Sagoon ra Gobinda Giri
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Yo lekhma kattiko satyata chha?
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This company and Govind Giri is worse than Indian scammers and people who buy “stocks” of this company are sheeps who deserve being scammed.
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"people who buy “stocks” of this company are sheeps who deserve being scammed."

I agree that greed can make us blind but i think it is a little harsh to say that to the victims don't you think? :-)

Also, as a naive student of physics, i don't understand how Sagoon came up with an energy generating app? So they claimed that once you install this app you will never need to recharge your cell phone ever again. That is a very tall claim. It goes against the principle of conservation of energy principle. Where will the app get its energy from? Sunlight? Moonlight? A dynamo? A crank? I don't get it.
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The founder had worked in some US goverment agency, and found that he could just use his contacts. No idea about software development, nor a software engineer. But very high ambition. Somehow managed to setup a company that he could sell to the money hungry Nepalese diaspora.

Hired a few software engineers, made a website and an app or two. Not bad. But lack of originality made it unable to sail the rough water.

I got interested around 2016. Knew it could be a fraud, but got interested. Did not buy any stocks, but kept following it. Lost interests pretty soon.

Apart from fake claims, as a startup I give some credits to the founder for trying something new. But I'd never invest in this company as it has turned out to be a defunct company.
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Bhaya ,

Nobody bought sagoon stock except the promitors and their relatives .
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Thankeshwor that’s not correct I have friends who invested a thousand to few thousands usd in sagoon and I told them not to that time by seeing their performance data which is available in SEC.
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