Sunjay dutt might die soon!
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Yet another sad news for bollywood fans , as sanju da diagnosed with 4 th stage lung cancer . 4 th stage is the last stage of cancer that cannot be cured in most cases . Lungs cannot be replaced . Typically people with 4th stage lung cancer can survive upto six months. He was a chain smoker.
butternut squash
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Stage 3rd
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3rd lung cancer also life threatening .his grand father also died of cancer .once u have cancer in family , it's likely to reoccur in family members
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stag4 confirmed and hes comming usa for further treatment
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tps2gc - who confirmed stage 4? What source do you have?
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Pepsi cola bhai reference has been made to his family doctor at leelavati hospital
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Pepsi bro:
aam khane se matalab rakhiyo
Ped ginat kaa jaruri - nahi waa.
o jo kawat hai , samjhiyo sahi kahal waa
soras ki pichaad kyo lagial waa ?

fuchhe bhai : Pepsi wanted to see if it was posted on any news. Can I say that is a lame source?.

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लोगन भाईले सहि कुरा गर्यो, तैपनि news को source खाज्ने साथीभाई लाई सके सम्म निरस नपार्ने जमर्को छ मेरो
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लोगन भाई ,

एस बिसियेमा मैले नासे भाई लाई एक चोटी मार झापारेको थिए आज तपाई लाई नि तेइ कुरा भन्दै छु ।

यो बालाखा केटा केटि ले जस्तो लेख्दै edit गर्दै फेरी तेस्मथी edit गर्दै फेरी लेख्दै नगरम न होउ । एक चोटी आफु ले लेखि सके पछि आफ्नो statement मा अडिग रहन सक्ने दम हुनु पर्छ , बरु केहि प्रस्टीकरण दिने भए तेस्को तल अर्को कमेन्ट गरम, तपाईको कमेन्ट पढेर अर्को ले फेरी केहि कुरा मन लागे थप्न सक्छ । अब तपाई ले माथि को कमेन्ट नै edit गरे पछि मेरो तलको तपाइको कमेन्ट को जवाफ नै अमिल्दो हुन्छ ।

कि त लेख्नु भन्दा पहिले ३ चोटी सोचेरे लेखौ, कित लेखे पछि edit नगरम , अर्थ को अनर्थ लाग्छ ।
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TPS  bhaai: thapeko kuraa yehi ho.

fuchhe bhai : Pepsi wanted to see if it was posted on any news. Can I say that is a lame source?.

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लौ यी लोगने भाई ले फेरी कमेन्ट edit गरि सकेछन , ह्य भाई जाबो एउटा कमेन्ट लाई नि research पेपर जस्तो के edit , cut काट कुट गरि बसेको । जे लाख्नु छ बेफिक्री लेखे हुन्छ नडराई , साझामै लेखेको भरमा तपाइलाई कसैले कुट्न आउदैन । n noone takes sajha seriously except u . relax
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Daraaune kuraa hoiin shabd chayanmaa pariwartan ho. TP bhaii timro kuraa bhujhe timro ra aruko kamenT aaunu aghi EDIT gareko kuraamaa dherai galfatti gari raakhchhau?
Daraaune bhae saajhaa chhiridain thiyo.

TemProS bhai: got your point , chill out ad let anyone edit if his or her post is last one. Do be rigid because you are the creator, sometime it may helpful on minimize or de-escalate issues.
Example " Killing Bahun" should have edited as s/he realized it later or someone pointed out. If the content is totally different than the original comment then makes a heck of different which i/we understand.
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grammar काट छाटमा त कुनै आपति भएन तर तपाई ले चै धेरै पटक edit गरेर अर्थको अनर्थ लगाको देखेको छु , भाईका eidt नगरेका कमेन्ट धेरै राम्रा हुन्छन कीप इट ओरिजिनल ।
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TPS Bhai : Do not sweat too much on it , I do a lot editing to re-arrange on words and the original theme is never changed. Also stop backing up me, I do not like to see my name here and there specifically no apparent reason.

If he gets Covid on the top of his cancer he will be a guest for couple weeks. It is very dangerous to people with borderline health.

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