कुन कार किन्दा ठीक होला?
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aba matar-gaadi kinne din aaye, kun kinda hola? naya kinna ta daam chhaina, used car kun ani kati samma gudeko kinda thik hola? budget chahi $5k jati chha. yeso, used car chalayera sukha-dukha bhogeka sajhaites le suggestion dida hunthyo....
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 most of the nepalese in here chooose japanese cars... i don't have to explain u why... civic, accord, camry, corolla are the very popular cars among desi people.. for the kind of money u have i would prolly look for 2000 or  later model of civic or camry... but if fancy is not ur way then u can go for 95 or later model... good luck...
Fat beast
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Research garera paisa kamako cha daktar le :)
On a different note, go for 97 or above(2001) Lexus es 300. Luxury and reliability that's no other can beat. And don't go after it's class please, it definitely is a luxury car but it won't cost u fortune to buy or maintain this vehicle. Specially from the model years that i mentioned.
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 Buy Toyota (Corolla or Camry) or Honda (Civic or Accord)  with model 2002 or later. MIleage: 90,000 or less. You can get at $5000 or below. Don't go for luxury cars. Once you drive used car for couple of years and think of buying a new car, that's the correct time to go for luxury cars, not now. 

Fat beast
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Okey jhyamma Find me a couple 2002 and above camry with <90000 miles for $5000, I'll pay the seller cash upfront and will hook u up with $1000 commission STFU okey
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Investing more than 2500 in a used vehicle is plain stupid.
Boy you got money, but no brains. If you have a little credit or a job; Go to a dealer near you. Buy any brand néw 2010 vehicle with zero percent interest for 6 or 7 years with zero down n ( no payments for 90 days if possible). Put that 5000 in a separate bank account and pay the minimum installments every month ($ 200-350) and enjoy brand new car for 2 yrs with that 5000 worry free.
Now if you buy any used car for 5000, in two years time you will spend extra 2000-5000 in repairs only. So actually your used car would cost 8500 (average) or even more in two years. With that repair money, you could make payments for another 2 years.
Now, frustrated with repairing your old machine, you decide to sell that old school for 1500 n bring home another new old machine for 5000 and same story again. If you invest that 3500 towards your new vehicle installments, it will b paid off.

I forgot to mention, new vehicles are energy efficient, safer, reliable(of course!), more enjoyable, n girls like to ride clean nice newer vehicles. Use brains now.
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Sorry fat beast, try to do something for urself too, at least u can reduce ur fat, btw i neither work for u nor i'm a  broker, i have no intentiion to find a car for u just to get $1000; that may be the price tag of you that you may be willing to do anything for. so STFUB

