American success stories
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In America, people talk about success stories a lot. Success stories can be as big as inventing Iphone to as small as overcoming a toxic relationship. However, I don't hear any Nepali success stories. Nepali people do talk a lot about money, but they hardly talk about success. And, they would never call it a success story if someone talks about overcoming a toxic relationship, rather people would scold at that person. Don't we appreciate other's success?
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I think KP Oli is a success story. You can have your view on his style of governance. I am not talking about that. He told the people that he will run the country for his full five year term for political stability. He hasn't succeeded on that yet. However, he is half way there. And, he survived one of the biggest fightback in Nepal's history. The fightback from maoist supremo Prachanda and Indian beurocracy. He showed we can accomplish our goal 'हटेर होइन डटेर्' | It is a lesson to stick to your gun till the last moment no matter how big the opponents are. If you give up, there is no win. If you fight all the way, and don't win atleast you would know you gave your all in.

Let's give all we got in everything we do! 👍
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For most Nepali, coming to the US itself is a success story :)
Keyser Söze
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Nepal को success story थाहा पाउन नेपाल को सबै अस्पताल अगाडि news channel बास्न पर्छ अनि emergency ma पारेको हरूलाई कसरी बाहिरै राख्ने bed छैन भनेर भर्ना नलिने covid ko डरले । अनि बाहिर ज्यान गएको success story टन्न छ।
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हाती बलियो कि हात्ती छाप चप्पल बलियो बिज्ञापन को याद आयो |

सफलताको मापन के हो त्यो बारे आफु प्रस्ट हुनु पर्यो | एउटै मापदण्ड सबैलाई लागु हुँदैन | हजारौ कुरा हरु छन् र व्यक्ति बिसेष , उनीहरुको मानसिक, आर्थिक , तार्किक क्षमता . शैक्षिक , सामाजिक एबम घर परिवार र उसका साथीभाई आदि इत्यादिले प्रबाब पर्छ |
कसैको लागि पैसा कमाउनु मात्रै सफलता को सूचक हुन् सक्छ भने कसैलाई नाम कमाइ सफलता हुन्छ त्यो नेगेतिव वा पोजिटिभ कुनै फरक नपर्ला ?

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Logan, are you Mr. Right? You maybe the second professor Obama.

हामिलाइ थाहा छ | सफलता बेक्तिगत हुन्छ भनेर | सफलता भनेको आत्म सन्तुष्टि हो भनेर | तर एउटा सानो समस्या के छ भने हामी प्राय अरुको सूईकृति खोज्छौ |
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Success bhaneko k ho,
Is it *ucking all kinda of hoes?
Is it making millions of doe?,
Loser ko winner ko?
This world is *ucking faux,
Moved to US, eyes full of tear,
Young boy only 18 and full of fear,
I'm a winner, I'm mo** ucking SexPear
America ayo, sabai maal hanyo,
Beer daily ganga tanyo,
Daami kaam Paisa fala faal,
Chwak khairini budhi lastai maal.

I think I'm successful dear,
Yours truly Sexpear
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For Manisha Koirala, it was cancer that taught her reality of life.

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For some reasons, I don't feel Just coming to US alone is a success story. There are a lot of people who have done exceptional job in their fields, I have seen so many academicians who have contributed so much to the society, The other day I read about a Nepali Prof. Who created an AI company and he was planning to democraticiz AI. Definitely there are many such stories but they don't come out that often.
Reasons, first thing we don't have the culture of being assertive, we cannot articulate our opinions or views without being either too pompous or too defensive. Also LIKE Dharkey mentioned we Nepali , Do seek approval from others.
Many years ago there was a story about one some Random Canadian Nepali on Setopati Global. I am not making this up, It read something like this "नेपालीहरू विदेश गएर सानोतिनो रोजगारी गर्छन, तर "फलानो" जी professional IT जब गरेर बर्षमा $८०k खानुहुन्छ". Does that fit, your definition of a success story?
Or there is this Nepali movie actor (name rhymes with "बाज डनलप" )who is working IT jobs and he was trying to justify why he left his well established career in Nepali Movie industry? Why is he seeking approval to live his life?

...Who won you decide...
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I think that our problem is that we are too proud to try new things. We blindly praise our great cultural past. And, then desire cars, phones, money, the products of the west. In that sense, I find our people very hypocrites. We are not present. We are still sleep walking. We are still toiling and slaving. We are not creating. And, if someone creates something new just like that professor, we make fun of that person. We just don't know how to encourage the good things. We are slaves of the past!
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Yes , we are definitely living in the past. One thing I am curious is how did this over inflated sense of pride got installed in Nepali? Most of us know we lack substance yet the pride is through the roof.
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Majority of neplease culture and education system has taught us to be good follower not leader. Neplease are still in early phase of us migration, like first gen. You guys might not remember due to TPS and all that, but when folks came to US with student visa back in 2002/3 , you would end up spending almost 13/14 years between undergrad, masters, h1, green card journey working hourly job , maintain ing status and got burnout with zero bank balance. Not much family support in financial terms even in small scale, if things go bad. Which deter folks from taking any kind of risk.

With all these conditions, it no suprize, that very few excel to high level. For most having 6 figure salary and raising family with low risk is still definition of success.
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@dave_dat If I have to take a stab at why we are still living in the past, we have to look at our political and cultural system for the last few hundred years. Our political system has been dominated by Chetrri and Bahun in the recent times. And, they happen to be the top two castes in our caste system. Because of this, they have a superiority complex. They have a subconscious reason to maintain old cultural system that puts them on top of the caste system. Just like with the whites in the west. I don't know if dalits or other janajatis have inflated sense of pride. And, the irony is that we still have managed to make dalits feel like they are inferior by birth although they are the same race as bahun and chetri. It made sense in the past because the upper caste deprived the lower caste of education. Unfortunately, it is still ingrained in our psyche. (I am also from the upper caste btw).

@meraj I also think that things will change with migrations. Our grandfathers lived in the same village for generations. They didn't get expose to new people and new ideas. Our parents started moving out of village. And, many of us grew up in cities with people of different backgrounds. Things are already changing. Kathmandu has become a hot podge of diversity.
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