Democrat wants to run election like in India. Chaos and Confusing to voters.
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Sexy In Sari
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Even the New York Times is reporting and upset with the ploy Democrats are playing.

Trump is right.

This one from

NYC To Send New Ballots To Nearly 100,000 Voters After Printing Error

On Tuesday, the New York City Board of Elections announced a plan to print and mail new absentee ballots to nearly 100,000 voters who received erroneous envelopes in their absentee ballot packages. The decision comes after an unknown number of Brooklyn voters received absentee ballots with the wrong name and address printed on the return envelope.

Sexy In Sari
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Pennsylvania’s naked ballot problem, explained

Here’s how to get your vote to count.

Sexy In Sari
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In North Carolina, Black Voters’ Mail-In Ballots Much More Likely to Be Rejected Than Those From Any Other Race

Black voters were more than twice as likely to have mail-in ballots rejected than those submitted by the state’s white voters in 2018.

Sexy In Sari
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oH MY!!!!

South Dakota doesn’t require county auditors to notify absentee voters about ‘problem’ ballots


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Sexy In Sari
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More than 35,000 mail-in ballots were rejected in Florida primary

Come November, 100,000 absentee ballots might not make the grade, expert says.

Keyser Söze
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NYT also reported Trump paid in both 2016 and 2017 just $750 each year and tho he hates illegals saying they don't pay taxes.
He tells he uses loophole to evade taxes, open fake university and pay huss money but wants to tighten if the immigrants did the same. Just like u sexy wouldn't be able to come with semester fee of 9000$ even  सकिन्ग black, white and brown कक्स् yet u want नेपाली students to put 4 yrs tuition fee ahead of time...keep सकिन्ग!! अरूको भलो नचाहानेको आफ्नो भलो पनि कहिले हुँदैन!
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prem kumar
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If you believe Trump paid only $750 in taxes, you seriously need to go back to 4th Grade
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How many folks here hold privately owned companies . I wanna know if your business is in profit or loss? You could have a gas station, coffee shop or restaurants, it could be anything! Have you used all available tax credits ? There are so many loopholes that been passed by Leaders for so many years
Keyser Söze
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The NYT must be all 4th graders too to come up the magic number 750$ federal tax and also dont have 20 yrs of tax records. They just said it to entertain everyone in the debate..lmao
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PK : are you drunk or on weed.
You did not believe on $750 federal tax paid by Turup? You must be one of them told by their mother that you came out of my Anal and even after making love to your wife still thinks the baby will come out of Anal. It is just an example how much they believe on Turup's word.

Be open and do not be blind sided. You must have watched Tucker's at Fox.
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You will be meet by " Proud Boys" to get an jab.
Here is your president.
Sexy In Sari
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How many Nepali/ immigrant people do you know who has business in Minneapolis?

Hard working Mr. Brajesh Pradhan's gas station/grocery store burnt down by rioters.

CNN didn't even say a word about rioters. BUT FOX NEWS TUCKER DID.

Educate yourself.

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2020 for trump

God bless America!!!
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तिम्री आमाले लाखा भनेको र बसतिघ्रेले ला खाए भनी लेग्रो तानेकोलाई एउटै सम्झने लाई कसरी सम्झाउ ति बिपरित ध्रुबिएे कुरा हुन भनेर , त्यो कबितामा कोरिएको तिम्रो दिमागमा दही भरिएको कुरा कस्ले बाटई देला र बुझौला ? त्यो रोईट गर्ने हर्मा भाला बन्दुक धारीहरु कुन ग्रुपका थिए त्यो तिर पनि एसो दिमाग लगाउनु जरुरी होला | तिम्रो दाई भाई लाई घाटी थिचेर मारेको भए बुझ्थ्यौ अनी अमेरिका छिरे पनि समानाताको लागि गरिएको संघर्स बारे क ख बुझेका हरुले गरीब र काला जाती अझै पनि समानाटको लागि लड्नु भिड्नु परिरहेको अवस्था प्रधान जि मार मा पर्नु भयो भने रडनी किङ को पालामा यो भन्दा १० गुना बढी थियो | BLM को मोभमेन्ट मा ट्रम्प सपोर्तर अराजकदाबादी को काम हो जलाउने अनी गोली हानी र रायोट गर्ने, तिम्रा दही भरिएका दिमागले त्यो बुझ्न सक्नेन |
पाउड ब्योईज ले तिम्रो चाकमा लौरा घुसारे पछी थाहा पाउछौ | आफुलाई काले भन्दा माथि न ठान् तिमी हामी उन्कालागी काले नै हौ अनी एसियनले यो कुरा बुझेर पनि बुझ पाचाएर् बस्छौ : चाक्मा डन्डी छिरे पछी मात्र बुझ्ने छौ |
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People: Trump is racist, sexist and evil person.

A girl says Trump is good.

People: you suck black, brown, white d***, white boys stick it in your a**, your brown ass will be f***. You can not suck enough to pay for college.

People Again: Trump disrespects women, he is racist. Vote for Biden.
Keyser Söze
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Like · Liked by · 0 didnt read out the part that same sucker girl also said Nepali should be asked to put 4 years of tuition ahead of time. And we all know to which herself cannot do it even with sucking all kinds of ====D's.

Trump: I hates illegals because they don't pay taxes.
Trump: Paid no income taxes at all in 10 of the previous 15 years. 750$ in 2016 and 2017 federal tax.
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Trump hate illegal immigration and illegals don’t you hate If someone cross the border illegally?? Don’t you support your security and justice system. Shouldn’t all countries have right to protect their citizens, think once before you make a judgment. And what you are supporting?? Free tution free visa open boarder no policing??
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"that same sucker girl"

आइ लभ माइ सेक्सी बेब ! शि इज अ स्विट हार्ट ! शि ह्याड सच अ कूल थिङ्ग टु से अबाउट मि लंग टाइम ब्याक व्हेन अल डेम फोल्क्स वेर ब्यशिंग मि इन साझा आफ्टर आइ गट ब्याण्ड ! हर काइन्ड वर्ड्स आर फर एभर इमोर्टलाइज्ड अँन माइ प्रोफाइल वाल !

"..out of thousands of Sajha Users, NAS has a unique Charater of his own..his thread headline..writing style and presentaiton..its wonderful." - Sexy In Sari

थ्यांक इउ बेब ! ❤️

 इफ इउ आर नट म्यारीड एट, आइ वान्ट टू म्यारी इउ एण्ड गिभ बर्थ टू सेक्सी इन दारी किड्स !! 🙈😁😎

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