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Hi Guys !!

What you think..will there be lottery for masters quota too....this April ....let's share ur views...

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Looks like it considering what happened last year.
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SO far i know , i don't think there will be lottery system for master quota. it's very likley to happen that, but if it does then it will be very very over the limit. For Undergard, we are excepting 37 % increase in application. this time according to one source, its like 1 out of 4 , so 25 % changes, and after u got approved, 23 %. there is little good side that they have really made strict to bring people out from idia directly. i wish they completely stop them.

Does anyone know that can we file our H1 B from two different employer.?. so far i know we can few years ago. but this year i have no idea. Anyone with more knowledge plz shade ur idea. thanks

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Any More Views ???
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in my opinion, it is highly unlikely that masters quota will be exhausted in day 1 and will have to do lottery. 
Free H1B
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No lottery for master quota till 2 to 3 more years..........
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hopefully not, there are still so many masters who graduated on may and couldnt make it for 2008 filing + masters who graduated this dec + those who will be graduating this may, i think last yr it was till the end of april but i'm not sure weather it was counting that took them that long or they were accepting application till then.

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Last year it was April 04 till when they considered the application for Masters. This yr, heard that they would consider for all masters applications reached on April 01, 2008, regardless of numbers. So there is little hope that they dont do lottery for the very first day applicants. donno much about undergrad.  AND "You cant file H1B from two different employers".

Anyway Good Luck for all!


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stop scaring us!!
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mai chhori sundari is wrong.

master's quota cap was reached on april 30 last year.  follow the link and get the facts right before posting. 

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I do not think the masters quota will be exhausted in one signle day.

Very mcuh doubt it.

As for undergrad quota, any qualified candidates from anywhere across the globe could petition.

However, for masters, there are only so many people applying.

Usually the vistims are someone who just recently graduated but don't have sponsorhing companies.

Don't quote me on this, but in worse case scenario, it will be over in 4 or 5 days .. I believe. :)

I applied last year thru grad quota and got it.

Anyhow, if any of masters candidates. are seeing financial assitance or 100% funded H1b..& h1b sponsorship..  try


on a lighter note.. here's the note I posed previously. Pls. read only (if applicable).. as this is a deal cant' go wrong.


I am posting under here as well.. good luck..


" company is accepting both the undergrad or graduate candidates.

candidates must be starting an OPT or "fulltime" CPT from May '08 or June '08.

..are 2 positions are available.

  pay matches industry salary standard.

" the minimal service to render to the firm is negotiable and range from 6 - 12 months." (fair deal)

candidates H1b attorney fees and corporate filing fees to the USCIS are fully funded by the firm.

this is the voice message: TEL (214) 594 1229  

and apply online


if you have good IT programmings skills, developent skills and 4 yrs of engineering or computer science degree (either from US and Foreign) you are qualified for H1b filing

don't miss this chance H1b applicants..!

 if you don't meet the above conditions, chances are slim.

and make sure to call them as well as there will be tons of resumes..

& try your luck!  

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U.S. on recession now, how come hiring for H1-B outlast on one day?
There should be something gray area on hiring by Desi Consultants. Many last year's H1-B
still not replaced, how come consultants can apply new H1-B for you?
  They charge  $2000.00 each non refundable fee, isn't it easy way to a make money from you guys?
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