is it bad??
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ok you guys!!!..i need some opinion from my nepali friends ke!!!! it bad for a nepali gal to fall for indian boy????................................ your comments will be appriciated ke!!!...
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red devil
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million dollar question huh.. well, i can think of only 3 reasons for a nep. girl to fall for a dhoti guy.
1. U must b ugly as hell to not find a single nepali guy, or
2. U jus like their "dhoti's" hairy body, esp. chest. and wanna feel like a burning sensation, like rubbin sand-paper, against ur body while the two of u r doing it.
3. Or, u dig Austin Powers soo much, and the only thing close to being as hairy as the ladies-man "Austin Powers" for u- is an indian guy.
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I agree with AAAA and talking aobut indians, they are very manupulative. In my conversation with many indians, they said nepalis girls are easy to " pattau" or get laid to be precise. If nepali girls are falling for indian guy, who has comparatively nice build up, and so on..then entire criteria for falling is wrong. I know KT if that is the reason for your falling for indian guy, it is just ur physical desire or infatuation. Life is long and more than that your inatuationa and physical desire will end when you reah 40, or menopause, then what will you do.

budiling a realtionship, an authentic relationship is very importatnt in life. SO think about your parents, your future and security, and so on. Life is not about throwing flowery words while you are dating, real challenge starts once you married. To much socio cultural differences bring turmoil. Trust me i would not advise it to be very frank!

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If any Nepalese gal plans to settle down with an Indian guy it will be like a goat just following after a bull! its like a contrast between the silk and sand paper which gonna never be match to each other.So, life is very fragile one must learn to take care of it b4 its too late...therefore, I say don't jump into the wall knowing that u'll never get out of it. Change ur mind and be a "Srimati" of loving, caring, understanding, and decent Nepali guy I believe u will not regreet for having him in ur life.



Best wishes

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Khai k bhannu. Most  of my cousin (girls) they married Indian Guys. Most of them NRIs . Infact just one of my cousin (girl) married guy from Nepal rest all married guys from overseas most of them indians and some gore.  Those who are married to Nepali are also happy, those who have married to Indians are also happy.  So it is pointless to debate on this fact.  As long as you don't love any bihari and the guy is from a decent family it should be ok.
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girly gurl,   love is always right, no matter who you love and what you love. As long as they both love each other thats all it matters.ha ha ha, use your common sense and be mature. Don't use filmy dialogue, reality will be different. love is good but keeping that relation forever is tough, by only love you can not survive and you can not be happy by making other unhappy in your family and society. 
asma 21
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My personal opinion is love cant be defined as good or bad at all cz love is just love! anyways if u r askin about practical aspects and outcomes  then I would say u rather make sure he(indian guy) loves u to death and u also love him. Yes life will b bit hard cz u may have bunch of best friends and relatives cracking jokes on dhotis and they also cracking jokes on gorkha (gatekkeper as they say) ,however, u and ur mate should b really thoughtful all the times and handles situation wisely.
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I thought falling in love is something that just happens involuntarily – not something that one pleads for beforehand. And if you, yourself, have to question the dignity of your partner, IT IS probably bad to fall for that person.

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Dhoti le ahile maya gare jasto garchha, pachhi aafno rang dekhauchha, NEVER EVER MARRY A DHOTI. Tyo dhoti le taal paryo bhane mumbai lagera bechidinchha, GIRLS STAY AWAY FROM THEM.
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Three things are big for Indians - wine, wealth and women. It is true for most men, but Indians die for it. I found it so true when I was in India.

And don't tell me that love is always right. If it is so, there would be no such thing called 'divorce'.

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i hope he is not  a Gujju.

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Do whatever you want to do and do whatever you think you are doing right. Don't ask opinion. You are mature girl. Take your own decision.

Hope you have a successful life. ....
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I wonder why this thread re-opened, and people are discussing/ giving suggestions to the originator who started the thread wayyyyyyy back in 2006.........  
Sunny Rajput
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I seen that no. of nepali are converting the religious into another religious but it fact that no one accpeting with anyone hinduism. So becareful for future nepal known for truly hindus country they want to make another country
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Yes it is bad, atleast to me.
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hell NO!!
Not NOW, Not Ever. It means NEVER-NEVER-NEVER
Indians (no matter guys or girls) are the filthy creatures in this whole universe
who possesses all se7en deadly sins;
wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony

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बिदेशमा बस्ने नेपालीको यो मानसिकता देखिन्छ : यो उखान ठिकै रहेछ " बर्मा गयो कर्मै संग विदेश छिर्यो आदत संगै "
तेसैले मधेस र पहाडीको बीच को दुरी बढेको |
तेही खैरे संग गएको भए चै ठिक ?जो संग गए पनि जानेको इच्छा ?
कि अंगुर अमिला छन् को भुकाइ हो ?
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'केहि नपाए बोक्रै सम्म चपायो'
यो उखान, ठयाक्कै मिल्छ
who are into dhoti lady and dhoti guy

येस्सैपनि indian काला अंगूर रसिला हुदैनन्,
बाउन ले च्याउ खाको भएपो स्वाद थापा ओस भन्ने उखान ठ्याक्कै मिल्न गयो

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It's your choice! BTW, why don't you check a few facts such as given below before you decide.

(1) Indians smell like curry.
(2) Marrying an Indian man means marrying his family (especially with in-laws). You have to please his family in any cost.
(3) We all love money. But, the Indian attitude to money is influenced by certain aspects of their culture. They seem to be way more money-minded and cheaper than the rest of us.
(4) Five Indians rape a single women.
(5) Indians love to lie about their own abilities. They always try to take credit for others work in an effort to try to make themselves look good. Ask anyone who works with any Indians. No shame.
(6) Most Indians are short with fat belly and don't go to gym.
(7) If you marry an Indian guy, you will be forever called a 'DHOTINI,' so your kids.
(8) There are plenty more.........

Hope this helps in your decision-making process :)
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Stereotyping is a very bad thing, coz a person's personality may vary regardless of his nationality. But Indians are really not cool enough to make love and have family. Even the guy is good, in-laws will grind you a** so bad. If you are looking for just fun, go for it..Long term relationship, its a damn big thing to think twice...
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एउटा मरेको धोति ले २ त बाचेको नेपाली लै मर्चा रे है तेही भएर होसियार
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