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Hello everyone,

I realize that a lot of people aren't familiar with the fundamentals of personal finance. This is especially true for Nepali people (we can't just keep storing money under our sirani). So, I created a YouTube channel in hopes to help others.

I would love your feedback on the channel and tips on how I can improve. I am still getting started so any support would be very much appreciated. If you know anyone who could benefit from my videos, please share this with them as well.


Thank you in advance. I look forward to your feedback.
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I watched couple videos.
Content wise its very generic, its not that different from any other FI channels. Who is your target audience? Nepalese or anyone needing a FI advice?
The music that plays on the background is repetitive and annoying.
You need a better audio mic.

Suggestions to start and grow:
Think about a target audience and make video eg Students, Young adults, recent grads. Your advice seem to focus very broad groups.
FIRE movement perhaps. Id love to see some of our younger generation work towards early retirements.
Go through budgeting principals for different income groups.
Review some mutual funds what's the difference between lets say VTTVX and VFIFX; who should invest on these.
Compound Interest benefits.
Look at why Investing in Nepal with 10percent interest is worse than investing here. (IMO)

Good luck.. You have a good idea and channel that can target our community.

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Thank you for taking the time to look at my videos - and for providing this feedback.

My target audience is young professionals who may not be familiar with the fundamentals of personal finance (not just Nepalese). I intend to dive deeper into these topics in future videos, but wanted to lay down the groundwork with the first few videos for anyone unfamiliar with Financial Independence / Early Retirement. Your examples (students, young adults, recent grads) was what I intended my target audience to be - do you think this is too broad?

Thanks for the feedback on the music & audio, as I was unaware of that - I will take that into consideration in future videos.
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