I-485 Birth Certificate RFE Complicated case...Need help
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Hello dear Sathi's,

I recently got an RFE for Birth Certificate for I-485. My Family had moved to Ktm from Morang in late 70's and I was born during family trip to Morang in 90's. Since my family was resident of KTM , KTM wada made my Birth Certificate indicating i was born in Morang. I submitted that in my i-485 application. Now i got an RFIE (Request for initial evidence) to provide a Birth Certificate. Does this mean i need to make Birth Certificate from the ward i was born in (i.e. Morang)? Did anybody faced similar situation where place of birth is different than the Permanent residence place ? Please help.... Thank you
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You have already submitted a birth certificate. Why would they ask for a birth certificate again? Are they asking for evidence to show that you were born in Morang? In that case, you may be able to provide affidavits from your relatives in Morang.
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Thanks for the quick reply @harkhe7...i am not sure what they want...its just a basic RFE format which states Submit a copy of birth certificate issued by appropriate civil authority for applicant. The thing is my other friends who had same birth certificate format as me (they had same birthplace and permanent residence on the certificate) were good and got no RFE. So i am wondering does appropriate Civil authorithy means the ward that i was born in ? I am trying to make one from Morang just in case along with parents affidavits.
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KTM wada is certainly a civil authority to issue birth certificates. They don't know who issues birth certificates in Nepal. It can be that KTM issues all the birth certificates. Did you also submit certified English translation?
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Use this forum instruction:

You need to provide secondary evidence in form of affidavit due to late birth registration. Also write a cover letter when u submit them.

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Don't complicate simple thing by over thinking.

1. Morang hospital birth certificate (they might have provided you during your birth).
2. KTM issued birth certificate (make sure it is translated, it has clearly indicated your place of birth and attest it).
3. Your translated citizen card (nagarikta) which clearly shows your place of birth.
4. I wouldn't recommend submitting another birth certificate as it might cause problems.

Bottomline, be honest and transparent.
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Is the Birth Certificate you submitted just a letter pad from KTM ward office ? If so, that's not a proper Birth Certificate. USCIS sometimes doesn't seem to accept that. In Nepal they have a formal Birth Certificate (written in Nepali Kagaz) which is written in Nepali (at the top) as well as English (at the bottom). So, the real Birth Certificate doesn't Need any Translation.

Try to get a real Birth Certificate, which is usually issued by ward office you were born in. It depends on whether or not your birth is registered. If it's already registered, no issues. They can issue a formal Birth Certificate. It'll be in English and Nepali.

It should look something like below.
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Despite you have the birth certificate from ooda, you still need to translate unless your certificate has everything in English. I had the genuine birth certificate like you've attached (although issued recently), but got the RFE on the birth certificate that delayed the process by almost a year.

To avoid any issues with USCIS, just notorize your birth certificate as well as translate your citizenship in English and notorize it too. I did it and finally they accepted.

Hope this helps.
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