Court Order Biden Admin. 60 days to fix TPS, otherwise..
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Sexy In Sari
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February 17, 2021

9th Circ. Stays TPS Suit To Await Biden's Immigration Actions

"Within 60 days of this order the parties shall inform the court of whether the administration has
taken any action....


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whats the link?
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What does this news mean? Is this positive news for TPS Nepal?
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Sexy doesnt share positive news for Nepali immigrants. When there is trouble or negative rules for immigrants in general then she comes running in sajha to spread the bad news. She probably gets orgasm by doing so. She believes that us immigranrs come to usa to suck up on welfare and we r a bunch of scum bags lying and taking money from taxpayers. She wants tps to end kine yesterday. She wants dv lottery to stop last year. She wants US to be clean and pristine with only white immigrants.
Sexy In Sari
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Thuka! Mam pakha haru...Gobar ko Bheja fry brain

This is one of the Golden News of the Year for the TPS holder.

Three Judges of the 9th Circuit court telling indirectly to give a green card to the TPS holder ASAP within two months. They are helping TPS holders, so Biden admin has no chance to play the game.

Because the decision likely to come out of the court after two months is NOT good for the TPS holder.

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Mam pasha khawsha..afu nai lekhcha, "
OTHERWISE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION'S DECISION TO END TEMPORARY PROTECTED STATUS LIGITATION MUST CONTINUE" what if they cant decide in 60 days , when has they ever made such big decisions in 60 days. They are still arguing about 1400 check. then how is it a good news..chimmabu?
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I love sexy in least she shares news . positive or negative news is news.keep sharing all kinds of news sari with sexy ji
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Let’s make our voice heard. Let’s March . If we don’t act this is not going to happen. LETS MARCH .
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