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 us army immigrant pilot program

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Posted on 03-20-09 7:48 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I was out of status for one sem. in the past but now in status, will that disqualify me for joining this program? someone expert with immigration please help me with the answer. Thank you.

Posted on 03-26-09 10:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hi entrepreneur,
Since you are reinstated, you should not be disqualified on any program which can be joined by anybody in status. This is something personal, but I was out of status, reinstated and am in H1- B visa. So far my past has not haunted me.  This does not mean I'm encouraging you to join the program, because there are lots of bad news in market that military people are being treated bad in US. There was one news in CNN that a guy who came back from war zone wounded was billed 3,000 dollars for his surgery.  Its your life. I'm not interfering. Please, do whatever you feel is best for your entrepreneurship. Best of luck for your future! Jai Nepal!


Posted on 03-31-09 9:09 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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hey buddy were u here for the pilot training or smthn?? if yes thn how dd u gt urself reinstated??
Posted on 03-31-09 11:36 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Could you throw some details about pilot program. who to contact and how to get in it?




Posted on 03-31-09 11:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have not found an official press release, however most web-news stated that the pilot program to start in New york city with 1,000 recruits in the first year then if successful upto 14,000 nationwide every year after that.


this is actually old news.

Posted on 04-18-09 5:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I (F-1 status) was interested in the pilot program as well and thus talked to a recruiter. Recruiter ko anusar, DHS le background check garcha aare. Mah workpermit bina offcampus kaam garirachu. i would like to know  DHS le mah offcampus kaam gareko check garcha ki gardaina.

Please help.


Posted on 04-18-09 5:52 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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very good news....

Posted on 04-18-09 6:30 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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For the pilot program , Ny was given 10,000 recruits. It got filled so fast they added additional 5000. The program has been very succesful. Us army is considering of running the program in metro areas such as dc but it wont start until august but by then they might be exhausted with f1 status recruits.

Best way to get all the info is thru a recruiter in NY . Things change in army every single day . Whats available today might not be tomorrow.

IF you do decide to join us army , do a lot of research remeber you are going to be a soldier first no matter what your mos (militiary occupational speciality) Jobs title is . Thats why army are called soldier unlike airforce , navy or coast guard.

Good luck ,

If you need specific info ask me I will try calling in to recruiting center .


Posted on 04-18-09 10:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Work permit bina offcampus kaam garne student lai army join garna samasya parcha ki pardaina?

DHS le background check garda, work permit bina kaam gareko taha huncha ki hudaina?



Posted on 06-15-09 9:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey fellas!

Call SGT Eric Long at 347-524-1989 (Cell) or 718-891-2044 (Office). He is a great person and will help you. The whole process takes about 7-10 business days. ASVAB test, Physical includes blood, vision, hearing and drug screening, Language interview over the phone and then Contract.

I am off to training in October and hope to see some of you. Do remember to tell him I gave you his number. Thanx!


Posted on 06-28-09 1:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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There's MAVNI program. Talk to nearest Recruiters.  They take the test. Test is very  simple.

Math, English, General Knowledge etc.

Once you get more than 60%  then they will contact you again for another test.

THe good thing about MAVNI is , you will get citizenship in 6 months. Bad thing is you have to be there for 4.5 years.

Once you get in, there's no turning back at least for 4.5 years.

To apply, you have to be in a status.





Posted on 06-28-09 2:51 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Do you guys have any idea, after selected  for MAVNI program they will keep us here in the nation or need to go to Iraq/ Afganistan? 

Posted on 06-28-09 3:31 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Definitely you have to go to Afgan or Iraq.
Posted on 08-04-09 2:35 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I got a call from the MAVNI program to attend for the tests. They were saying I have to move there in NY to join this program. I am writing this because I am a family man with a kid residing out of the state.

Do any one have idea what the benefit for the family/myself if I join the army? Are they give allowences for the apartment/flat? Just wondering...

Sharing views will be appreciated.

Last edited: 04-Aug-09 03:11 PM

Posted on 08-04-09 3:16 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Military gives housing allowance according to the state that you or your family is residing. There is 100% medical insurance for you and your family but you have to pay small amount of money for that. Nothing is free. Military is not about making money; it is about saving money, using all the benefits they are providing for you and your family, and serving this country. I did my 5 years and I loved it. I enjoyed it means, it does not apply to everyone. I have seen some nasty situations, still it is one of the best job in the world. Nothing is risk free. After you guys are selected from MEPS, you guys will be taken to the boot camp for 3 months (here they will change you folks to the military personal), after boot camp you guys will be taken to the school to specialize in your selective field (it is good to ask someone who is in the military so that you folks can decide which job to choose) and finally you guys will be back to your assigned units and do your job. Not all the soliders are deployed overseas, they will only deploy you if you or your units is needed overseas. Like someone said above, things changes in the military everyday, so the best way to know all the answers is to call the recruiter. Have a good one folks.

