WTF US president is asking to vote twice for ? He does not know it is illegal?
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US president become a psycho, what the fuck he is asking to vote for twice ? It is illegal to vote twice but president is asking to vote at booth too! More vote than voters list will create chaos and it will be 10 fold worst than the Hanging Chad in Florida in 2000. He is not a child but he wants to make the system rig.

Trump's Nice and nephews Please give you 2 cents thought on this matter.
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ट्रम्पर देखी प्रजान्तन्त्र अनी Ethics का पछाडि हिंड्ने देखी लातमार्ने कसैले पनि यस्तो समाचार प्रती खेद प्रकट गर्ने चाहना भएन वा हिम्मत आएन ?

You will see, this election will worst than Indian elections. Trying to keep his dirty mind all over to win.
Lets see if any forces will be involved ( for sure supreme court will be involved) after November 4th and after.
Free H1B
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Dude this is not Nepal where you can have several nagarikta or vote by pretending another person. As you know, everyone has unique number called SSN. Even if someone with SSN vote 10 times will be counted only once. As they are implementing vote by mail first time he wants to make sure everyone's vote is counted and not lost in the process.
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Unfortunately they are trying to turn this country into Nepal. By that I mean politicians from both sides of the aisle. There is no compromise. "Mero goru ko barhai takka"
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"Mero goruko barai Takka"
Liked it.
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