Is this a US Presidential Debate or worst than Sajha visiors bashing oponents
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Here is the comment on how the debated go.
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धेरै जान्नि हुन्छस चिक्ने?
Sexy In Sari
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ha! ha!

People watch CNN.

That's the problem with immigrants. They just don't know how to add one plus one is 2.

They have to depend on other people to tell them its 2.

You have hundreds of news agencies and can find out what is true or not.

Educate yourself.

butternut squash
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Oie [Disallowed String for - use not allowed] bir girkhali jatha..sajha ma aayera hero paltinchas [Disallowed String for - use not allowed] kasai namakharaam randi ko chaak.
Sajha keto
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I was still kind of undecided voter(but was a bit more inclined towards Trump) and desperately wanted to hear what they have to say so that I could decide. After watching the debate, I am now 80% sure I am not voting Trump, it does not mean Biden is a good candidate but if I have to choose worst of two, now more inclined Biden. I watched live and I do not decide on what other says in any news channel or social media. But looking at the debate, TRUMP seems to be disaster for another 4 years. It's not just for me, it's for my kids too and TRUMP does not seem to be good fit for US
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Bire : did you say चिक्ने ( I wrote Chi*kne  in roman english and it says disallowed word) ? I have no wish to be in your home and fuck any of your family.  Jaban pe lagam de ladke.

Lingeswar ( sis) you may have enjoyed the performance of Turup during the presidential debate. Your personality aligned with them. So you will be fuked in your brown ass  by "Proud Boys" the white supremacist and will  be okay with it ?

People who does not have ethics will definitely follow trump. His company paid about 750K to Ivanka as a consultant fee, which is a fraud. She has share on it and can not take consultant fee. That is how he is doing business. Your mind and his head are same and you liked him.

So, You like to watch Fox and specially Tucker and Sean, good for you and getting information like Turup.

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Keyser Söze
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@sexy...ta 100 अरू news agencies को भर पारेर 1 plus 1 गर्नुपर्ने पगलाको immigrants हुनुपर्छ. Hahaha ha..बाउला पकाई जमिन बाट उत्पन्न भको होलस्।
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लोगने चोर,
हो चिक्ने भने, के गर्छ्स काँठा?

बटर्नट स्क्वाश खाते,
मुजि मेरो र यो लोगने चोरको झगडामा किन तेरो चाक चिलाको? कि कतै तिमिहरु चिक्ने काँठाहरुले एक-अर्काको ढ्वाँस बुढियालाई ट्याग-टीम गरेर ब्लड-ब्रदर्स को नाता त लागाको हैन? नत्र तैंले त्यो लण्ड्फकिरलाई किन डिफेन्ड गर्न परेको? त्यो तोर्पेलाई तैंले डिफेन्ड गर्न पर्दैन, आफैं काफि छ।

लु अब दाई भन, माफि माग, अनि १० उठ-बस गर।
butternut squash
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@ gorkhali:
Mero yaha aayera ek choosdey ani ma 10haina,100 choti uth- bas garchu.. साला मरे हुवे कौवेके पंख.. ta derai hero paltera na dekha.. k ko defend .. kina garnu paro defend malai... aafno aaukaat ma bas
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gorkhali रे, लोल्ज! मुजिलाई दिमागको मात्र रोगि भन्ठानेको, आँखाको पनि रोगि रैछ चुसे हुए आम। कहाँ देखिस गोर्खाली? हेर भाई तँलाई भुस्तिग्रेहरुबाट चुसाउनि इच्छ्या छ भने त्यो मुजि लोगने, बेनेडिक्ट, हाकु, ठांके आदिलाई रिक्वेस्ट गर, म बाट त आसै नगरे हुन्छ मुजि। अब धेर फतर-फतर नगर, दाईको लन्चको टाईम भो।
butternut squash
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@ bir ... .. teraa birtaa ka barema सुनम न एक वारको जुनीमा... taile gorkhali nai bhanna khojeko ho ... kina lukauna khojchas ...
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US resent president Turup has asked " Proud Boys" and you will be fucked very well. Someone will post " gorkhe bire is fucked by Turups " Proud Boys".
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