Travel on Advance Parole TPS 2021
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Hello all,

what are your thoughts on travelling using Advance Parole /TPS in 2021 ?
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If you already have AP then go and come fast if you need to go. There is too much uncertainty in future. oct 4 2021 is TPS termination date so make plan accordingly.
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Have u submitted the ADV document for this year as ur Advance parole for last year should have been expired on Jan 5, 2021? U need a new one to travel and yes the current ADV will expire on October 2021 if not extended on a new future.
Tesla guy
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Ajkal travel garna risky hudaina ra AP bata ??
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@card_cahiyoo, I just sent the AP application out last week. Just wanted to have an option to travel but again there is so much of uncertaintity.
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@camerpicture bro,

I have send My Advance parole document in mid of January with G-145 Notification to Dallas Lockbox, I haven't heard anything till now. I am not sure if My document has been there yet. I tried to call them and they asked me to contact them after 90 days. I am really uncertain what to do even finding after 3 months they haven't received any documents.
Let me know if u get notification of ur document if u have attached G-145 Notification.
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@card_cahiyoo, I heard that it is taking about 2-3 months to get receipt notices for certain forms. Unfortunately, I did not send G-145 for my application.
If you sent your documents via certified mail/ fedex keep the confirmation. Did your check you sent for AP cash out yet?
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I didn't use FedEx but USPS lockbox. I don't know that would make any difference. But I include the G-145 Notification. I haven't heard till now. I send my package in the Middle of Jan. Last week I call them and they said it might take 90 days to get the notification. I am uncertain at this point even though it might get approved with the October deadline how that might work out. I am positive that something might happen between now and my application get approved and the deadline is not October but might be a little longer if Court decides to make any decision on the October deadline.

I have also found one more user who also sends the ADV doc and he also hasn't received confirmation in my last post. I am hopeful but time will tell. If I hear any positive news I would definitely keep u up to date.

Jai Nepal
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@Card_chaiyoo, did you receive any updates , receipt notice for your Advance Parole application ?
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@Camerapicture bro,

I received a notice that my case was received on March 8th, 2021. So at this point, I am just waiting and see if it gets approved when would be my expiration date gone be. Still have time left before Oct 4, 2021. I hope that the deadline gets extended and I have at least a full year to decide when to pop off. It took almost 2 months just to get accepted.

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@Card_cahiyoo, you said you sent your application on mid January, they still gave you a receipt date of March. Its very interesting. Good luck to us.
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uscis put out a notice in February saying that ther was a huge delay in issuing receipts to petitions. HOWEVER, they said that the receipt date would be the date on which they actually received your petition in the mailbox.
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@camerapicture bro,

Yes, I got the G-145 Notification almost after 2 months of sending it. Hopefully, the court extends the expiration date before they issue my card otherwise I would be unlucky to get it at the end. Let's see When I will get it. Did you get any notification in ur case?
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No I have not gotten any receipt yet. The check has also not been cashed. Please keep us updated @ card_cahiyoo.
Tesla guy
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I received my AP yesterday . It took exactly 5 months and 11 days .
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@Tesla guy, what was your receipt date for Advance Parole? and safe travels to you.
Tesla guy
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January 19
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la badhai cha. Share your experience good or bad once you travel.
When did you send your AP documents?? Just wondering ??
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