Anyone know when is the Supreme Court hearing for TPS?
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looks like so many attorneys are joining for the rights of TPS, but when the actual hearing from supreme court
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Who said it is in supreme court?
Tesla guy
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Username619 said TPS hearing is in Supreme Court.
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not sure just saw some articles online!! They introduced two bills Secure Act and the American Dream Act, both of them if passed provide a gateway to GC, but who is gonna decide, is it the senate or the supreme court?
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Quote me If I am wrong but as far as I know TPS for Nepal is extended from Jan 5th, 2021 to October 2021 because the Supreme Court has not taken any decision and delayed the process. They have to ask the Federal government to take any action. If Biden Government either finds a permanent solution for TPS users bypassing the bills both in House and then-Senate then there is a HOPE for TPS folks of any nation otherwise Supreme Court will again have to take the decision of Ramos vs Bhattarai Case either to completely Terminate auto extension for Nepal after October 2021 or ask Biden Government to use Executive order to grant another extension.
Correct me If I am wrong on the above statement. The bill was introduced in House then again there was a couple of disagreement or something has happened which causes the bill to get modified. Now the Immigration bill has moved to mid-March for Vote in House. If it has been passed from the house then it needs to be passed from Senate before reaching to President's desk.
As we have seen in the past couple of months. The votes are along the Party line and it seems hardly possible to convince any Republicans to Vote on onside of the Immigration bill as it majorly impacts the Upcoming Election. It's a Tough Battle and my guess so far it will be very hard for that bill to pass but let's not lose hope. In the end, it is politics you never know until it's done.
It will be a tough battle for Democrats to get that bill passed. As Democrats know how important that will be in House Election 2022. Republicans won't easily let BIDEN accomplish anything and wanted to make him a one-time President. By Mid July | August we might have a little clear picture of where does TPS folks stand. There is always a ray of hope in darkness so my friend just hangs in there. DACA people have fought a long battle and still, they are fighting for their basic human rights. In meantime, all we can do is beware and make our voice heard.
Jai Nepal
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