How Low you can go ?
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Are Doctors making money out of Covid?
What a pathetic lier.
Does this moron knows how many medical people serving to Covid-19 patients ?
“Lost on the Frontline,” a collaboration between KHN and The Guardian, has identified 922 such workers who likely died of COVID-19 after helping patients during the pandemic.
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Hospital sure is! No matter how people dies, they all will get coronavirus. It’s easy to blame everything to Coronavirus. Probably better reimbursement than usual pathological condition
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Ask Grandi Hospital in KTM.
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SARC Nation का कुरा गर्दा रुन मन लाग्छ |

कुरो के रहेछ भने कोभिद मात्रै उपचार को खर्च कम आउने तर निमोनिया पनि भएको रहेछ भनेर अस्पतालले बढी चार्ज गर्दो रहेछ | तेही बिसयमा रास्ट्रपति त्रुम्प लाइ कति को बिल तिम्रो लागि आयो र अमेरिकी सरकारले तिर्यो त्यो कुरा पनि सुनाउन अनि जनताले बुझछन ? तै गुले होईनस ओबामा केयर निमिट्यान्न पार्न सब्बोच्चा न्यायालयमा निबेदन हालेको छस अनि अहिले डाक्टर प्रति द्वेष भावना जागृत गराउछस| | Your life will end of lying and dividing people.

I hope IRS will put you on Jail for Fraudulent Tax Filing.
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You think Trump will be put in Jail for messing up with taXes?He have hired top accountants to do his tax and have used all the loopholes. Trump did more and we might have done little bit. Do we have Uber and Lyft drivers here? Gas station owner? Restaurant owner? Mall business? Nail shop ? Let all of us reflect with in and see how we have filed taxes. Have not we used all loopholes? The only issues with Trump he is a businessman. If he gives out all info right now, after his office no banks will trust him. He is the primary holder of the company.
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@Ramkumar Poudel bro business person ra uber ko k kura garnu, regular day to day job garne le ta tax chalna donation gareko, college gako, laptop kineko ,baki k k vanera tax file garda rechan. Ahile aayera ti democrat supporter haru bado trump le tax chalyo vanera furti lagauchan.
Keyser Söze
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So why the f he is after people crossing border, filing Asylum, h1b visa, food stamp..etc calling them cheater and low life? With his logic they are also using the loopholes in the system to make their way in.
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Political leaders are notorious for their hypocrisy. I watched a video where Biden talked about systemic racism in this county and mentioned how Trump did not do a thing for last 4 years. However, Biden been there 50 plus years and he had administration for 8 years. What have he done then ? Blacks been suppressed here for ages- Zillow, banks, lenders, corporate house all have played part in racism. Now they just point finger at police. I wanna ask these Biden supporters - Democrats and white folks Who feel bad about racism in this country. Do they go look for house in black neighborhoods? Would they be safe sending kids in that school area? Would they safe returning home middle of night? White who are complaining about racism is causing racism and division in this country. Oh wait! Zillow just degrade the value of your house or business because of crime - Now you are upside down? Forget about whites, so called Nepali Democrats want racism to end , but look house in white neighborhoods. May be we all are hypocrite.
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"When they go low we go high" did not work in 2016, hope this time will work in 2020.
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