Well known Nepali, graduated from a US university
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There are Harvard graduates, MIT and other US university graduates that make a difference in the society. I am trying to make a short profile of the person.

(This is not going to be a list, just a few interesting people -- 10 may be... )

It is about people like Mahabir Pun who graduated from the US university and doing a lot in Nepal.
I will do a bit of searching - Google, and other online sources and prepare a short profile about their works.

For example:

Vijay Lama wrote in a comment
"One of the Nepali Harvard Uni products is Sneha Shrestha (aka Imagine) (You can check out her works in her website: She is an awesome Nepali artist and inspirations for many Nepali and American artists. One day, while walking in Cambridge, I saw a tall building covered in mural art with familiar skript (i.e. Nepali skripts), I was amazed to see it and in fact, I came to know about her from one of my non-Nepali colleagues at work."

I guess, I will search and learn more about Sneha.. and will prepare a profile if she is worth discussing about...

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तपाइहरुले चिने जानेकाको नाम र बिवरण पनि रिप्लाई गरेर दिनु होला - धन्यवाद !

यस्तो रहेछ स्नेहा को कला !
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It makes sense for celebrities. Maybe should get an A - OK from private citizens ? Not everyone wants to come to the limelight. Majority do but not every single person.
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Yes Chicagoan, it's not like celebrities ... I should ask their permission before making a report.
I will do that..
Thank you for the suggestion. appreciated.
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The problem with contacting them is .... it is not easy to find the proper communication channel. 
Even if the communication reaches them, they usually don't reply at all .. (because they have better things to do)..

All I do is collect the publicly available information - like a layman - compile and present it in a way that a layman would do... there is no spying.

My unwritten policy is:

1) Don't share any private communications
2) Don't share any "non-public" social media post ...
3) No first hand information ("I saw", "I heard", "they told me" type of contents)
4) If any person mentioned in the video is not happy (for whatever reason), remove the video immediately (no questions asked) after verification of the person.
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कोहि छैनन् त ?

स्नेहा didn't reply .. I will probably do a report on her artistic style (I work in a similar style) ...

"कोरोना महामारीको बेलामा घर भित्रै थुनिंदा स्नेहाले आंफ्नो "होम" सिरिजमा नेपालि बर्नामालाको पहिलो अक्षर क लेख्ने गर्चिना| यो बच्चा बेलामा उनले सिकेको पहिलो अक्षर हो| तेसैले चित्रमा यो अक्षरलाइ कोर्दा स्वभाविक रुपमा नै आउंछ भनेर उनि भन्छिन | यो अक्षर कोर्दा उनले सोच्ने पर्दैन आफ्नै आउंछ - तेसैले यसबेला उनलको दिमाग भित्रको कल्यांग मल्यांग अलिकति कम हुन्छ, अनि उनले अक्षरलाई कसरि रंगाउने भन्ने सोच्न भ्याउँछिन् |

अनि कलामा अति नै उत्तम नतिजा निकाल्नु को मतलब प्रत्येक अक्षर लेख्दा उत्तिकै मात्रामा श्वास प्रश्वास गर्नु अनि उत्तिकै मात्रामा ब्रसको दवाव दिनु हो भनेर स्नेहा भन्नाछिन | एउटै कुरा बारंबार गर्दा अनिश्चितता मेटिन्छ अनि कलाकारिता पनि एउटा ध्यानको प्रकार बन्छ, मेडिटेसन बन्छ | "

अनि राजा बिरेन्द्रको बारेमा बनाएको यो भिडियो लाखौंले हेरिसकेछन ..
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Got a reply .. thanks to Chicagoan

"Feel free to gather material for your video blog I’m happy to support it and please let me know if you need anything for it"
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