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 TPS application status

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Posted on 11-02-16 9:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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did any one have received official receipt from USCIS CHICAGO TPS application centre who has already send the TPS application in USCIS CHICAGO ?
Posted on 12-19-16 11:18 AM     [Snapshot: 10819]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepalisajha3 My AP is valid until the TPS is valid (Dec 24 2016). It is good for multiple entries. You do not have to fill anything extra for multiple entries.

I've attached a portion of AP document. It is just a paper. Above this image is the biographic information and below the image is applicant's picture.

Posted on 12-20-16 9:16 AM     [Snapshot: 11073]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Has anybody sent husband and wife TPS package together in same envelope to USCIS? I am thinking about sending our together today?

Please share. Thanks.
Posted on 12-20-16 9:58 AM     [Snapshot: 11102]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@wavernepal: Haven't heard that and not sure whether it is recommended or not. In any case, if you do send together, put a printed sheet at the very beginning clearly saying this package contains TWO applications, and list the names. After that, 2nd page maybe you should insert a page that says something like "Applicant: [Your name]". After your application, put another printed sheet saying "Applicant: [Your wife's name]". Maybe good to use paper clips to separate out the two applications as well.

Not professional advice so you may want to consult a professional. GL.

Posted on 12-20-16 10:05 AM     [Snapshot: 11110]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@[Disallowed String for - Advertising not allowed]10 since the above AP expires on Dec 24, 2016, i'm assuming you need to reapply for another AP for if you want to travel after Dec 24, 2016. I was told by the port of entry officials that the one I used with Dec 24 expiration will be good for one more year and multiple entries. But when I read articles about it, it says i need to renew with valid expiration to travel outside again.
Posted on 12-20-16 10:06 AM     [Snapshot: 11110]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This is only suggestion ( if you are risk taker)
1. make two application as if you are sending separately.keep it in different envelope.( with individual check for each applicant). Why individual check? yes if one application has problem then they might return both if separate then they may process at least one and you save time.

2. while posting to the USCIS post in one envelope so that you save money on posting

if you are not risk taker send 2 application separately.

Posted on 12-20-16 10:49 AM     [Snapshot: 11173]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Couldn't find this thread earlier last week so updating late.

My TPS go APPROVED last week on 14th December.
EAD and AP is still pending .

Posted on 12-20-16 11:12 AM     [Snapshot: 11194]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yeah I assume if I wanted to travel after Dec 24, 2016, I need to reapply for AP. But, fortunately, I got my EAD/AP combo card through GC process. I applied for TPS extension just to be in the safe side while I485 is pending.

PS: Chelsea looking strong right now. But a run of losing points in near. Prepare yourself ;)
Posted on 12-20-16 12:24 PM     [Snapshot: 11263]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@wavernepal - I would take @k_ho_k_life's advice, to be honest. Not worth it pinching a few pennies and risking an administrative issue which could result in delays. Just send the two applications separately to be safe. GL.
Posted on 12-20-16 5:13 PM     [Snapshot: 11444]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hello Guys

I sent my TPS application on end of November for late initial registration on Chicago Lockbox. I just got a rejection letter for the wrong payment amount. Since, I already have an EAD, I filled out i765 and checked on "Permission to accept employment" but sent the check amount of 135 dollars. They send me a new updated filing amount attached to the rejection letter but the new filing fees are not enforced until December 23, 2016. Do you guys have any idea how I should proceed? Is it because i checked the wrong box on i765? Should I resend the same documents with updated i765 or updated check amount?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Posted on 12-20-16 5:56 PM     [Snapshot: 11502]     Reply [Subscribe]
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u should be fine if u send new application with nothing checked in i765 but the same amount 135.
or why dont you call them and ask ?
Posted on 12-20-16 6:22 PM     [Snapshot: 11531]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Can someone please let me know on following

1) Should the application reach to UCSIS by deadline or should it be postmarked by deadline?
2) In my initial application, I didn't got ead but still submitted my I765, do I have to do this again or just application to re-register my TPS?
Posted on 12-20-16 6:28 PM     [Snapshot: 11543]     Reply [Subscribe]
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should reach by deadline.
u still need to submit i765
Posted on 12-20-16 7:54 PM     [Snapshot: 11625]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Underwaer Thank you.
Should I send a new i821 with updated i765 or same i 821 with updated i765? All the documents are marked with numbers at the bottom.
Posted on 12-20-16 8:06 PM     [Snapshot: 11630]     Reply [Subscribe]
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if u intend to send by express mail so that it reaches before 24 dec (deadline) u can send new ones. old one becomes helpful for those who got rejected after deadline.
in your case, send new one by overnight express mail, then attach a separate piece of paper explaining what happened. write your alien number and the number that was in the rejected i821 on this paper. they should have record on it.
Posted on 12-20-16 8:11 PM     [Snapshot: 11640]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you Underwaer. I will send a new one ASAP.
Posted on 12-20-16 9:56 PM     [Snapshot: 11700]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi All,

My TPS application they received on Nov 22nd and i got receipt on Dec 7th. Around one week gap i got another mail for Bio-metric schedule on December 30th. Actually i am planning to apply for Advance Parole and which file should i fill and how much the fees? Another question please share your thoughts. I am in H1-B and still i want to apply AP. Is the H1-B or AP is best way to go Nepal?

Posted on 12-20-16 11:09 PM     [Snapshot: 11762]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What is the category for ead in TPS extension?
A12 or C19?
Posted on 12-21-16 1:03 AM     [Snapshot: 11807]     Reply [Subscribe]
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a (12) works fine. People who put c(19 ) were approved too.
Posted on 12-21-16 11:03 AM     [Snapshot: 11959]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Got my approval today..better late and never.

Posted on 12-21-16 11:40 AM     [Snapshot: 11996]     Reply [Subscribe]
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what is happening to my case still pending no movement do i need to worry?? other people already got approved (application received around same time)

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