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I overstayed after graduating with a bachelor's degree in the United States for a few years, then applied for TPS. I have not gone out of the country in TPS. Just recently my employer began filing for my labor cert and GC. I fear that me falling out of status will be a blocker for me during the process. I'm trying to make to right choices to move forward but am constantly being haunted by the wrong choice I made in the past. What are my odds? Respected contributors, your advice is greatly appreciated.
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Leave the country with AP, come back with AP and hope you are in one of those 9th or 6 th district (make sure) where you have a shot to AOS thru employer. Talk to an experienced lawyer. You out of status period of more than 6 months will disqualify you to adjust the status.
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मंगले बोरो आइ याम युर फ्यान फोर अ रिसोन है बोरो कुस उ हेल्पेद मे ओनस है बोरो वी अल्वाय्स फ्रेन्स बोरो
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And about your problems versions boro from my expereince talk to you most trusted friends and find a good lawyer.. it should solve your problems like an abc..
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@versions How did you manage to go from GreenCard directly from TPS?
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@dowjones Career and a company that is willing to sponsor you.
loganko vinaju
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ओह बन्धु, ६ महिना out of status भए पछि त बित्त्यास परि गोनी । AP लिएर देश छोडेर फेरी आएर प्रोसेस अघि नबढाए सम्म अरु विकल्प देख्दिन होइ , तपाइको adjustment हुन गारो छ तेती नगरे सम्म । इम्प्लोयमेन्ट based CG त गारै होला, marriage base बाट जादा कस्तो हुन्छ ? मिल्छ भने तेता नि तयारी गरम । अनि ऐले क्यानाडा एकदम खुकुलो छ , तेता तिर सोचाई कस्तो होला ? अब IT वा अरु कुनै स्थाई काम छ अनि कमाई नि १०० K हाराहारी वा माथि छ भने अमरिकी ठिक नत्र तेइ ल्यांग फ्यंग contract कै काम हो भने चै ऐले क्यानाडा हान्दा धेरै राम्रो छ । मौसम अलि झूर छ नत्र जिन्दगि उतै छ ।

जे गरे पनि AP लिएर देश छोडेर re -इन्ट्री चम्री हाल्नुस है यो राजनैतिक तरलता भाको बेला । अनि सबसे राम्रो चै एउटा येस्तै case हेर्ने नामी ओकिल लाई खोजेर प्रक्रिया अगि बढाई हालम, रात राखे आग्रथ पलौछ । सुभकामन । म पनि tps को पिछाडी लागेर काम रनथनिएको होर । मलाई त $$$ र मौसम ले मात्र अल्झाई रेखेको यो देसा नत्र क्यानाडा पुगेर नि २ ३ ओटा घर किनी सकेकको हुन्थे
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@loganko vinaju Thank you for your valuable advice. Ailae attorney ko legal advice lindaixu let's see.
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