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SOS flying comgrats.
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SOS still holding bro? Congratulations to you if you are still holding ..damn!. Please let us know if there is any stock under $1 that has future like SOS.
Soumya-gulmohar tree
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नास जी साधु भोले बाबा , सबै भन्दा पहिला बधाई वाउ एस ओ एस त उड्यो ! रकेट जस्तै ! बाकी ज जसले एस ओ एस होल्ड गर्नु भाको छ सबैलाई बधाई !
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@Nas bro HOTH ko DD pani share garnu paryo, it seems interesting.
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Where is Nas bro, my guess at the time of this writing, you may have already earned upward of 350k profit if you sell SOS. Good luck.
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Haha I know I’m being nosy but I really want to see his investment gains lol 😂.
@Nas bro please post your DD on HOTH. I did my DD on HOTH and it looks good except for short float percentage is little high( 6.88%). It is still better than being above 10%. Other than that Institutional/insider ownership and Institutional/Insider transactions looks good and are in positive value.
Others can chip in if you guys did your DD? 
I don’t want to chase SOS but 
I’m all in on HOTH today 2200 shares @2.49. You guys do your own DD and good luck y’all.
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Haine nase daju ta gayeb bho ta testo eklai post mathi post jodi basne daju. dherai dhekera tarsyo ki kya ho. Let us all see that rocket, daju:)
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HOTH ko employee size only 3 dekhe, tesaile ma ali careful bhako.
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are you sure HOTH has only two employees?
I am still holding 700 sos and will be holding sndl.
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- Nas (AKA basket ball sucka of Trump)
i hope you're still holding SOS. I have a kind of feeling(well i always have that feelings for stock that I hold)SOS will hit at least $20-$25 and if it crosses that then SOS is the other Game Stonks. Actually it is already kind of.
Bro, I hope your millionaire club target be fulfilled soon.
All the best for that.
But plz, what you have made from SOS, please don't LOSE it back. Take some profit as back up if you can.
your motto/slogan Either million or 0, the first sounds cool but not the later on.
wish you make a smart move like entry in SOS. I believe you'll.
Thanks for SOS. I made some profit .
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I saw it in yahoo and somewhere else.

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Hoth is going up as well
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Dipped my toe in HOTH, will be looking to add if there is dip.
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Hoina Nase daju ta sachikai gayeb bho ta:) daju put that rocket screenshot.

Also, a true word of advice, watch out for them ride or die girls; the higher you go, the more will be chasing our daju. start prepping for prenups as you rise higher. I learnt my own lesson the hard way; only if you can learn from mine.

Now, shiva chela daju, prakat huna paryo afno dhaago ma.
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God damn!!! Almost half a mil. Thats awesome.
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Hoth is going up guys. Thanks to NAS bro. I just didn’t want to let it slide like sos lol
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Nas brother, what’s the exit price for HOTH? I saw you set the sell limit order for$7? Please let me know when you exit. I’m riding with you on this one.👌
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ओहो नास ब्रो त्यता पनि । म पनि follow गर्ने गरेको छु त्यो फोरम ।
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khoi hamro nase daju??

anumanith 350,000 to 400,000 American Rupees jiterara farar bhageko ho daju. jitauri magcha sable bhanera:)

euta sajha mitra ta haldar kattu layera kahile taruni le dhoka dhyaak dhyaak garche bhandai baseko cha hai daju. daju bachan ko pakka hunu huncha bhandeko cha sable. Make them calls quick.
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