Introverted leaders
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I was thinking about the top leaderships in the modern history. And, I think most of the top leaderships seem to be introverted leaders - King Mahendra, King Birendra, Girija Koirala, Sher Bahadur Deuba, Manmohan Singh, Madhav Nepal, Jhalanath Khanal, Bamdev Gautam, KP Oli.

However, I think BP Koirala was extroverted and Prachanda is also extroverted.

What do you think? It is just my speculation based on what I have heard about them and seen on the news.
butternut squash
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Kuro bhujey maaridinu??
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I agree with you except Prachande. I think, he is not deserve to the extroverted leadership.
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विद्वान ब्रो, if being an extrovert is automatically a good quality in a leader.
Harley bro, how come you forgot KP Bhattarai, perhaps a highly underrated nepali leader, who can come next to BP, in my opinion. And, he was extrovert (?).
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Butternut I was talking about personality types. Extroverts enjoy being around other people and tend to focus on the outside world, while introverts are the opposite—they prefer solitude and tend to focus on their own thoughts.

Here is a video that talks about it in general, but I personally think personalities are more complicated than this. Now, they think there is also ambivalent personality tyep which is between extroverts and introverts. Hope it helps.
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@Salamkrishne unfortunately I don't know much about KP Bhattarai except he used to lose elections. And, there doesn't seem to be much info about him. It may be because he is underrated as you said. He was perhaps over shadowed by the Koirala brothers.

Speaking of Bhattarai, Baburam Bhattarai is another intelligent and introvert leader. In terms of intelligence, he may be as intelligent as BP Koirala or maybe more.
butternut squash
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Ani introvert bhayera chai k bho ra nabhayera k bho . Tyo chai bujhna sakina.
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buttennut sqash

हो , बिल्कुल सहि प्रस्न हो यो -- आखिर के भो त?
ए बाबा गुहु (कमुनिस्ट) मा अत्तहर हाल्दै मा तेस्को गन्ध जान्छ र ?
एकै छिन मात्र हो , फेरि गनौना थाली  हाल्छ नि /

" मानिस कमुनिस्ट हुन सक्छ तर
कमुनिस्ट कहिलै मानिस हुन सक्दैन "

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butternut squash
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Santaan thari thari ka. Good lord !
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"unfortunately I don't know much about KP Bhattarai except he used to lose elections".
It sounded little bit funny because you are talking about PMs from BPK to KPO but you are saying that you did not know about Senior Bhattrai baa ( his sacrifice is not less Than BPK, GPK and others ). You are trying to write on Nepalese politics and culture, but your answer was unexpected and off the topic.
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logan bro

You are 100% right. not only that , I was surprised reading this too:

"Speaking of Bhattarai, Baburam Bhattarai is another intelligent and introvert leader. In terms of intelligence, he may be as intelligent as BP Koirala or maybe more. "

OMG ! it is equal to saying black cobra is more better than honey bee (both can bite but.... )

Baburam is equally responsible for 17000 lives for nothing and billions of cash in the name of donation and bank robbery, In comparison BPs movement to restored the democracy.Not only that, he did not have money to treat his cancer like Oli to go to Singapore.
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Harke7 ji, itihas punar lekhanko prayas garnu bhayeko jasto chha, KP Bhattarai chindina tara Girija Sher Bahdur jasta bhrasta lai chinchhu bhanera

Arko kura Baburam Bhattarai lai Bidwan bhannu bhayo. SLC ma board first aaundaima ra PhD gardaima manchhe kitabi bidwan ta huna sakla Tara uhanlai bidwan Bhanda pani Gyanendra Karki, badarmude ka nirdos bus yatri haru lagayat 17000 Nepali ko akal mrityu ko karan ko roopma dheraile chinchhan.
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Nobody is perfect !
And, a good person might not be a good leader. It all depends on the political environment too ....

राम्रो नराम्रोको हिसाव नगरि लिडरशिप भएको ऐतिहासिक व्यक्तित्व
- Prithivi Narayan Shah
- जंग बहादुर राणा
- महेन्द्र

अहिलेका नेतामा कोहि पनि छैन - भएको भए यस्तो बेथिति हुनु अघि नै सम्हालि सक्ने थिए !!
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Agree to nobody is perfect. That may apply to corrupt but relatively less violent leaders like Girija or Deuba. But that does not apply to people like Baburam Bhattarai who choose violence as the means to an end, don’t care if innocents get killed in the middle, calls them “ghun”, justifies violence amongst their followers by giving them false hope of wealth and abandons them in the middle and makes them also “Ghar ko na ghat ko” . This applies to all the top leadership of Maoist party now that they have all turned “bourgeois” the word they used to slander others with.
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Harke tries to write on Nepalese politics which is appreciated but he has been lacking many aspects and it sounds like " बोकाले धान दाउनि (दाई)". Something is better than nothing as well it gives us something comment and very different than others(personalized fights) and he will improve it.

Getting failed with good intention and bad intention are two different things. Many of our leaders are more motivated by personal benefits than serving nation which known results : that is failure.
Girija was not a believer of non-violence. He forced Ram and Laxman to fight to government with limited source and failed. He may have motive to sideline Ram and Laxman because they were emerging youth leader than Girija.

Communism was not introduced in Nepal to uplift the living of Nepalese, it was introduced by Darbar to counter Nepali Congress. They were always getting bones either by Darbar, China and lately by INDIAN government. So they were wolf and hungry of power and wealth. Now it is in every political leaders' vain to be a billionaire without sweating a drop.
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