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 Hey Bro, I'm gonna use your thread for some of my queries too okay..may be that'll be useful for you too. Furke dai, I got no credit and no job..but I do have that $2500 you're talking about..what should I do? Where should I go to look for a car? Should I buy off craigslist? Or you know some better websites? I heard I shouldn't go to dealers and buy from private owners. Hey Bro, for now I'm not interested in girls..when I'll have a job and enough money girls will be attracted themselves...shit I won $340,000 in my dream today on $20 lottery ticket...$500,000 million frenzy...haahhaaha...I thought my good days are here...dreams are bitches. Anyways, mero saathi le feri car kinera matra hunna aru yata uti garna ni paisa chahincha bhancha i.e registration etc..kati paisa chahine ho bro..I live in Houston, TX.
Thank you!
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Internalconflict saathi,
I now live in Houston too. Go to airline drive( start from airline n I-45) it's a little Mexico in Houston. Mexicans n south Americans everywhere. There r at least 50000 used cars for sale within 5 miles, all brands. On your left cars, right cars, parking lots cars, sidewalks cars. 90% r salvage but buy whose frame or chasis was not damaged. It's alright for 2500 range. U can test-drive as many cars as u want. You can even get 2000 and later models for 2500 cars like ford, chevy, Hyundai, Volvo, etc. Don't buy any Mazda or ford Taurus (90% has transmission problems). If possible, look for Lexus (you may have to spend another 500). Craiglist is just waste of time. It is only good to find hookers. You see one car, drive 20 miles to get to the seller, when you test drive, engine starts burning or transmission is f*****d up or it don't look as good as in the picture.
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Registration is 6.25% (close to) of sale price. You can always negotiate with the seller to ask a receipt with half the price the car actually worth or even take it as gift. Doing the latter one, you pay $0 in taxes. If you buy a $2500 car, keep extra 1000 for unexpected repairs.
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 thank you very much for the info bro, may be i will go there when i have enough..the only problem is i dont know much about cars so i may get cheated big time...hopefully i will be able to find someone who knows these stuff who can come with me...may be you can? :P
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 thanks all for sharing. i've been thinking about buying camry/accord/civic/corolla too as they are doing really good in the market but as furke bro said, i'll have to dump it in a few years and get another one. buying a new car is much better than a used one but i don't think i'll be able to afford it. i have money, and job but no credit and i'm not confident enough to buy a new car. here's my condition furke bro: i've 7-8k balance and i earn something like $1000/month. if i buy a new car, my savings will be negative because all my earnings will be spent paying the installments and insurance. khana-basna + aru kharcha ta bank bata nikalera garnuparne hunchha. plus i'm an undergrad but i don't have to pay a lot for college because of scholarships. what do you say now furke bro?
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If you make 750/ mo then I think you should not buy any cars. Go to Academy or walmart and buy a 'beach waver' bicycle.little costly but sturdy and works in nice pitch, gravel, sand, ice let's say every road conditions and weather. Also add an orange jacket and tail light to that coz u don't wanna be hit or ticketed and make sure use the left lane to drive, sorry ride.
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@fatty: sahi ho, research garera jamma garya paiso haha.
anyways, sabailai thanks hai suggestion ko lagi. kura bujhda toyota or honda aru bhanda ramra dekhiye. but, furkeko kura ni ramro ho, tara bro, i'm on the same boat like jantare. income thorai, savings halka chha, as i said - 5-6k, credit ni maru, aba kaso garu? maile socheko ta, ahile baru sastoma used car kinchhu, 2-3 barsa chalauchhu, tyatinjelma gradschool ni jana thalinchha, paiso ni ali hunchha (because gradschool will pay me some stipend) ani naya kinalma. k garda thik hola??
Fat beast
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Likes @ furkey' s comment

Ani jhyamma: since you couldn't support  ur own claim/argument with any legitimate proof whatsoever,I would like to consider u incapable of any further discussion in this regard  and declare the end of our arguement period
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 Go for used car for now. You can use japanese cars for at least 4-5 years after you buy. You can run these cars till they cross 150k or more. Only when you have some savings, then go for new car. 

@fatbeast: well i m not into proving my claim to some random guy in line when i was not even replying to his thread. so yup its the end of our arguement 
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 to drkanchho:
saw this ad, may not be relevant since i do not know ur location but just. 

Fat beast
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lol...jhyamma NY Ko craigslist bata 02 Ko
Corolla liyera aayechha.. Ani
150k re.. That tells a whole lot about you son. Now u have a good day
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5 k ma ta k gadi aula ra . 4runner cha 155k mile line ho ?
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बदो अचम्म लाग्यो ९ बर्ष नवौ दिन्मा कार किन्नु हुन्छ भनी सोध्नेलाई पटेल ब्रदर्स लाई पनि माथ् गर्ने कुरा सुन्नु परेकोमा टिप्पणी नगरि बस्न सकिएन |
बर्खरै बच्चा भएको छ बुढीले मुजी तन्क्याएर छोरा छोरी पाइदीन , बुढीको मुजी अझै टाइटछ सम्भोगमा कुनै असन्टुस्ती छैन भन्छौ , के ९ बर्ष तिम्रो गाडी किन्न पर्खि राखेको होला ?
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ke sodhi ra hola , yeso bichar garda aba paisa chha bhane Dakar , yedi paisa chaina bhane chahi Khakar , yeso gare kaso hola.
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