hoina, ko kati ko travel agrdo raicha bahnera matra herna khojeko, jo jo euta state bata pani aile sammma bhaira jana sakeko chaina ho tini ahru lai chai poldo raicha khate haru. Pirks these are the countries where i have been- born in UK, raised in Hongkong and Brunie, travelled to Malaysia, Singapore, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Australia, South Africa, Zimbabwe etc
Posted on 04-10-15 7:53 PM     [Snapshot: 952]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Born in UK raise in Hongkong. Hahaha
San dai you torpe lai Ban garna paryo. Voli koi haasda haasdai maryo bhane kollle jimma line.
Posted on 04-10-15 7:53 PM     [Snapshot: 954]     Reply [Subscribe]
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nebraska, colorada,iowa, california,nevada,new mexico, arizona,oklomoha,kentucky and texas
Posted on 04-10-15 7:57 PM     [Snapshot: 957]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Brunei ko spelling aaudaina. Hurkis Burnei maa daka.
Posted on 04-10-15 8:02 PM     [Snapshot: 965]     Reply [Subscribe]
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oi facebook I am raised in HK and Brunei and Nepal, u got a problem with that cunt? why banned I have not done anything wrong anyways, deep shit.
Posted on 04-10-15 8:19 PM     [Snapshot: 979]     Reply [Subscribe]
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facebook tero spelling check garna paile, raised like raise re i have never heard a word raise, go to school boi
Posted on 04-10-15 10:50 PM     [Snapshot: 1060]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am already suspecting this divorce guy is bostonboi. He might be true in the fact that he was born in England, by the way he raps, I mean rape the whole English vocabulary.
The funny thing is that being "jealous",why the heck someone would be jealous. The way you talking is like the way you are praising yourself. For me the importance is not on how many states you have been , it is important for me what you did as a greatest memory of your life in which place and what fun you had with whom or only by yourself with encounters.
Posted on 04-10-15 11:03 PM     [Snapshot: 1069]     Reply [Subscribe]
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atomic trust me brother, i have done so many things that lots of people here in sajha has never done or will never be able to do
Posted on 04-10-15 11:07 PM     [Snapshot: 1084]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I'm telling you my nigga! N trust me, there are bunch of hooligans in sajha who has done more than your reach and imagination too.
Posted on 04-11-15 3:15 AM     [Snapshot: 1143]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Chill out guys
Posted on 04-11-15 7:54 AM     [Snapshot: 1185]     Reply [Subscribe]
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म घुमेको अमेरिकन स्ततेस:
वशिङ्ग्तोन , ओरेगोन, क्याली, नेवादा, तेक्षस, अलाबामा, जोर्जिया, फ्लोरिडा , नोर्थ कालोरिना, व्र्गीनिया, मेरील्याण्ड, वेस्ट व्र्गीनिया, देलावर, न्यु जएरसी, पेंसलवेनिया, न्युयोर्क, कोन्नेकतीकट, म्याससाचुसेत्स, न्यु हेमसाएर, वेर्मोंत, रॉद आइलंद !
वेल, दि सी पनि गइयो, तर दि सी स्टेट हैन !!!

क्यानाडा को प्रोविंस : बि सी , अल्बरता, ओतावा, कुबेक !!!

कनतिरि चै : नेपाल, अमेरिका र क्यानाडा !!!

(नेपाली म तयिप गर्न कति रमाइलो !!!)

Posted on 04-11-15 8:34 AM     [Snapshot: 1220]     Reply [Subscribe]
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K k nai bhaye jasto. Jun state gaye pani tei ta ho america. Nepal jati sundar kai gaye pani chaina for me. @DG chai aba chandrama ra sorga jana matra baanki raicha lol....chito chito vaayuu hai lol.
Posted on 04-11-15 11:31 AM     [Snapshot: 1313]     Reply [Subscribe]
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नजिकको फुपु हुनुहुन्थ्यो. सार्है धाक लाउन पर्ने, तर खास केहि थिएन धाक लगाउने कुरो.
रक्शौल जान पर्यो भने, विदेश जानु छ "शोपिंग" गर्न पर्यो भन्थीन. कुन कुन ठाउमा गाको कथा बनाइ बनाइ भन्थिन. केहि कुरा देख्योकि, ए मैले त त्यो देल्ही मा देख्या थिए, Thailand मा देख्या थिएँ भन्थिन.

