Warning: Market Crash - most likely end of Sept
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Human from 2050
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Empty your trading account. Market Crash coming soon.
We all just witnessed market going bonkers and we will soon witness many bag holders crying.
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Yep! It definitely showing sign of crash. @human for 2020! Show us your portfolio haha I wanna learn something from you. Apple is heading towards 100 andTSLA might cap to 250-300 area.
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Where TPS2GC we miss him! He have good insight to TSLA. Inside folks in TSLA definitely messed up. TSLA started the trend, theirs so called external( more likely insider) should have gone slow drawing stakes. What the point of split, if the market head back to old level? TSLA is heading to no mans land, now investors are running away! Hope people come back investing TSLA. My insight is little crazy lol.There inside folks need to bring atleast 440 area. This is just my thought
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Although there is no single driver for the weakness, it seems as if investors all of a sudden realized how overbought stocks are and sold. Someone yelled fire in a crowded theater and everyone left at once- Human@2020

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why was market down yesterday and down today till afternoon
and now coming back?
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Softbank identified as the 'Nasdaq whale' that bought billions in stock options, betting on higher prices for the biggest names in tech. They made money and prolly drew the money. Never jump in same water where whales and sharks like to swim. Tiny fish need to stay off. Hopefully this will adjust market , hence no more crash but we might see more dips in coming days. Be watch out for election days and all.
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Believe or not lost insane amount in 2 weeks in options.
Surprisingly lost only around double of what I lost in 2 weeks in last 7 years.
I should get the Award for worst dumb stock trader of decades.
When I call the option the stock goes down
When I put the option the stock goes up
Guess what, when I do both call and put on option on the Same stock on the same day, the stock remains neutral.
All my last 30 option on the Same stock Expires worthless
And I worked on Analytics department of financial corporation which developed an AI application to deal with stock and it’s trading cost.

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I wanted to do Put on Thursday, but whole market were so confusing as I was trying to add more dips to Existing stocks. I was not sure if it’s crash or just worst dip? Next week I definitely doing put on all Tech stocks
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Bechiyecha dhanna last week nai , aja ta dhosta nai bhayecha stocks :(
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Is it over yet?
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Stocks markets now show Real sign of Covid! Back to back pullout days.Whoever pulled money in time, can buy a lot in dips in coming days.
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I don't buy it. You guys are not taking into consideration how unnaturally high tsla was going up. Even with all this drop it is more than $1500 value of its pre split
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Tomorrow major tech stocks gonna soar and I am an idiot as I have no $ to bet now.
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@deepocran why do you think it going to soar? I’m thinking it still be lower for a few weeks. With Covid vaccine news people are reorganizing their portfolios. Techs been overvalued and overbought in last few monthS. We have to realize there other industries that were crushed in these times. So overall revenue n business in any sector was hit hard. Since everything is IT and tech, it definitely will affect the revenue of Big N small companies as well.
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Deepocean's predication was correct , market is in soar . Will buy some ETF fund VOO now and let it grow for few years
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Not prediction.
Insider info. :)
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for some this is shitty market.for me is an opportunity..loaded on many blue chips last few days..again this is for long term then i can think..GLTA.
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drogba "ba" hit right in head...I wish I had $$$ to pick this morning. only got few NVDA....I usually don't go but when I do - I go ALL IN in these blue chips.

Can someone tell me - pre covid, in covid or past covid (whenever that is)...What is one thing all need ? Technology ....cannot move a shit w/o it... these days....

Waiting on MSFT and AMZ to soar quickly.
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Tech stock be up tmrrw As well
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I put bunch of calls after you told and they all be expiring tomorrow. It look like put would have been better option
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oh man..don't gamble in option
option is fking crazy gambling like baccarat.
i had lost 50 k in 2 weeks..well lost 15k in baccarat in a day though

market was up in the morning for a while. I wish you had sold with bit profit.

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