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Dahal 'Prachanda' went to Mumbai for his wife's treatment in the first week of house dissolution. Now, Bhatttarai is in Delhi when the supreme court is about to give its verdict on the dissolution. Can it be a cooincidence? Or is it a strategy? If there is a coup, one would still be free.
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When people say that life is full of coincidences, I think that they have a point. Similarly, politics also seems to be full of coincidences. Prachanda and then army chief Kattwal incident had to be a big coincidence. Kattwal was a first army chief who was not from chettri caste. Before him the army chiefs were mostly Thapa, Basnyat or Rana. And, Prachanda was the commander of the Maoist rebels who fought for equal rights for everyone including dalits, Janajati, madhesi etc.

Now, Kattwal is the most famous army chief of Nepal internationally. He gives speeches all over the world. He is frequently invited for interviews on TV. He has also published a book.
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