त्यो फुपुको याद आयो.
Posted on 04-11-15 11:34 AM     [Snapshot: 1314]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have traveled liquid state, solid state and gaseous state.
Posted on 04-11-15 6:41 PM     [Snapshot: 1438]     Reply [Subscribe]
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lajalu its not same, different states have different structures. for instances California and Texas has different styles. Texas its totally plain but Cali is full of hills and they built houses on the hills. There are many businesses in midwest like Herbergers, White Castle, BP gas stations that u can't find in south and may be u can't find taco cabana, HEB in midwest.
Posted on 04-11-15 8:07 PM     [Snapshot: 1466]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I don't see anything illegal or immoral in blogging about the places/states you have visited.

But if you really want to talk about your traveling experiences, you should rather elaborate more on what surprising discovery you made in that particular place in contrast to what you had expected there. And that's called "Originality", my friend!

Posted on 04-11-15 8:42 PM     [Snapshot: 1478]     Reply [Subscribe]
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my fren, when I travelled I found very different weathers and the feelings like if u travel to midwestern parts during winter u find one hella snow, very awkward like freezing cold, and places seems like very quite, even their downtown seems like regular places no big skyscrapers. If u travel to south during summer very hot air blowing, its crowded, u see all kinds of people black brown yellow white whereas in midwest mostly whites.. Accents differ in various states. West Coast is beautiful with lots of beaches and very nice mild weather, love surfing and skateboarding out there. East Coast I ve never been. Someday I will. Even in the airports at midwest they serve breakfast with baked potatoes but i never ate baked potatoes in breakfast during the visits in South. Southerners typically loves deep fried foods. People in south call coke while people in midwest call it pop and east coast call it soda. Even people look different in different states. I like Cali girls they are hot, athletic and sporty whereas southern girls are little bit skeptical about other races and are half fit. Midwestern gals are naive and not racy but are kinda unfit, not all, mostly i am talking about. They eat in different times too. Midwesterners typically eat dinner at 5-6 pm while people residing in East Coast don't. People in midwest re typically simple and calm and helpful and very frenlybut south and east coast is different, it depends upon individual. There are so many things I can't explain here.
Last edited: 11-Apr-15 08:45 PM

Posted on 04-11-15 9:58 PM     [Snapshot: 1519]     Reply [Subscribe]
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haina torpey haru , kun kun state ma k k khyasau , tyo paani lekhona. haami pani hagdai-paad dai pugiyo bhaney, ey hai , yeha ta yesto garethiye paat haru ley , try garauna bhanney hos. truck driver jasari pugeko jasto behora nadekhao na . natra laaj pachaudai , california ma transist thiyo, lousina chai drive garda highway pareko thiyo , washington chai plane ko thyakkai muni pareko thiyo bhanda ni huncha.
Posted on 04-12-15 11:49 AM     [Snapshot: 1693]     Reply [Subscribe]
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bro ko name chai sabai ko divorce garyaera jiteko puraskaar ho ki aafnai lai chheu lagyaera ho?
halka halka yesto detail thik hola ki bhanera. What I would like to hear is something like below .

but strip clubs/bars haru ta jaha gaye ni painchan, alikati cover different / ramjham different matra ho ni , hoina bro?
LA ko main hollywood street gayou ki nai? tyaha ko Madam Tussad chai khasai impressive chaina, compared to Madam Tussad at Vegas. Yauta attraction bhaenko tyo tussad ma , if yo never had experience of 4D movie, they have nice effects. Aaani side ma nai Dolby theatre chai thikai thiyo. Red carpet na occhauda ramro ta dekhdaina, but it carries history bhanera matra chireko. Hollywood ko shopping area ghumna chai ghumiyo bro, kinney chai tyastai ho . Bugati Veyron real life ma dekhiyo , tyahi nai thulo kuro bhayo . J hos street nai khunkhar k bhannu ra. Aani tyo hollywood street ma bhayeko empty stars ma aafno name rakhera yauta photo paani haniyo. But tyo illegal huncha, so kohi aaru try garney bhaye yeso wari pari herera garnu, rahar nai ta ho ni mitra.

Aani Tyaha samma pugey pachi universal studio chutney kuro bhayena. Thikai thiyo, best chai water show thiyo and ride. Movie ma katti ko real cities/effect use huney raicha, bjuda majja nai aayo.

