TPS expiring soon
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Hello Folks,
I wanted to start a post where you could share or get info regarding TPS related upcoming dates and things to look out for.

As you know TPS for Nepal was originally valid until Jan 4th 2021 and depended upon the result of the ongoing court case(s). This day is fast approching but I have not seen any updates on the Federal Register Notice or much relevant info online. I have not come across any source that definitely tells you the expiry date of our TPS/EAD. That being said here are a few things information have come across:

- The "Ramos v Nielsen" decision came on Sep 14th 2020.

- As per National TPS Alliance - if the Ramos case is reversed (which it did), TPS holders will keep their TPS status and employment autorization for approximately 6 more months after the desicison. This would be approximately March 5th 2021. This of course is an approximate date and also unofficial.

The Jan 4th day is coming up soon and it is frustrating to not have clarity. I am sure this is just as frustrating for other TPS holders, since we all need to renew our Drivers Licenses and also make arrangements at work in case of expiring EADs. If you have any info regarding TPS and any upcoming things we need to be aware of, please do share.
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Here is a link to the video if that gives you peace of mind. skip to 31 minute mark. there is a probable answer.
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Just wait for USCIS to publish the memo soon for updated Expiration date, ( Worst case earliest March 4, probable April 4, best case scenario October 4 2021). The best of the best scenario Biden blanketly extend 18 months for all TPS countries and tell congress to pass Permanent Residency which will drag for another decade. 
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Biden just appointed the guy who championed DACA for Obama administration as Secretary of Homeland Security. Will be interesting to see what happens. Also TRANSITION IS OFFICIAL finally!!
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Well there is nothing in Biden immigration plan that says it will extend TPS for all countries. It says it will extend only to the countries that have dire situation to return back. It says it will review each country TPS extendibility and will provide assistance to those who had stayed in the country for long time (decades probably) , has USC children and has business, house etc. The goal is to push democrats congress to pressure him to renew TPS for all countries. DACA is safe, TPS still in limbo. I am sure grass root organization like Adhikaar, National TPS alliance will be pressuring NY democrats (AOC, Chuck Schumer) to pressure Biden to provide relief to TPS holders. Hope it will work out.
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Thank you @userqwerty. There were lots of good information in that video, including the one at 31minute mark.
My only concern is that - the lawyer said to expect a Federal Register Notice of TPS/EAD extension on/around Nov 20th 2020 if the en banc review is undecided or accepted by that date. The extension would be until September 2021. There would be no extension if the en banc review is not accepted and our TPS would only be valid till March 5th 2021.
Has anyone here heard anything about the en banc review or a new Federal Register Notice?
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