Can we re-extend B1,B2 visa for 2nd time before the first application for extension one is approved ?
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Could someone help me figure out what would be the correct procedure for travelers in USA on B1 , B2 who have already applied for extension of their visa once before however have not received confirmation of their their approval ?

The B1, B2 expired about 5 months ago and we applied for extension, if approved, the extended visa will also be expiring in few weeks; however, because of the old age and sickness, we do not feel it is safe for our grand parents to travel via airports and airlines.

This is a very difficult situation for us given the rising numbers of COVID in Nepal, potential travel restrictions, flight cancellations, and border closings related to Coronavirus.

What must be done to make sure we are following the rules as we stay here in these extreme circumstances? Would it be possible to re-extend the visa for the second time before the first one is approved ?

We checked the USCIS website, it only says that the application for the first extension has been received, no info about approval or biometric tests so far.

We would really appreciate if someone could point us in the right direction as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance.
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Any thoughts ?
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I would not file a duplicate extension request, it will be be denied because the alien account will show a pre-existing request.

USCIS these days doesnt work on empathy, they will not consider COVID cases to be valid reasoning. There are flights operating already to Nepal. US has the most cases. Even if they extend the first application, getting approval on the second will be a long shot.

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My father got appointment of biometrics on 13 Oct but he has requested the date of extension 15 Oct , so what can be done, does he has to go for biometric or exit within 15. It's confusing
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it is a very close call as the deadline is about a week away; best would be to call the USCIS center that oversees your application,

back up plan - 

1. Have refundable ticket (or with no change fee) ready for 14 or 15th

2. Speak with USCIS representative on 13 October during biometric appt if no connection or confirmation with calling USCIS center.

Here is the general USCIS number - 1 (800) 375-5283
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