Udus killer spray
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Hello Everyone, I am having problem with Udus in my apartment. In my Bed and in my sofa there are so many Udus. I have tried to find the some kind of chemical spray or any other medicine to control Udus but still unable to find the one that will be really effective and kill the Udus in my apt. By the way what is called Udus in English? If anyone knows how to control this Udus Please let me know. Thank you for your time and help.
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You can spray petrol also which is also effective
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yes petrol is nice. and it is even better if you have lighter. na rahega baas na bajegi basuri
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Go to Wal mart, get a shit called RID - A - BUG, spray it all over the places and gone. Hey ! ! ! not the bed bug, I mean you will be gone.
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Do not follow those nasty suggestions those we used to do. It may work with boric acid. It does not hurt to try.
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A bug spray called 'RAID" works to scare it but not kill it. For some relief, u can use that.
Alex Raja
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I think it is called "Bad Bug"
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hahha nepali jata udus teta .....well dhanna yeta ko gaun ma udus ko katha suneko chiana.............
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Kalyan Sharma
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Actually I am getting trouble with bed bug can we confirm how they develop? I think there are not. Proper solution for bedbug. Just everybody joking about the topic here I am trying to remove them.
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उडुसको महामारी एपार्ट्मेन्ट मात्र होईन ठुला नामी होटेल हरु पनि यस्को चपेट मा परेका छन |

बोरिक एसिड साङ्ला मार्न प्रयोग गरिन्छ | बोरिक सँग सम्पर्क्मा आए पछी सङ्लाको हातखुट्टा टुक्रिएर् जाने अनी फुल सँग संपर्कमा आए फुल हरु नस्ट भएर जान्छ रे ?
बोरिक असिड कत्तिको काम गर्छ कही पढेको छैन तर फुललाई मार्छ भनेको कारण २-३ बोतल किनेर ल्याएर ओछ्यानको कुनकाप्चा देखी पर्खाल को भुईमा छर्की २-४ दिन हेर्नुस् के हुदो रहेछ | Wallgreen वा Wallmart मा सस्तो होला |

You can bring Bedbugs 5 star hotel to your home/apartment. If one apartment has bedbugs , you will get it sooner or later.

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jahile rishauchau
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One of the kind for nightmares.
i suggest to buy one empty spray bottle and bunch of rubbing alcohol.
and start spraying all over your place bed, couch, carpet make it rain.
light a scented candle so it overcome the scent of alcohol.
do this every bottle every day and do not forget to vacuum every day.
this worked for me.
i hope you will have a sound sleep.
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Online published research suggest that bed bug (including their eggs) die around 122 degree fahrenheit temperature. There are some professionals available who bring big heaters and fans and raise the temperature of your room/house to 135 degree fahrenheit. I believe that is the only known effective treatment. After the heat treatment u want to put a case (available at walmart and other stores) for mattress, pillow etc. Other treatment such as spray, other chemical works temporarily. Bed bug can survive without food for a year.....
Good luck my friend!
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While spraying alcohol be careful it is highly inflammable.
Nepali Daka
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You need to heat treat apartment for a day, will costs u $1000-2500, depending on size of your apartment. Apartment will be heated to 140F which is the dead temp for bed bugs, thats the only effective way to kill em suckers
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Remember : the whole house needs treatment if you live in a house with multiple apts.
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aago laidey hunchha kinaki over the counter bugs control le kei hunna... Pest control nai bolaunu parchha or heat the room to 110 degrees..
Manko Sathi
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i use family dollar spar works ok for me
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In my case, I left the apartment throw entire furniture, put in dryers nice clothes then totally eliminated. If you frequently travel cheap motels carry bed bugs and come from there. It was so difficult to get rid of those bugs.
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I threw everything, even clothes I was wearing, and drove without clothes to new apartment at night
Manko Sathi
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go to walmart n get better 1
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