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 Fake IT Professionals with fake resumes

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Posted on 03-31-16 10:22 PM     [Snapshot: 24]     Reply [Subscribe]
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seems like you know nothing.
Posted on 03-31-16 10:29 PM     [Snapshot: 35]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@mancini ..Is it so ? may be. Let me know what you know about this. That's why this is a discussion.
Posted on 03-31-16 11:06 PM     [Snapshot: 69]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I will help you understand few things. Most nepali folks I see with software background were pretty smart. With computer science/software engineering /IT background, I have not seen anyone returning back in few months from the job they got with fake resumes . With biology background, you will probably come back in few months ( if it is programming jobs). If you are actually in IT field, you will know what an average five years experience guy can perform. Not all , but most of the developers suck big time. This trend is definitely not good. Especially for honest person who do not want to lie ( I think kiddo or some sajha user here is a big time victim of this trend, sorry if i pointed out to wrong user), this is a major disadvantage. I have one concrete example for you . I was asked to select 2 developers from a pool of resumes. Manager was so aware of these kind of sht, he asked me to figure out if any candidate had ability to learn and if he/she had very basic understandings. One of the candidate turned out so freaking good, I was surprised for the pay rate he agreed to. He showed up at work, could not do a sht. I would have done those things in my first programming language class. That fkin stupid. Eventually , he was fired. And later , turned out the guy who actually answered his phone call was my previous project team lead. The lead told me , because he knew my number . Ethically, I should have reported both of them, but I did not . If it had personally impacted my career, I could have. But I did not feel like I would be satisfied even if I reported them. Because, people who use fake resumes are usually people who studied here in the USA. Despite the major, the chances of you getting full time job, getting sponsorship and not getting fired ( kicking you out of status) is pretty low. So they have to take this path , because those employers can keep their status active even they do not have work. On top of that, students spend thousands of dollar here in university. But the h1b cateogory is same for them and applicants from india and china who apply directly from there. So evaluating all this, they feel more safe and secure going through the desi consultancies and lying about everything. just my 2 and half cents.

Posted on 04-01-16 12:33 AM     [Snapshot: 138]     Reply [Subscribe]
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this is so called BROKEN IMMIGRATION LAW. You can't do anything unless leader like Trump comes and fix it. People fake to be refugee to get the papers and in reality they are bunch of facebook posers exhibiting themselves that they have life and so are these fake IT smugglers. It's a shambolic to represent Nepal nowadays. A country at second  in the entire world to file Refugee and now these IT fraudulent. IT frauds has been such a discouraging factor for the one who wants to peruse the degree and land jobs. It's that country where looser immigrants those can't save their status and fake to be refugees get awarded with GC/citizenship and they further fake it more to steal america's jobs. Whereas in the same page you see hardworking american those believe hard work, dedication and karma are getting locked up behind the bars. I have been through all these stories of middle class american. This is just not fair. These american are robbed in their own home from all these frauds and these are very people who raises their voices for equality. They are totally deluded and don't have idea what's immigrants are cooking as the broken immigration laws keeps on breaking..
Last edited: 01-Apr-16 12:39 AM

Posted on 04-01-16 7:35 AM     [Snapshot: 354]     Reply [Subscribe]
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i think i did not complete my sentence. it seems like you know nothing and you are giving advice??
i believe more people have succeeded rather than failed.
you work for a year and if you are smart and work hard you will be a professional. thousands of people have gotten GC through consultancy job.
Posted on 04-01-16 8:54 AM     [Snapshot: 463]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Pani_ma_Pade_Jasto and @stateofNepal thank you for your input and observation in this issue. Definitely, this is something we need to discuss. Though many 'fake' resume holders are benefitted from this malpractice, this should not be the easy choice for the better life. Fake is fake and illegal is illegal, if that is discovered one day, no matter how you are talented and how you are brighter, that's not gonna be helpful to prove you are not a fraudulent. Lots of things happen under the radar but why would you take a risk of being under the radar and one day being nabbed. I know @mancini does not like this point of view. you like it or not fact is fact and reality is reality bro.
I agree the fake documents are heavily submitted in the due process of asylum. That is also one of the fragile reality which does not have a strong base.
Posted on 04-01-16 8:55 AM     [Snapshot: 466]     Reply [Subscribe]
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These days it is not about fake resumes. It is all about Survival of the fittest. Those who can learn programming, quickly adapt to the environment and are persistent will land the job and will do good. Those who can't get fired.These days you do not need to have degree to write a software application or create an andriod/ios application . You can learn on your own through various channels like codeacademy.org, skillshare and etc. So, instead of whining about fake resumes and fake professionals, focus on yourself and try to create your own market. Learn, learn and learn. Remember, everything depends upon how you respond not how you react.
Last edited: 01-Apr-16 08:56 AM

Posted on 04-01-16 8:58 AM     [Snapshot: 483]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I like your idea @cool_like_a_bird ! You are right learn, learn, and learn. But at the same time 'fakeness' is really scary thing.
Posted on 04-01-16 9:04 AM     [Snapshot: 497]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@maxrossa it's called loophole ..same as with military loophole, people do what they got to do for survival and to stay in the US
Posted on 04-01-16 9:21 AM     [Snapshot: 515]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@for people who took the straight path of working hard through school and invested so much finishing masters hoping to score a good job. Now company's are only hiring people with experience and would never even look at the resumes with real degrees anymore. I cant even imagine people with so less skill than me who doesn't even know how to use Copy Paste are making double my salary. I suggest if you see it report it to the local Workforce Center. There should not be any tolerance on cheating. What if your pilot cheated, do you want to fly on that plane? We slowly let small things slide in, ani ek din thahai napai kaile yesto bhayo bhannera pachi tauko samatnu parcha. Aru ko fataha kaam le afu kina bhognu parne? Yestai kura Nepal ma bahira ko manche le aayera garda, k Nepali chup layera bascha, (ahile po afnai neta haru le khayecha ra po chup chap chap cha), bholi Hrithik le Nepal is a part of India feri bhannu matra parcha, Bhitta ko poster lai flying kick hanera afnai khutta bhacchhna pachi pardaina Nepali haru. There is my two cents.
Posted on 04-01-16 9:40 AM     [Snapshot: 575]     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you jump into water without swimming training, you may choke to death. It may be an insanely dangerous venture, but if you somehow float by moving your hands and feet, you come out a hero. Of course, the risks are high, pains are inflicting, but the reward is lucrative.
Who says life is fair?

