बा .. आमा .. दाइ .. दिदि
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हाम्रो तिर नाता लगाइ हाल्छम !
"ए दाइ, कति बज्यो? "

"ए भाइ, लड्लास है, हेरेर हिँड् !"

"के छ हो सोल्टिनि ? "

ए बहिनि, तिम्रो झोलामा के छ?

नाता लगाउनै पर्ने हो र भन्या ??
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आज त् आनन्द ब्रोको यो पोस्ट त् संसारको नऔ आचार्यजनक चकित पार्ने पोस्ट भो नि हजुर … अन्त भिडियो खोइ त् !! 🙄😂🙏
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"आनन्द ब्रो"

थुक्क … नाता लाउन पुगी मरी हाले छु … सरी आनन्द ब्रो ! 🙈🤓❤️🙏

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Oii Aanande bhaat ghichis? Duniyako gossip gardai nahid hai!
-Mangale (Naaato nalaikana bhaneko :)
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I think that could be a psychological tool to minimize conflict. Who wants to say bad things to their relatives? What do you think, Anand?
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"ए चिक्ने आनन्द " भनेर बोलाउन त नमज्जा हुन्छ नि । मूजि आनन्द जी पनि time time मा off track जानु हुन्छ , video बनाउदा कैले कहिँ यिनलाई नि बोर लाग्दो हो । समग्रमा आनन्द जी को ठुलै फ्यान हु ,
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"अन्त भिडियो खोइ त् !!"

भिडियो पनि छ तर, शेयर गर्न मन लागेन :)

खासमा कुरा निस्केको ओलिबा को कुरा बाट हो । बुढालाइ धेरै ले बा भन्दा रहेछ्न । कमरेड भन्दा टाढाको जस्तो हुन्छ रे ।

उनका आफ्ना सन्तान छैनन।
तेसैले पनि बा भनेको सुन्न पाउँदा खुशि लाग्ने होला

@mangale - ठिक छन्त
@harke 7 - yes, that is true.. But, that is also being used as a tool to normalized things that are otherwise unpleasant. For example, kids approve of whatever nonsense their father says or does...
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Replace "children" with "party workers"

Strong, positive relationships help us build trust and feel supported. Having people around us who can share positive and difficult times can also help us manage stress when things become tough.

Children first learn about relationships from their own families. Families give them a model from which they start to discover how to build relationships throughout their lives. Children who have a model of healthy relationships from their families are better able to create these relationships outside their families, with the other children and adults in their lives. When children learn the skills of building positive relationships, they can practise these skills over and over again as they meet new people. For example, when parents say "thank you" to children when they help out, then children are more likely to say "thank you" when their peers or other adults do something for them.

Children also feel safe when they know that their family members love and will protect one another. A warm and safe family environment helps children learn, develop and experience what strong relationships look like.

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निसन्तान ओलि बा ..
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बा, Uncle, Aunty सम्बोधन बालिक बेक्ति बाट अर्को बालिक बेक्तिलाइ गर्नु भनेको "लड्डु" (brownie points) पाऊने आशा हो | 😎
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I just saw this news. Oli is expelled from the NCP.
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Thank you @harke7
I did the report -
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.....And NCP appointed commissioners at Election Commission would not let the party to split. Are they independent constitutional body's members, or members of Bamdev's so called party reunification committee? Political parties should be able to split if they wish so. Bureaucracy (almost) deciding political course is not what democracy is.
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I think that this is the golden time in Nepali politics. There are so many views out there right now. Almost everyone has an opinion. I don't think that ever happened in the Nepali politics. There were only few towering leaders who single handedly controlled the Nepali politics, specially King Mahendra Shah and Girija Koirala.

Have your say Nepali people!

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