Motels Jobs. Has anybody worked in a motel before?
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Asking for an acquaintance who just received his GC. What's working in Indian owned motel like? Long hours with shit pay? What are job duties like? Is it fun?
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I did for about 3-4 years during my college days. I started with night shift 11-7 and pay was better than most fast food restaurants or other places (of course cannot compare with gas station jobs). It was in check so filing taxes and all those. I had another job too almost full time and this was perfect. Usually night shifts are slow so I was able to do my homework and watch movies other days. My owner (of course Patel) was nice guy too. I was allowed to take nap as well in the lobby's sofas. Some nights are crazy usually if hotels are around airports and there is lot of cancellations. Due to some personal issues, I left that one.
Joined another one started with night shift but ended up working different shifts. It was still 8 hours shift at times.

Overall it is a good experience for me. Worked out perfectly fine.

Duties depends on shift....Morning 7-3 are usually checkouts and sometimes angry customers...and also busy 6 am - 11 am.
Afternoon shifts 3- 11 PM are normal busy throughout until 7-8 PM. This was the best shift for me.
11-7 are easy except sleep. You have probably 2 hours work and rest is study time or movie time.

Finally it also depends on motels vs hotels and location and price range. Mine was close to airport so mostly business people and it was 3 starts hotel with prices around $ 100 range ....
this all 15 years ago...

Hope this helps.
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ty, stupida. He has been offered a position that will require him to live in the motel and he's very confused. its more like an in-charge position.
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२००८ को बिदार्थी जीवन मा मैले पनि मोटेल मा काम गरेको थिई ब्रो , मोटेल मा खान बस्न सबै गरि मलाई त्यो बेला मा "१२००" दिन थियो धोति ले अनि काम चै सबै लगाउथियो , लुगा लानदि गरि वारी पतायी राक थिए अनि बिहान सबै कोठा हरु मान्छे बस्ने हो कि जाने हो हेर्नु पर थियो ब्रो अनि सनिबार र आयेत् बार छ थोएको आजव औथियो ब्रो अनि एउटा नेपाली दिदि हुनु हुन् थियो "हौस कीपेर " उहा चै गोरे हरु को ठोकेर फलेको कन्डोम सफा गर्नु हुन् थियो ब्रो !!! एउटा राम्रो चै के थियो भन्दा तेह हफ्ता को एक दिन चाइ फोकट मा पिज्जा दिन थियो किन भने त्यो पिज्जा को बिगयापान होटेल को चाबि (कार्ड) मा छपेको भएर !!!
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I also worked for one year during my student life in night shift . Back then internet was not too good to stream movies and all that. Generally it used to be slow after 11/12 pm but I really hated working in night shift in general. They gave me room , food I had to manage.

The only thing, I did was check in guest, and give a list of room to house keeping ladies for cleaning next morning .

Lot of chicks and sluts use to come there to get drunk pretty much every Friday and Saturday. I was fresh out of boat back then, student, scared about working without permit. So couldn't enjoyed back then. If it's today, I will freaking give free room some of those chicks and bang them lol...
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thx guys. he wanted to hear from someone that did it full time instead of part-time or temporary.
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With all due respect, when you got a GC why would you wanna work in a motel?! Let’s fake some $h!t up and start your IT carrier. That’s how 99% of folks here got started lol I’m just sayin 🤣
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he cant face interviews with face resume.
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