Wedding Costs in Nepal ? Party, Band Baaja !!!!???
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purana kagaz
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 Hello freids, 
I will be getting married in few months and i would like to know the costs of wedding in Nepal. How much does the best Band Baaja cost in Nepal ? and how about the Party ? 
I am thinking of Band Baaja and Panche Baaja....If you have any idea about how much they cost, please share with us.
How much would the wedding cost total ? I've 20 Lakhs (Nrs) and i don't know if that's enough for what i am planning.

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ओके : घाटि अनुसार हाड निलाई हुनु पर्ने कुरामा सबैको सहमति होला ! हाललाई जसले जति लाग्छ भनि बजेट दिएका थिए सुनको भाउ घटेको हुनाले बजेट अनुसार बिहे गर्न सुबिस्ता होला |
कति बजेट छ  के के गर्ने बाताउनुस : म प्लानर को काम गरिदिउला !  
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Khai tyo ta tha chaina. I am using the northamerican definition of a middle class hola. I din't live in Nepal that much so malai khas tha chaina what the scene is there. I can only tell you what i've seen with my cousins. Honest answer matra diyeko ho according to what she said. One of my other cousins owns a wedding planning agency in Nepal and all of the Radisson/Soltie weddings start at 25 lakhs with them. Ani jewlery ra luga is obviously on you and not the wedding planner. So think about it maybe a banquet is better in terms of price.Tara banquets are pretty small hai fufu ko eauta cha banquet I find its useally not big enough for weddings.
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If you can afford Raddison or Soaltee then you are in the upper class.
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Your other cousin's mom is just telling you a lie that she spent 2 crore on her son's wedding. Does she even know how many zeroes are in 2 crore?
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I cant understand how ppl think it's worth to spend like 20-30 lakhs on your wedding. I will never spend that much money for wedding. I would rather go for a nice honeymoon all round the world. (25 Lakhs = $35000, there is lot more things to do with 35 k besides getting married)
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बिहे पहिलेकी हनिमुन पहिले ?
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थत !
हावा दारी कुरा ! वाहियात !

कुल खर्छ Rs. 190.00!

काम तमाम !


लौ येसरी !
  1. temple meeting boy and girl- Rs 0.00
  2. sindoor - Rs 0.00 rato tika from temple
  3. dakshina - Rs. 5.00
  4. travel kharcha - Rs. 10 for tempo  x 6 peoplex2 way = Rs. 120 ( 4 people as witness at Marriage registration at CDO Office)
  5. marriage registration kharcha -Rs. 5
  6. chiya kharcha while waiting in CDO office - $10x6 = Rs. 60
Total Rs. 190.00

why waste unnecesary money in showing off? be realistic.

Save the $10k or whatthe[Disallowed String for - bad word]ever you are planning to spend. save it in a fixed deposit in Nepal, it will yeild 15% in 6 months with development banks. Or just put the money is regular saving accounts with 7-8% interest/

whatthe[Disallowed String for - bad word]ever interest you will earn, donate the interest earned to liberate street children off the streets or liberate hungry children, if not in nepal help one in ethiopia or somalia .

कुरो मिल्यो ?
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 Radisson ra Soaltee chalne nai rich people le ho. Natra hotel haru kasari chalcha. Ama bau ko tanna sampati hune le kharcha nagare Kasle garcha ta? Afno tanna bhaye ko purkhauli sampati dekhauna time nai yehi bela ho. 
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Trust me everyone was pretty suprised as to why they would spend that much. However they've both had great jobs and that was their only child who also earns alot in the US. Plus they have loads of land etc. I still could not compehend why they would spend that much, its a down payment for a house really. However I do think  40-50 lakhs is okay if thats what everyone is spending in your fam right?

I would love the Mandir option but I do not think my parents would allow it, haha.
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So what's the situation now, must have increased sky high due to shortage and fuel crisis. Don't they have law where ppl can't spend over certain amount in wedding?
Hydrogen Sulphide
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I would prefer to spend not more than 100 dollars to the most. I hate spending on Nepali khanchua bhude who are already suffering from diabeties and what not and they are the one complaining about the food later. I would rather like that money to be donated on some poor/sick elderly people. I may sound too harsh for average Nepalese, but that is how it should be for these greedy people. All they want to do is show-off what their fathers have earned for them. If you are a self made man you would understand what I mean, otherwise I have zero respect for you. However, I am still waiting for that girl who would think the way I think, but I have already given up on that hope. That is why I am not going to get married.
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मान्छे देयर र खाएर ठुलो हुदैन, उल्टै कुरा काट्ने परिपाठी छ , go to temple, and use that money to the new coming family member and career development सबैले बलेको आगो ताप्छन, नया परिवार लै बल्न सहयोग गर्नुस, I did the same thing, I heard some back biting so what I paid her tuition fee and now she is up in her career
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hey, contact me if you want a decent party palace. halka advertisement gardi halum na
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Wedding costs are expensive these days.
Manko Sathi
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depends on what u doing marrige starts from 5 to 30 lakhs in nepal 2019
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Just sharing my experience. My brother got married last year in Nepal. It was overwhelming. I have experienced this first hand. If you want to host your reception at hotels like Annapurna or Shankar, the cost per plate is Rs. 2100. We had an estimation of 300 guests which brought the total cost to 630000.They charged us Rs. 50,000 more for basic decorations.I think if you choose party palaces, the cost is lot less. We paid Rs 10,000 to Dj. Wedding Nepal charged us 1,25,000 for the whole wedding photography and videography. Gold/diamond and clothes expenses would come around 12,00,000-15,00,000. Other expenses like baaja, gift to relatives etc may be another 5,00,000. And there are many petty expenses involved which we don't notice, but can sum up to large amounts.
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Did you guys not have to pay for the drinks on top of Rs. 2,100? When we inquired at Soaltee Crown Plaza few weeks ago they quoted per plate Rs. 2,500++ (I think that ++ is VAT 13% + service charge 10%). And they said soft drink is Rs 200/glass and beer is Rs 700/glass and we would use our hard liquor. Guys and girls share your experience (cost) at the hotel or Banquet for the wedding receptions :)

Thanks #
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Yes, the drinks were extra, how much I don't remember. We had ours at Shankar hotel. From my experience, I would say the party palaces/banquet halls are far more cost effective. Alice reception hall, Heritage garden (near Labim mall), Amrapali are some of the venues that you can inquire about. I have heard good things about them.
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म बिहे ब्यबस्तापक बनिदिन्छु बन्ने लाई समात्नुस् |

छ बर्स्मा काल्धारे साइलादाइले सुपारी  मात्र् ख्युल्याएका होईनन ४ वटा फ्याउरा फ्याउरी सङै लिङेस्वर डाक्टर कहाँ धाउदै छन रे ? ब्रोले मालिस गर्दै बस्नु भएकै होला ?
बिहे भेनुले नै सबै ब्यबस्था गरी दिन्छन भने गुरु कर्ममा गुरुले नै सबै ब्यबस्था गरिदिनु हुन्छ | खाली नगद नारायण मात्रै चाहिन्छ |
लौ बधाई छ |
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