India invasion Nepali Lands - day by day
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Nepal-India border pillars missing in Kanchanpur, Nepal:-


By News Correspondent

Nine border pillars at Kanchanpur which demarcated the Indo-Nepal border have disappeared. As the seven main and two supporting pillars have not been searched, thousands of bighas of Nepali land has been encroached by the Indians.

Chief District Officer (CDO) Buddhi Bahadur Khadka while informing the International Relations and Human Rights Committee of the Legislative Parliament, who had reached the area on Thursday, said that 11 pillars were lost without any traces. He added that three of 86 main pillars and eight of the 22 supporting pillars were completely lost.

Including the main pillars, there are 86 border pillars from Khallamsita of Bramhadev at the north-western region to Dudhuwa National park of India at the south-eastern region. Out of these, seven have been lost while three have fallen down. To make the border demarcation, 22 supporting pillars had been built but out of those two had been lost and eight have either fallen down or were not in their proper order.

Locals said that border pillars number 22 and 23 in Ward No. 9 of Dodhara Village Development Committee (VDC) had not been reconstructed after it was swept away by the Mahakali River five years ago.

Similarly, the border pillar number 3 which had been buried during the construction of Tanakpur Dam has also not been rebuilt, Rishi Lumsali, border researcher of the far-western region, said. More than half the areas of Kailali-Dadeldhura and Bharatiyasag are connected to the border.

The number 12 pillar swept away by Jogbuda River and pillars number 182 and 185 of Parashan have been lost since years.

Also, supporting pillar number 204 in Ward No.9 of Laxmipur VDC and pillar number 181 in Shripur have been lost but no attempts have been made to find it or rebuild it.

As the pillars are not being searched or investigations are not being held, locals said that the Indian side caused many problems for them. At border pillar 28-30 about 500 bighas of land have been encroached. From pillar number 34-35 two Indian citizens have made a crooked demarcation and encroached about 12 bighas of land.

Moreover, from pillar 30-00, 100 metres of Nepali land has been joined to with the land of India. Also 50 bighas of land between pillars 35-36 at Patalchula Nala has been taken up by Indian citizen Gurudayal Singh.

Though 360 yards of land between pillars 36-38 had earlier been taken up by the Nepali team for exploration of oil mine, the land is now with the Indian team.

Similarly, after about 500 bighas of land in between pillar number 194-200 in Tribhuwan basti of Nepal was taken up by an Indian national, the Nepalese locals

chased away the survey team of Madhukar Maskey.

Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, border expert, said that border disputes were taking place as the Indian side was not accepting old maps or documents. He further added that they were relenting a little due to the investigations being carried out by Nepal.

Padmalal Biswakarma, coordinator of the parliamentary team, said that the suggestion given by the team played a major role in stopping of signing of documents made by India which stated that 95 per cent of border problems had been solved.

He said, "we will study all the disputes arising in Pyara Tal. Bramhadev and Shukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve of the district and then prepare a report about the border situation of the entire country." He added that the report would be submitted to the government and claimed that border disputes were arising in 56 places of the country.

Meanwhile RSS adds, eastern team leader of Nepal- India border area inspection sub-committee formed under Constituent Assembly International and human Rights Committee Ramprit Paswan said Nepalis borders are in chaotic conditions in some Nepal-India border areas.

Organising a press meet at Jaleswor of Mahottari district team leader Paswan, who have been leading the team left for border area inspection from Susta of Nawalparasi district to Karobari of Jhapa district, made this remark after the inspection of border areas in Mahottari district yesterday.

Paswan said in some of the places in the border area, it is difficult to separate Nepali and Indian territory.

Giving the information about the border team leader Paswan said Indian side have constructed road and Indian settlements encroaching ‘no-man’s line’ at Dasgaja border area. He added that the cases of misbehaves over Nepali people by Indian security force were also reported.

He said he would suggest the government to deal border encroachment issues holding high-level dialogue among the countries for the protection Nepali land after his return to Kathmandu.

In the press meet, lawmakers Ishwari Prasad Shah, Gauri Mahato Koiri, Bisham Lal Adhikari, Santa Nepali, Puran Rana Tharu including border specialist Punya Prasad Oli were present. Similarly, representatives of various political parties, local administration, social organisations and media persons in the district were present during the meet.

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(Seema Surakcha Bal, Indian border army) एसएसबीको त्रासले गाउँले भयभित:-

रासस कञ्चनपुर, २०६६ पुस १५ - नेपालको टापु भनेर चिनिने महाकालीपारीको कञ्चनपुरको दोधारा-९ कुतियाकम्मरका स्थानीय वासिन्दालाई भारतीय सीमा सुरक्षाबलका जवानहरूले सधैंजसो गाउँमै छिरेर जनजीवन त्रसित बनाउन थालेका छन् ।

कुतियाकम्मर गाउँमा छिरेका एसएसबीका जवानहरूले स्थानीयसाग मदिरा माग गर्दा नदिएपछि धम्क्याउने गर्दै आएको स्थानीयले बताए ।

भारतीय बजारबाटै दैनिक उपभोग्य सामान खरिद गर्ने यहाका वासिन्दालाई सीमा क्षेत्रमै आएर दुव्र्यववहार र सामान ल्याउन प्रतिबन्ध गरेको स्थानीय मोहन सुनारले बताए ।

मङ्गलबार एसएसबीका जवानहरूले साइकलमा घरतर्फ आउदै गरेकी नैना सुनारमाथि दुव्र्यवहार गरेकोसमेत उनीहरुले बताए ।


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Indian fighter plane over Nepali sky:-

- News report

An Indian supersonic fighter plane on Thursday has violated Nepal’s sky in Darchula district in the name of patrolling Indian border territories. Nepal’s local officials and eye-witnesses have confirmed this violation.

According to Radio Mirmire, Darchula-based Nepali security posts admitted that the Indian airforce had violated international treaties by randomly flying into Nepal’s territories.

Nepal government’s official comment is yet to come out.

India, though it officially has not claimed yet, frequently treats Nepal as one of its Himalayan provinces. The Nepalis, for decades, have been making a regular objection to this colonialist practice of India.

After 17-year-long collaboration with Russia, India had been able to produce a fighter plane of its own in 2001.

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Indian Army , pls  Evacuate the Nepalese Land.....


http://krishnasenon main/news. php?pname= Theredstar&id=63&cata_name=Politics

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India encroaches Nepal’s territory: destroys 264 pillars:-

While Nepalis in Indo-Nepal border areas have been frequently complaining of border encroachment by India, the International Relations and Human Rights Committee (IRHRC) under Nepal’s Legislative Parliament has found a serious level of border encroachment by India in Nepal’s Bara district.

A field study headed by the Committee’s Chairman and Constituent Assembly  Member Nabindra Raj Joshi three days ago has revealed that India has encroached Nepal’s border by destroying 264 border pillars out of 685.

The IRHRC Chairman Nabindra Raj Joshi informed reporters that India has also erected buildings in Nepal’s territory.
Because Nepal’s Maoists tried to resist direct Indian interference in appointing temple’s priest and Army Chief, India has been openly exercising to re-consolidate in its favor the Nepal-based forces servile to it since long.

Nepalis’ international lobbying for the sake of their national sovereignty and independence is extremely weak due to deep-seated servile character of various intellectual and political forces in the country.

Ordinary masses strongly believe that the chief political leaders of the Nepali Congress (NC) and the Unified Marxist-Leninist (UML) are completely manipulated by Indian rulers.

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