Posted on 04-01-16 10:29 AM     [Snapshot: 646]     Reply [Subscribe]
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most ppl learn quickly and flourish. at the end of the day, its your hard work
Posted on 04-01-16 11:09 AM     [Snapshot: 705]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Only resume is not accurate. They do have real degree and proper training in the field. I think it is a new art of landing into a decent job in USA. If it is not of your taste, please ignore and do not complain.
Posted on 04-01-16 11:17 AM     [Snapshot: 705]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks @microbiology, @bhetghat @Adjunctprof for your valuable inputs and thoughts. I don't mean to hurt Nepali, or Indian or Pakistani who are into this malpractice and making more than 80K or 100K in a year. But this is a genuine question. In United States, fraudulence is a big deal in professional life like plagiarism is a very big deal in college life. The consequences of malpractice is even worse than we think. It is the greatness of US system that this country believes 'you are true, genuine and honest' in the first hand and you have to compete with your skills and capabilities. But at the same time, if fraudulence is discovered in one day, it's justice system will have a zero tolerance and have to face the consequences. Be happy for what your actual qualifications and skills deserve.
Fake doctors, Fake Engineers with fake credentials are not new thing for the countries in South Asia. As soon as there is complaints and investigations, those people are sacked from their position which they don't deserve--this kind of news pop up in the media off and on.

Posted on 04-01-16 12:13 PM     [Snapshot: 850]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Max Rosa: Are you jealous or what happened? Let us know your story. So people just need to keep on working on gas stations when they can better their life with fake resume?
If anybody has issue, it should be the client; not you or me.
And it's not only Asians who fake; almost all consultants fake including your pyaro khaire.
Last edited: 01-Apr-16 12:15 PM

Posted on 04-01-16 12:21 PM     [Snapshot: 867]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Once you write a few extra years of experience in your resume for one job application, land a job and somehow you persevere and productively contribute to that project, you are literally done. You won't have to add those extra years for your second job and so forth (because you already did it!). There is a difference between claiming you have some degree you don't have, and stating in your resume that you 'worked in such and such project'. With due respect to the justice system, I feel much comfortable speeding 15 mph over the speed limit (I respect you if you have never sped), and acknowledge at the same time that speeding is punishable by law.
Posted on 04-01-16 12:46 PM     [Snapshot: 953]     Reply [Subscribe]
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As F1 point view we graduate then we start finding job related to our major which is really hard to find even though if we got job then we won’t get sponsor then what go back to study again do double master and PHD we are no getting anywhere. At least those consultancies help us to get jobs and sponsorship. It’s not what we want this way….becoz government made us to take different path. If, the government give us good opportunity in our field of study and efficient way to get sponsorship there will be no issue. Government doesn’t want make easier life for F1 becoz they make billion dollar in year. I am pretty much sure government knows everything how is IT work and the client too it is all about money. (One thing I like to mention government willing to give GC to illegal Immigrants what about legal immigrants (just increase quota for lottery) that’s means WE are F,,ED.
Posted on 04-01-16 12:51 PM     [Snapshot: 911]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Max Rossa's question is more inclined towards the philosophy of truth telling and lying. According to Rule Utilitarians, you must follow rules no matter what. But according to Act Utilitarians, you can break rules if by breaking rules brings maximum happiness to more number of people.
Having said that, should we fake our resumes just to get the job?
Also, the pay of CEOs in USA is 301 times higher than regular workers! Isn't that immoral? Isn't that unjust? US based company opening their manufacturing plant in China, Mexico, India, Bangladesh and paying their workers 0.99 cents per hour seems immoral as well! How would you justify all these business practices?
The IT field is a dense bubble in the United States where having bachelors degree in IT has become a joke. In such a case, what would you do?

Posted on 04-01-16 1:00 PM     [Snapshot: 997]     Reply [Subscribe]
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One point of time, if you guys had heard this news before, Yahoo CEO altered his resume with fake academic degree he did not achieve. Hence, people do all sort of acts to achieve the career goal - by hook or crook..

Ref: http://money.cnn.com/2012/05/13/technology/yahoo-ceo-out/

Last edited: 01-Apr-16 01:02 PM

Posted on 04-01-16 1:13 PM     [Snapshot: 997]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It is so sad that Max Rossa has raised a genuine issue and so many people have come forward to attack it one way or another. I have also seen few people who have faked and after a year or two's hard work almost all of them have established themselves in the job. But, after a hard work of one or year and success does not justify the faking of resume when they first enter.

Looking at few job opening, I get a feel that resume inflation by applicant and requirement inflation by employers are cyclic process. One is lead the other. It is not wrong to get a training of 3/4 months at a consultancy after you graduate, or I can train myself using online materials which take slightly more time than a rigorous training by consultancy. It is so sad that employers put 3-5 years of experience in job openings because they know they will get enough applicant either fakers or real. And, the one who suffer are like us who have a degree and practical knowledge learnt through training but who do not want to fake the work experience to meet the requirement of 3-5 years.
Last edited: 01-Apr-16 01:15 PM


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