What doc to show to USCIS officer to get Temporary travel docs ?
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Biometrics is completed for Advacne parole. However, USCIS is saying it might take additional few months to issue a travel document. They said they can issue a temporary travel doc, if i have already made a travel arrangement. Do anyone have came across in a situtation where you need to request temporary travel document or i guess emergency travel docs ? Will issued itenary be enough ? i know they also advise to show any eligible document for urgency. But what happens if you are not able to provide ? Will your travel application for emergency travel be denied and will be considered as regular application ? Thanks in advance !
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When I applied I wrote a letter to the officer and stated I want to visit my family for Dashain and Tihar and also noted that to grant me multiple entries. On top of that letter, I also sent my tps, ead and two photographs! For the emergency reason I think you can show them a doctors note from nepal and add that to your cover letter
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You really do have urgency, or you want to expedite because the process will take a little longer than expected during covid-19.

I am not going to waste my time on "if' "but" kind of scenario questions.
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Yes, i just receive Doctor letter from hospital in Nepal in their letterpad and doctor's NMC number stating my relation of me with my (immediate relative) patient and the emergency. Should that work ?
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If you have the doctors letter, include that on your explanation letter and then either do walk in to nearest USCIS office and explain your emergency to travel. If you're lucky they will issue you the advance parole on that day which you can use just once! Good luck
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@nash24 - So, are you travelling during dashain and coming back before Jan
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I'm not traveling this time but I have traveled three times on AP!
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