How to find a job in this pandemic as an IT fresher?
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Hi friends,

I really need some advice here. How to find a job in this pandemic as an IT fresher? Is it a good idea to look for a job by yourself and what are the tricks and tips. What steps should be taken because share your wisdom and experiences. It will mean a lot to move forward and get some ideas.

Thank you in advance. Stay safe!
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If this is through the consultancy route its a good time. All jobs if you can get em are remote and will allow for you to learn and get support.

If through the grad route, its pretty hard.
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Max Payne is right. Even times are tough, jobs are still there. If you are beginner, then it's the right time as many companies offer remote. Plenty of time to learn and get support if needed.

Consultancy haru le sarai nai paisa lootcha first ma but fresher ko lagi chai they can be life savers in terms of finding the job. But reminder ki, that does not mean you dont have to give effort. Job chai payincha hai, the EAD type would play a role, but not impossible though.
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how to get Consultancy here Boston, MA? Do you guys know anyone?
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