Posted on 08-05-09 12:27 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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             I just wanted to respond to some rumors about the Army's MAVNI pilot program.


        Army will take those foreigners who can speak one or more of 35 different languages  (good news is HINDI and NEPALI both qualifies). Its not 10000 quotas, its 1000 quotas divided among the linguists and Medical care folks.

About the US Army MAVNI Program, these are the facts: Please read them carefully if you are still interested, but its already little too late,

               A. Its a pilot program not regular, Won't continue next year. Its Called MAVNI.

               B. Almost all quotas are filled ( 600 language based & 400 Health care provider based )

                C. Hindi and Nepali qualifies as the Language. Hindi quota is already filled but they may take 5- 10 Nepalis by the end of the Year.

                 D. Should have lived in the US for last two years continuously but not with a maximum absence of 90 days or beyond in those years.

                E.Its a regular army jobs, those with college degrees but not associates, qualifies for the officers program after the boot camp.

                F. The USCIS will start processing your Citizenship as soon as you succefully enlist for the US Army jobs ( Your families as well )

                 G. The only places they are recruiting are in New York and Los Angeles, Las Vegas might start soon, but the slots are mostly filled so don't know

                  H. You have to commit 8 years ( 4 years of Active and 4 of Inactive) once you enlist. If you decide to quit, you will most probably loose your citizenship, if caught 2 years of jail and deported to your home country.

                   I. You get all the benefits of the US Army, after 4 years army will have to pay you 60-85,000 dollars for your and your families education.

                 J. If you get killed in Action or during training, your family will recieve between 500000-600000 dollars and your salary for at least 20 years.

                 K. If you think its too late, wait till next year to apply for the Airforce and NAVY MAVNI program. Both the branches are taking 500 foreign nationals each. HINDI will sure be one of those 35 languages but Nepali, I am not sure.

                  L. So far 11 Nepalis have successfully (including me) enlisted based on language preference. We, encourage more.

                  M. No matter what you are qualified for or even with the doctorate degree, you will just be a regular soldier (privates, E 4s and corporals) for the fisrt few years. Your chance of being an officer depends on your skills, education level and a little luck.


          This is prepared for all SAJHA users by one of the MAVNI enlisted soldier  born and raised in Nepal, with the help of Seargent Anthony Aure, MAVNI recruiter LA, USA.

                                                 I wish you good luck, feel free to comment. These are the facts!!


Posted on 08-05-09 12:48 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey Nepal tiger, your information was really great. Would you tell us about monthly salary of soldiers and about the airforce and navy program next year.
Thanks in advance.
Posted on 08-05-09 1:23 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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US army pay is not that great but when you count all the benefits it comes with it, its actually descent and higher over something like 40000-50000 K each year.

A. IF you are single, all family members in Nepal, you get 1600 dollars after tax cut, if you have a bachelor's degree, if not,, even lesser. But, no cost for medical insurance for you and the family (and its far better than most private insurance), no cost for food and lodging. Just guess how much you be spending on these items if you were to work for a private company?


B. If you  bring your family here or they already live in the States. It's great, You will be given 13-15000 dollars extra for each year to house and feed them.

C. If your unit and your deployed overseas you will get extra 300-500 each month.

D. If you think army sucks and you do not want to be with them after four years. The Montgomery GI bill entitles you around 1700-2000 every month for about four years, but you will have to be in the college or learning some vocational skill during that period (this is real and is the most coolest thing in the ARMY). Once you enlist you get at least 5000 dollars as bonus and family support aside from you salary. You get paid more if you join the ARMY infantry (i.e. combat troops)

E. About NAVY and AirForce. Its 3 times tougher to get in there compared to the ARMY. However, they will start taking people next year and only that year. Each of those branches will be taking 250 medical professionsl and 250 linguists ( I assume you qualify under this). But be watchful, army policy is to not to go in public about this policy (MAVNI), as this is test program and not regular.

F. You can still apply for the ARMY under Nepalese language catagory, but to be honest most quotas are already taken and there are only very few left. If you want to get, just rock the nepali language test and ASVAB (get aleast 90 on 100) to guarantee your position.

Good Luck,



Posted on 08-05-09 3:57 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Nepali tiger bro, I was told by the recruiter to choose punjabi language as hindi category is fulfilled and Nepali language carries one of the least points. what would be a better idea?? Nepali or punjabi?? I think Hindi and punjabi are pretty much and similar and I will still have time to learn punjabi. Your suggestion would be appreciated.
Posted on 08-05-09 4:11 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Punjabi also is in second tier while Nepali is in the third tier (Hindi is in the first tier like Arabic, so whoever applied first and passed the test they were enlisted right away). Even if you chose punjabi and pass your language, educational, physical etc; you will still be placed in the pool of many others and from among the best will be chosen regardless of the language they can speak or write. Although, if you say you know more other languages than Punjabi your chances of getting selected is comparatively high.


Keep trying, you will succeed. If not this year you can try next year for the Airforce or may be the Navy.


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