GC Holder planning to join college
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Namaste Mitra haru,

I am a GC holder and planning to go back to University again for a Master's Degree. I don't have enough savings for college fee and i don't want to apply for financial aid. Is is possible to bring a bank draft for college tuition and living expense ?

What are the Nepal rules and regulation for a bank draft for a people with GC ?

Thank you for your valuable suggestion.
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I am not sure about GC holder, but I am guessing it should be the same as people who came in on student visa, I came to the US on a student visa, and that time I brought the bank draft -- if I were you I would work and go to college at the same time if you don't wanna take a loan, but if you have enough money in bank draft to support for college then just focus on the study
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First apply for the college. Money comes later if you are GC holder.
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U dont have to show bank draft if you r a pr
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@goneCrazy i already have the electronic offer letter. They don't provide i20. So my parents are willing to pay for my course. Can i make a bank draft in Nepal using the offer letter ?
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better get financial aid!! why no??
better be burden to state/government than you parents.
i got around $50k financial aid for my master's and when did I pay it off, I never realized.
paying off that loan is the only good financial decision i have made in my life.
glad i paid back my dad's money too which i borrowed from him for coming to US.
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I don't have enough savings for college fee and i don't want to apply for financial aid financial aid चै "bachelors" पदन को लागि मात्रै दिन्छ ब्रो "master" को दिदैन तेसैले अरु नै कुनै उपाय निकाल्नुस है !!!अमेरिका मा पढेर काम छैन ब्रो बरु येसो "तेक" तिर लाग्नुस् अनि पैसा छाप्नुस !! हाम्रो साझा को भाते नास ब्रो को मास्टर्स डिग्री र म पुन्टर को बचेलोर' डिग्री खाली केटि माग्न र हेर्न जादा मात्र काम लाग्छ
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Agree with punture bro. If you have green card, focus on earning money. Bachelors plus work experience is enough.
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