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I was just wondering if we could start a thread about entrepreneurial ideas, business ideas, online business ideas. As we all know there are lots of experienced Nepali entrepreneurs and business owners in USA. We all can share some knowledge and ideas, which in my opinion is going to be very beneficial for all of us.

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Lauri_boy, If you do not have any experiences selling online do not jump to get your own website. I rather recommend start as an independent seller at Amazon.
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pokhari, thanks for your suggestion. I currently have a retail business, some investment on the stocks and I sell stuffs on ebay too. I am looking to start a online business now. So I was looking for some ideas and suggestions from expertise. This is a part of my research process.
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Anybody making money with google adsense?
Jyoti KC
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hi Laurie, its a online Organic products. Food Products, skincare,household products,,I would like to have a fellow Nepali on board.
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Amazon ma books bechna ni ramrai huncha. Craiglist, ra aru bookstore ra library ko book sale ma gaera textbooks kinera Amazon or ma rakhda huncha. Amazon ramro cha tara taxid chaincha 200 ho ki sth book yr ma beche bhane. 
lonelygal 13
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 Nice Thread. I have been working online since past 3 years full time now. Started my internet marketing company 2 years back. I sell services on ebay and other sites rather than physical stuff. We are staring a small master mind group where we can share ideas. If you are working  online, I'f interested to sit over a coffee and share experiences. 
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 What do you sell, Lonelygal? Handicrafts? 
lonelygal 13
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 Not selling Handi crafts on Ebay is not profitable, with Ebay and paypal fee and on top of that there is shipping fee. You won't make any money. Crigslist is a better option where you can encourage local pick up. Thats way saves you money on shipping. As for ebay we sell services on Ebay like web sites, PPC campion, Affiliate stuff. 
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 Well this post has made me put my attention here...... I also have been trying to make an entrepreneur group for/with young Nepalis ..... Lets do it...... plz find me on facebook ( MrGyanbahadur UpretiNepali)  ..... take care ......
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 Some of you might find this helpful -
lonelygal 13
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 I am starting a webdesing business, looking for a active partner. Let me know know if anyone is interested. 
lonelygal 13
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 Thanks Riddle. Nice thread.
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 What happened to this topic ???
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The biggest mistake one makes when starting a business is when they do not address all possible constraints. Moreover, they move on with no future goals and plans. However, a true businessman realizes all the risks involved. No business is safe from loss. But with care and precaution, the loss can be minimized. As long as there is a clear understanding that minimum loss is profit for the company, there is no threat for failure.

I find that there are few key features to start a business:

(1) Vision: How far can I take this business to? Analysis of growth vs profits is important. Where do I see my company as in 5 yrs, 10 yrs, 15 yrs.. etc. Am I gong to have only one Subway or 10 Subway's?

(2) Passion: Will I enjoy the venture? Can I drive a car and will still be planning my next move while driving, instead of only listening to the news or music? Can I separate business from personal life and hobbies? Can I spend 24, 36, 48 hours without sleep if the business warrants?

(3) Risk vs Gain? Have I addressed all or most of all the constraints? What is the next plan if one fails? Am I a business person or a speculator? Remember: Speculation and assumptions are the worst moves and don't have a room in business.
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 I have an idea to take tourism to villages in nepal(i am not really in favor of doin material business and i have plenty of reason for that, So I would prefer service oriented business  which nepalese r good at). I also need an active, motivated partner, pls lemme know if u r still interested.
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 I think there is an open group in Fb for this already.. 

click here for the FB link
Sajha keto
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यो थ्रेड बाट कोहि लाभान्वित भयो त बिगत ७ बर्ष मा? कि यसो अल्छी लागेको बेला लेख्दिउ/ पढ्दिउ भन्यो अनि सक्यो (कमन नेपाली पारा, बोल्ने केही गर्न ट्राइ नगर्ने)?
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People have different nature, some may like to brag their success, some don't and very few like to share their failure. And it is human nature. Lets see who will come forward.
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If you know anything about Nepali mentality you know that Nepali people do not want other Nepalis to prosper. That mentality is deep rooted in the way the kings and rulers of Nepal kept the rest of the population ignorant and uneducated so they could keep ruling them. A poor person practically becomes a servant of the rich person. So why would a rich person want to help the servant? If they help the servant become rich they will not have any servants.

Very simple.

And oh yes, there are some exceptions but generally speaking that's the reality.
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