कम्प्युटर साईन्स पढ्ने हरुको कपाल छित्टो फुल्छ की क्या हो
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कम्प्युटर साईन्स पढ्ने हरुको कपाल छित्टो फुल्छ की क्या हो। किन होला? यहाँ साझामा कोही छ कम्प्युटर साईन्स पढेर कपाल फुलेकोहरु  अनि सेतो कपाल लुकाउन लाई के के गरिन्छ त? एसो तिप्स दिनु पर्‍यो। आफ्नो त बिहे पनि भाछैन भन्या बर्बाद भईसक्यो।

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Few weeks back I applied loreal hair dye but I got allergy all over my head. Do you guys know any other product which does not contain allergic chemicals like herbal one  in the market and that is effective too?

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Yes! here comes a person of mine. I have the same situation dude. Same computer science... same gray hair....same hair dying....As a matter of fact - bulging belly too...hee.hee

I normally use Revlon which is cheap. It is ok for me.

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मेरो टाउकोको भन्दा तुरीको कपाल छिटो फुल्यो यार, सची भनेको। टाउकोमा २,४ वोटा मात्रा थियो तर तुरिमा त सयौ।

तर म त्यो कम्पुटर साइन्स पढ्ने चै हैन है। म चै अर्कै परे

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ye ye sathi ho ma pani tehi dyang ma chhu hai computer sciences ,gray hairm biha bako chhaina :D. ravlon use garchhu  agi bharkhar lako ravlon 1 ghanta ni bhako chhaina . ajhai tauko bata ravlon ko gandha gako chhaina.ani
 10 brown black launchhu mata tyo gray hair lukauna :D
cheers sathi ho
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मेरो फुल्न थालेका छन् साथी
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that's a great coincidence but I am studying Computer Science and I too have a few white hairs. but i had it since my +2 days. but i don't think it has anything to do with the computer science
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Mero fuleko ta chaina, tara jharera sabai sakina thali sakyo. aaba degree leye pachi jharna chadcha ki. yo sabai computer science padna thlepachi ko story ho, pahila ta tannai thiyo kapal.
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कम्प्युटर साइन्सको बेफाइदा ।
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I only have few hair remaining on front side but have on ear and back side. I did CS as well
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