Hoovers dam chai mitra ley bhaney jasti gajab , achakli thulo laagyo malai ni . Tyo construction huda world ko sabai bhanda badi mega watt produce garney hydro power project bhanney suneko thiye, aahiley chai kata bandai cha sayad ki baani sakyo. J hos its worth visiting that dam, kahiely kaahi movie ma aauda , damn - I was there too bhaney jasto huncha.
Vegas ma chai aaba bato ma pitdai visiting card diney strip club chai na gaye huncha. Natak nai natak huncha, chirda paisa, nachda paisa , aaru ta kurai choddeu seat arrange gardina paisa chainey. baru Texas gayera ek hapta naani chyapera basnu faida huncha.
Vegas ko main majja chai raat bhari Strip ma jhyaap hudai ghumna laagyo .
Kohi mitra jadai hunuhuncha bhaney Big BUs ki k bhanney bus lagcha , 2-sotoreyed , open top bus, ticket aroud 30 laagcha - its worth it. jati ghumey ni huncha, they will guide you through all main attraction of vegas. aani tyas pachi kaha kaha janey thaha huncha, aani aafno baato tatauda huncha.
Free attraction ma gajjab lageko chai -Mirage ko volcano ra Bellagio ko water show. Bellagio ko water show ma chai beer khadai herdai basna majja huncha . Drinks chai achakali mahango cha . Casino , drinks,strip clubs aafno thau ma cha but , besides that Mann pareko bhaneko Stratosphere ko Big Shot ki k ho (this maintains world record being on the highest altituded) and the stratosphere itself is tallest building from Mississipi and west ( or sth like that) . Mann pareko hai janta haru , daar lageko chaina hoina. Stratosphere kai Insanity ride ley chai hos udayeko thiyo ( it also holds record of such ride). XScream chai aatiyena mitra haru. Ride nai nagarey ni, you can visit this place for city view . And addtional 5 dollar for each rides. At night , I doubt if there are any other place in Vegas that can give you better view, even better than the Highroller sky view ( this is worlds second highest sky view after London I guess). So basically you go Highroller and go to stratosphere and do all the rides, you are literally participating 3 or 4 America's record breaking structures/events.
If your favorite artist are there , go see em, its nice and hot crowds over there. If you hardocre clubber , you might wanna try paris .
For stay, either find cheap one if you don't care about view. If you going to actually spend and care about views, I think Wynn is nice place to stay. It is one of the latest and luxurios hotel there though Ceaser Palace is more popular coz of celebrities/movis scene. If you are staying in Ceaser Palace , they have lots of Towers so make sure you are choosing the right one. I ended up in a room which basically did not have any good view. But in Wynn, I got room almost at the top floor ( 2-3 floors down from top) and it faces the strip. You will have whole vegas sight from your bed literally here. Worth the money.
Alik baadi bhayo details haru , baanki fursad huda aaru trip ko barema lekhaula. Just dont forget to go to Grand Canyon when you are there. Learn about the rims and what you want to do actually. If you are there for short time, I suggest you to go to West rim, do the skywalk, go helicopter -canyon base ride just to add it in your travel list .

Something like this Divorce mitra.
Last edited: 12-Apr-15 11:53 AM

Posted on 04-12-15 6:28 PM     [Snapshot: 1823]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Caesar Palce chai hoina MGM Grand ma baseko thiye, top flloor ma around 22nd floor ho jasto lagcha. Vegas ma churot ra beer lidai bata bata ma mange dheki performer haru ko tamamsha herna majaj aayo. Hollywood ko star sign shako ma naam chai lekhauna payena tara Hollywood dada chai gayo. Universal Studio ra Hungtington beach jana chai vyayena. Bellagio ko fountain sparks herda heaven pugeko jasto feel bhathyo ani tehi bhitra ko dance club ma majja aathyo. Vegas kos trip club ma paile half nude Cheetahs ma gayo, Limousine rent agrera 75 bucks ma, it was my first time in it, keti haru ta kati kati ramri ramri, tara aafulai purai nango devi ko darsan garna man lagcha so aaarko club Palamino gaiyo, nude ani teha gayera jhyap bahyera 300 jati rain gare stage ma, hotel farkida cab ma paisa haryecha tahai bhayena. Gambling chai kahsai arena tehi slot machine ma duo char paisa haliyo.

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