विजया दशमीकेा शुभकामना!
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Devi Bhajan

Did you know that originally Tika (Tilak) used to be made with haldi (besar) and lemon juice?

Putting tilak enhances awareness of one's Ajna Chakra.

However putting today's abir mixed with chemicals or the plastic bindi actually has the opposite effect and closes down the Ajna Chakra.

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Today is Dashain asthami in Nepal.

Sabai lai Asthami ko Suvakamana

Those who are raising their children in foreign countries. You should have special pooja in your home during our Hindu Parva so that your children know your heritage. Those children who don't know their heritage, their respect for their parents and grandparents is diminished and in old age the parents are more likely to be alone. So take a step in time so that it will save nine stitches later.

What should you do?
During Dashain, Tihar etc. at least from Asthami perform puja along with your children. Read Argala stotra or a Devi Bhajan together as a family. If you are already doing this post in the comments so that others also are encouraged to do puja.

Here is a wonderful song sung by Meera Rana.

Another beautiful bhajan
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