ADV G-145 Notification: Advance Parole
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Namaste Sajha mitra haru,

I submitted my Advance Parole Doc to

For U.S. Postal Service:
P.O. Box 660167
Dallas, TX 75266

On Jan 10 2021. I have submitted USCIS G-1145 along with the documents but haven't received any notification they have received. It's been a month. Is their any way I could find out if they have received my document.

Usually I thought you get notification within 2-3 weeks saying we received your application.
What Can I do at this time. I am afraid as deadline for travel is before Oct 2021 and I need to fly in June.

What can I do at this time. If anyone has gone through similar situation or have an idea. That would be great

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Maybe try calling uscis customer service guys? They might know where is ur aplication and might help you to route it ...or maybe do some research if you can ask them online for this service ...goodluck
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I called this number 1-800-375-5283 .

still havent got any luck . Will give a try on Tuesday as well. But if their is any other option that would be great to inquire.
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I tried similar number (I think its same number) long time back, and I was able to get a hold of a representative and was routed to an immigration officer. Pls give a try again on Tuesday.

Another option, might be send a expedited letter to the same address you initially sent, and ask them about the status of the request in polite words.

Goodluck :)
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I have applied Advance parole based on TPS on jan 5th till today i havent got any recipt notice i have make travel plans on end of april.
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@Raj11 Bro.

I am in Similar boat. Planning to visit Nepal by End of April. Submitted My doc to dallas Texas on jan 13th . Also included G-145 Notification and havent heard a single thing. Planning to call on tuesday 1-800-375-5283 this number.

Let me know if u heard back. I will update this post If I have any luck.
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