Frozen momo Do you want home made momo with no hazzel.. Don't worry I bring to you home made frozen made momo.... Chiken-$5 Veg-$4 Mutton -$7 Chesse- $5 10 peices in a packet and tomato achar free!! Also avaliable in Virgina Pre order email me @ a
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 Do you want  home made momo with no hazzel.. 
Don't worry I bring to you home made frozen made momo....
Mutton -$7
Chesse- $5
10 peices in a packet and tomato achar free!!
Also avaliable in Virgina
Pre order email me @
Also avaible
Mula bottled achar $5 
Tomato bottled achar $5
Chiken bottled achar $7
Chilly bottled achar $5
Thank you 
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 I'll have 3 packs!!
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Paila kaha kaha paaucha ta bhana !
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what is no hazzel momo ?
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 She meant to say NO HASSLE 
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 Virgina after a week 
Cockeysville,Baltimore  as you order
Email me 

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Just a suggestion to isajha01 who is sharing couple of similar threads recently.
कृपया आफ्नु नाम अनि ठेगाना साझा मा पोस्ट नगर्नु होला .
अनि आफ्नु सब-बै पोस्ट हरु नेपाली मा लेख्नु होला
सेल्स कर (निर्यात  कर) छलेर  सिददै online पोस्ट नगर्नु होला  ,
अनि अरु कुरा कानुनी प्रक्रिया हरु बाट बच्नु होला. (एस्तो बुसिनेस बाट )

just a heads up . no hard feelings

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yea this is correct.
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 Writing in Nepali is all good but if you do not have a name, how in the world would you have the person responsible if there is a something wrong with the food? If you get sick, who is to blame?
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can we have the phone no. dont expect to email you whenever one can. phone no will be easier. which part va will you deliver 
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still snake , i think he delivers in lynchburg area.
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I am also planning to do home cooked newari food business. I am eligible to do it. I want to leave my 8-5 job. Try something new.
But this is the process I have to go through legally.
How can all these nepali restaurants cannot promote these food? I can cook delicious with real newari style with mustard seed oil.

breakfast :

jeri swari
sel, malpuwa

Lunch & Dinner:

plain woh
Egg woh
keema woh

plain moong bara
plain maas bara
Egg moong bara
Egg maas bara

plain chatamari
egg chatamari
keema chatamari

chicken chwela newari style
Pork chwela newari style
goat chewla newari style
Bhatmas ginger garlic mix

Henyla - duck meat newari style
khayula - chicken meat newari style
khasila - goat meat newari style
pork meat newari style
Takhaa (jellied/gelatinous goat cold soup, eaten in winter)
Sanyaakhuna (jellied/gelatinous fish cold soup, eaten in winter)
Mee-kwa (fenugreek sprouts and small peas)

red hot alu teel achar
mula kakro alu achar
golveda and macha achar

meat sukuti achar
Paaunkwa - sour lapsi soup
homemade masaura ko tarkari

Momocha with variety of achars and many many more.

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DCGirl with all these good names, i think I will be your regular customer. Just let us know once you start the business.
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Dc girl I am eagerly waiting for u to start ur business . I will be one of the regular customers
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I am checking right now how to get license. will start weekend business soon. Till then preserve your hunger for it. 

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lau na virginia ko address pau na ta..... i need some momo and nepali achar....
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Dc girl if u make gwaramari , i promise you i will be there to have it.
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Tomoto अचार फ्री ? कि मम नकिनी अचार् चै फ्री दिने हो ?
के कुरा गरेको , ममको स्वाद तेही अचार्मा छ ? मिठो अचार् बनाएनौ भने तिम्रो मम खानु र त्यो चाइनिज वा ट्रेडर जो को डम्प्लिङ्ममा खासै अन्तर हुँदैन जस्तो लाग्छ | आज भोली मैले तेही दम्प्लिङ्लाई तिम्मुर हालेको आचार्ले छोपेर घरेलु मम बनाउने गरेको छु |
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