stimulus cheque tax filing single vs married jointly
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filed tax as single in 2018 as wife was in Nepal and didn't have GC and ssn
Now Wife have GC but no SSN yet. So, yet need to file a tax of 2019 once wife got ssn. have one child as dependent too. Want to file married jointly for 2019.

stimulus cheque round 1
I believe I am eligible for $2900 ($1200 for me, $1200 for wife and $500 for child(dependent))

IRS sent only $1200 cheque based on 2018 tax filing as single.

How can I get full $2900?

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butternut squash
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Vague question ... first paragraph did not make sense to me .... if u havent included your wife then there is zero chance . If u have included ur wife
Name this yr .. than sooner or later u will recieve it with both of ur name printed .
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In 2018, I had filed tax as single as my wife was in Nepal and she didn't have GC and SSN.
In 2019, my wife got GC but not yet SSN due to pandemic crap and  I was about to file tax married jointly including my dependent child. But due to mistake from SSN/USCIS, my wife never got SSN and then pandemic started and SSN office had been closed forever and didn't issue SSN for my wife.
So, as of today I couldn't file tax of 2019 as filing married jointly gives me good return.

if I would /could have filed tax of 2019, I would have got stimulus package for myself, for my wife and for my child.
But IRS took the reference from 2018 and send only $1200.

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I didn't do much research but you will have to most likely file it here.
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Looks like if I will be filing tax for 2019(which I will be) then I should not use non-filer.
I did call IRS for this query and surprisingly IRS did receive my call but then IRS representative too got confused with this question of mine.
I am thinking of calling them again.
My wife should have got SSN in Jan 2020 but Due to their irresponsibility it never came and I have to deal with this consequence.
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Yes, it seems like a complicated. When you file 2019 then I think you can get it easily but might have to jump through hoops. Hopefully it will get sorted out soon.
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I am aware of similar situation, His wife was in Nepal 2018. He filed married jointly in 2019 with ITIN number with the help of Nepali Tax preparer ( some where in Midwest).

If you expect a Tax Refund with your 2019 IRS Income Tax Return, you can either prepare and eFile now here on until Oct. 15, 2020.

you wrote
"But due to mistake from SSN/USCIS, my wife never got SSN and then pandemic started and SSN office had been closed forever and didn't issue SSN for my wife"

By the time you get SS number and file 2019 tax as MFJ, all the Stimulus money will be drained out and not sure what is going to happen?

Have you contact SS office and what is their response on sending ss card?

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Sexy In Sari
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It is wise not to put on blame game for administrative clerical error for any agency due to Emergency Pandemic Situation. When you call IRS, USCIS, or SSA, please do not point them saying because of their fault this and that. They will screw you more. Trust me.

I'd say you are VERY lucky person, your family has arrived and living happily with you.

Once you get SSN, you file it for 2019, and we can go from there.

Good luck!

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She would still need SS number. Can you contact SS office and tell them your wife have a job and the HR require to have a SS number. One can work for 3 months before HR inquire about SS number. Make a connection with store or restaurant folks and get a PT job letter from there, fax that report to the office- it’s emergency now . SS office are still doing non contact work and they are still open. If you get SS number, then ASAP file tax. If you filed for the year 2019 and it get accepted, you should be in the system and there would get 2900. I have not heard exact date when the next stimulus is coming! Have anyone?Since you are married, it’s a fraud to file ‘Non filer’ even after she got SS number.
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Thank you for all the information. I would again call SSN office and request to help
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