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Anyone got state id or drivers license using TPS?

What documents did you take? this time we dont have ead card or tps approval letter.
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Shouldn't be any different this time as well. You show up (schedule first) with your expired license and other documents (utility bill or bank statement-proof of residence) and may be expired ead or tps approval letter or the TPS auto extension letter from (USCIS site). They will send you back if they cant verify your status right away and tell you to come later when you get lawful presence verified letter in mail.
p.s. It is 2-3 months wait period for driver license renewal in TX .. so depends on where you live. So may be wait until the TPS decision, but schedule anyway. 
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Sexy In Sari
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Due to REAL ID requirment, most of the States DMV, they are using SAVE USCIS system to verify immigration status.

If you give DMV Expired TPS EAD card from last year date, they will put it into the SAVE USCIS system and SAVE system shows your EAD expiration date is 01/04/2021. They will print out the SAVE information, and put into the DMV system. And you will get REAL ID card with 01/04/2021 expiration date.

Make sure to keep your passport handy.

Good luck!!!

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