Where is sexy in saree?
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Biden signed the immigration bill on the first day. 11 millions getting green card and citizenship in 8 years. Daca kids getting their papers even sooner. I wonder how sexyinsaree is holding on to these new developments. She must be crying her eyes out...sending her best wishes and get well soon mojo
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पुरा कबिता त आएन तर कुराको चुरो चै यस्तो छ | पण्डित जीले देखाएको पनडितनि प्रतिको रिस राग झैँ हो तिनको रिस |

पण्डित भए पण्डित राडी फटाइ फटाइ
बजे भईन पण्दितनि घरै बसी बसी |

अब sIS ब्रो लाइ हृदय घात त हुने होईन ?
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