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Five Fingers and Bourne Identity

if you are into CIA movies.
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The Pusher trilogy of movies if you are into foreign movies dealing with drug dealers, crime syndicates and gore

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The Last Emperor(1987) PG-13

Recounting the last years of China's Ching Dynasty through flashbacks and flash-forwards, this Oscar-winning epic charts the life of Pu Yi (John Lone) -- who ascended the
throne at age 3 -- from coddled aristocrat to enlightened insurgent to
ordinary citizen. Co-starring Peter O'Toole as Pu Yi's Scottish tutor
and directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, the lavish drama collected nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture.



20th Century Period Pieces,

Period Pieces
This movie is epic. Even though its pretty old movie, I thoroughly enjoyed this move.

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life of david gale
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Wonderful guys. At this rate, winter seems fast receding into the past!
life is good
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hya dekchi bro
i thought u would have some recommendation for the movies man
any more cia related sh!t?????
thansk guys for this thread and input
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@life is good
Syriana is the sh!t! 
Mr. Hyde
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How did you like "My Cousin Vinny".?
Though relatively old, most characters were hilarious; the Karate Kid's most enduring movie for sure; Pesci proved that he can be downright funny as he can be dangerously volatile like in Goodfellas; and Marisa Tomei looked gorgeous, I thought.

Life is good!
You want some CIA movies? How about:
Patriot Games (1992)
Clear and Present Danger (1994) //The Fugitive was a great movie though not a CIA but has Ford in it.
The Good Shepherd
All three Bourne series with Matt Damon in them
JFK is a CIA movie as well as a mafia movie

All James Bond movies are espionage movies though not CIA. I would love to watch Eye of the Needle someday though it's getting buried in the heap.

Stay warm and enjoy now!

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how abt" 21 grams"'s a pretty intense movie..
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My cousin vinny was awesome! Thanks so much for the recommendation! That was 2 hours well spent.

Never steal a can of tuna in Alabama! The laws there strickt! lol! southern hospitality.
Anyways, i got one for u if u havent watched it already.

the postman.

life is gud bro,

Not really into CIA movies.. hmmm i can think a cpl off the top of my head:

enemy of the state


havent watched 21 grams but have heard nice things abt it. ill stick it up on the list.

Edit: nvm hyde, postman isnt available on stream. FFFFFFUUUUU

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Common guys...understand the title before U post !
This was intended only for instant stream Q guys !
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don't know about the availability in streams:

death note - I & II (Japan)
[Rec] - I & II (Spain)
Rakta Charitra - I & II (India)
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not recommend to watch:
Old boy
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death note on CDS only (

same for rec (

And rakta charitra isnt available at all (

I'll add a note for martyr and old boy.

Edit: Martyr wasn't even on there :)
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the curious case of benjamin button
the pianist
casino (must watch)
the girl with the dragon tattoo
the motercycle diaries
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The Pianist is good movie. Nice recommendation mankokura. I loved The Motorcycle Diaries. For those who haven't watched its a on the road story of a dude (The Che Guevera) and his experiences. Its fun and exciting. Che Guevara is, I find, nowdays just an icon of hipness among youngsters. This story takes place before che was che :D. Watch it!

Also I've thought about watching Girl with the dragon tattoo but then hear its based off a book... which is the THIRD in its series. I like starting from the start, but this is just too much work to watch a movie :) Any reviews on the books or the movie?


Last night I watched this really crazy movie on Netflix. Natural Born Killers.
Its a pretty old movie and in fact I'd listened to its soundtrack way back in '01 (which is pretty gud btw), but hadnt ever watched it :)

After watching it I don't know if I should recommend this one or not (although I've put it up there). It's definitely not a family movie, nor a movie to watch with your girlfriend. Yet its strangely fulfiling and amidst all the chaos, makes some sense. In fact, I thought it dangerous to anyone with a naive mind to take all that the movie offers for real and, well, implement it in life, because some of the points of reasoning in the movie are really convincing. This movie is a blood luster and plenty of scenes at that. I've had friends who, after watching just one movie, took to it so seriously as tho it had a huge impact on their lives. That's well and good if its a 'nice' movie, but I hope not for anyone with The Natural Born Killers.

I am looking for more people to review this movie!
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@dekchi: The girl with the dragon tattoo is the first in the series. Netflix has the second one as well. Each movie is complete in itself, so you don't really have to watch the next. Having said that, just the third movie won't make sense on its own. I really loved the movie. And Hollywood is doing a remake of them as well though I don't think there is anyway they can improve anything. 
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Just watch "Before the devil knows you're dead" Crime Drama.................. Must see if you like dark movies
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