looking for Job in Dallas TX - need help!!
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Hi all,

I am moving to Dallas. TX and looking for IT Jobs, I have 8 + years of experience as Analyst can you advice what is the best approach. Don't want to go through Indian consultancy or anything. Have a genuine experience and want to find a job based on my experience and want to find in Dallas. Any recruiters that i can go though ? please advise !! Appreciate your help!!
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As you said, 8+ years of experience as an Analyst, you should be easily getting job. During your work experience, you never try to keep some good relation with direct vendor? I would never go to consultancy hassle with that real 8+ experience. If you have friends in dallas, ask them if they know any vendors and go from there. Just asking what kind of analyst were you, data, business, system ? Hope you find good job in Dtown. Good luck.
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Just post your resume at regular job search sites dice, indeed etc. Specify pay rate range in your comfortable high range so that desi consultancy won't bother you with numerous calls. Any genuine IT experience of 3-4+ years should be good enough find a job. First you can accept some contract job as those are easy to find and start sooner. Later on you can upgrade once you have more choices.
Good luck !!
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okay great thank you both,!!

Gwach bro, i have data plus business process Analyst experience and it was full time job. I hope i will find something !!

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