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 which stock to buy

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Posted on 03-04-17 12:21 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dear Sajha members,
I have just recently started to buy and sell stock, I am doing more research on my own but if any of you have been doing investment for a period of a time and know how to do the research and investment I would like to learn from you or if you can tell me how to look at the trend and when or which to sell or buy.

Thank you,
Posted on 03-16-17 1:11 PM     [Snapshot: 2762]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ sajha dot com: Thanks for your reply. After all it's hard to select stocks and short a stock.
It takes a lot of time.
Posted on 03-16-17 2:20 PM     [Snapshot: 2797]     Reply [Subscribe]
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dot com, While shorting a ticker, what if the Hunter becomes the Hunted? :D :D :D 

Anyway, more power to you if your strategy is working for you. :) 
Any tip / advice for the rest of us on how to employ it?

I built a position in one of those airline stocks last year and liquidated for 30 percent return this year after Buffett position became common knowledge. The return is paltry, I know, given that some people are aiming for triple digit percent gain.

Posted on 03-16-17 2:52 PM     [Snapshot: 2766]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yes. Just it's gambling. But looking at current market position, short sell seems to be good. Dow hitting nearly 21000. :)
Posted on 03-16-17 3:34 PM     [Snapshot: 2845]     Reply [Subscribe]
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well lots of trolls here bash and blame when i post a Watchlist, but here's the profit this month so far, Not bad.


Posted on 03-16-17 4:27 PM     [Snapshot: 2868]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good! By the way which tools do you use to search sspecific stocks?
Posted on 03-16-17 4:58 PM     [Snapshot: 2878]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ALDX down to 10-15% within a month?? :)

Posted on 03-16-17 5:25 PM     [Snapshot: 2917]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sajha.com, I lost money on DUST. Bought at 38 now it is at 30... I, by no means, know trading. How would I know the momentum for DUST or NUGT? .
Posted on 03-16-17 5:27 PM     [Snapshot: 2903]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Don't invest too much. Just buy as a try. Otherwise you'll loose.
Posted on 03-16-17 7:24 PM     [Snapshot: 2961]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I Invested some in TOPS and BPMX today..
FYI I am not forcing Anyone to buy just like i485 said I am just passing information
Posted on 03-16-17 8:38 PM     [Snapshot: 2989]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@jabhless: TOPS AND BPMX seems to be good. Did you buy them?
Posted on 03-16-17 9:22 PM     [Snapshot: 3009]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@geetmai** I placed order for GNC few months ago at around 13.50 but luckily it was not filled (I found after checking few days later, that was a big relief). In general that stock looked like it took more punishment then it deserve that time, but clearly my understanding was wrong as stock is worth half and I would have lost lot of money. And now I feel the same way again, and see potential in the stock. So, I wanted to hear from someone else if I am missing something or how they analyze this stock.
Posted on 03-16-17 9:34 PM     [Snapshot: 2975]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Geet Mai Jawaaf I get haunted most of the time I just manage my risk. If it won't go I will cut it out. No emotions attached.

@Biology I look st daily chart to decide the dominant trend. If it is going down I will look for short only in spike. As $DUST was spiking I took the short with set risk. Don't overthink too much. Make it simple. If dominant trend is down(Daily chart) look for spike into the resistance area to short if dominant trend is up look for pullbacks on low volume preferably towards major structure area/support for long.

I am watching this $MASI for short tomorrow into the open This is the only time I go against the trend. When a stock is over extended. Made decent today on the late day fade. Looking to short this right out the gate again in the morning if it spikes around $92.50 ish. Lets see how it plays out.
Last edited: 16-Mar-17 09:38 PM

Posted on 03-16-17 10:49 PM     [Snapshot: 3043]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yeah I bought couple thousands shares will wait till 23rd
Posted on 03-17-17 1:32 AM     [Snapshot: 3072]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@sajhadatcom, do you use ToS? I use etrade pro thinking switch to Tos or Ib,which one do u recommend?
Posted on 03-17-17 3:13 AM     [Snapshot: 3082]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hello Sajha Guru haru, in an unrelated question. Does a financial institution know if I trade in stock without letting them know? My employer is a bank but I work in their IT in Wholesale banking. I do not know anything about stocks but since I work for their Wholesale Bank they had all employees, by default, sign their personal securities dealing policy compliance and have to get Pre-Clearance even for transactions in my Managed Account (i.e. Brokerage Account with only open-ended Mutual Funds in it). Btw, this brokerage account is also opened with same bank.

Would they know, say, if I started trading from another account (e-Trade)? i.e. if I do not report the transactions? The employer is one of the big banks.
Posted on 03-17-17 9:39 AM     [Snapshot: 3151]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I485 you should have your own blog man, i would follow you.
Posted on 03-17-17 12:54 PM     [Snapshot: 3208]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I would comply.
Posted on 03-17-17 10:54 PM     [Snapshot: 3293]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dow 21000 is definitely cause for treading (and trading) carefully now. Hedging with options may not be a bad idea.

Just because GNC is on more discount compared to previous months may not warrant a buy. Given the EPS (earnings) is still negative, I do not see any allure unless a turn-around of the company is in the horizon. Besides, the consumers are being extra careful these days about what they eat or drink. Who knows what their supplements ( that GNC sells ) contain. 
At the same time, I do not know enough about this company to write -off this stock altogether.

Does anyone in here use Interactive Broker(IB) having moved from TDAmeritrade, Scott-trade, Charles Schwab, etc? Any likes or dislikes about IB, please share.

Last edited: 17-Mar-17 11:00 PM

Posted on 03-18-17 9:03 AM     [Snapshot: 3351]     Reply [Subscribe]
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what would you say is it good to deposit $10000 on etrade account to get free trading?
Posted on 03-18-17 1:11 PM     [Snapshot: 3352]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Better go and invest in NEPSE. it's an opportunity now to invest in Nepal. Market we can study and trade accordingly.

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